The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed (To Understand The Science of Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity Functionality Read This Document)

Mufti Siraj Saleh & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.

I am going to Expose the most dangerous occultist Sorcerer to ever walk the earth, the Deobandi, Jamiat Ulema Jadu Ghar.

I am going to explain and prove what Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Senior Jamiat Ulema, the type of attacks they do on my family and the vulgar methods of Black Magic they do to violate my wife, it’s the most filthiest methods of occult known to man.

I don’t know how Sorcerers have managed to keep this entity organism’s functionality, and methods of distribution a secret since the beginning of man, it’s unbelievable how every single occultist, Sorcerer, that has ever lived on earth has managed to keep this a secret from the public.

My aim is to expose what Mufti Siraj Saleh has done to my family, and expose Sorcerers i.e. this underworld and educate on this subject at the same time. If people became aware that this entity organism i.e. Jinn, Lower Astral Entities, are in fact what gives man autoimmune disorder, and tumours leading to cancer in the long run, no person would seek these people. All occultists, Sorcerers, holy men are peddling and distributing autoimmune disorder knowingly, and some unknowingly.

How Jinn’s i.e. Lower Astral Entities are, and why. Why certain Jinn’s are able to impose mind control over a human being, and why other Jinn’s fail on such control. Also, I will explain animal spirits and their effect on humans i.e. animal entities put inside a human body via Sorcerers and ritual.

At the same time, I will expose what type of occult, Sorcery, Mufti Siraj Saleh and the High-Ranking Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer Scholars have been doing to my wife and family. I was reluctant to provide this information, the thought that comes to my mind is, how will people perceive this information, are people ready for this. How old is the universe and what do people really know about the unseen, and what elite Black Magic occultists like Mufti Siraj Saleh and Sorcerers get up to.

We really know nothing at all, the information out there to date is minimum, and provides not a great insight into the unknown and its operation. Sorcerers are bound to secrecy, a Sorcerer i.e. Black Magician, Jadu Ghar, could never disclose true information about the details of the unseen or against the Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entities. I fall under no such obligation and rules, hence I can expose this entity and its functionality.

My sole interest was to expose this entity organism, and the microscopic World of Jinn and Devils i.e. Lower Astral Entities. To understand more about the unseen, and my qualification to be able to provide an insight into this subject. I advise the reader to watch my qualification video on this subject. This is clear cut proof of eligibility to be able to give a detailed analysis in this field.

My qualification video can be watched direct on YouTube titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.

I have updated the video below on the 20th March 2023. The only difference is, the video below has less face blur, and is suitable for vertical mobile viewing.

Exorcism & Jinn Possession – Proof of Eligibility to Expose The Occult Underworld (HD Re-Upload)

The document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, Unknown Etiology Explained. Please watch this video and read the text on the website, to understand about this microscopic entity. PRESS HERE

Also, the document titled, WHY Mufti Siraj Saleh & The Jamiat Ulema HUNT ME (Read the document to understand). Also watch other exorcism videos on my YouTube channel to understand. PRESS HERE

I find myself today with detailed information and knowledge on this subject, that I initially refused to share due to how this information may be perceived. Who dares prove this subject and its functionality, who can claim eligibility to display such information.

I am a down to earth grounded person, logical in thinking and totally sane. I want to make one thing crystal clear, I do not talk with spirits in my head, Light Orbs do not talk to me, everything I have experienced has been physically shown to me again and again by Light Orbs in possession work, repeatedly, so I do not get it wrong. I live this life, the understanding of this subject is normal to me.

If you read my April 2018 complaint to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba, it explains my horror story and encounter with Mufti Siraj Saleh. The document is available on the front-page menu of my website. After reading that document you will understand my natural encounter with Light Orbs. Light Orbs are Angelic spirits, I am not promoting spirits, let me make that clear. I am blessed and protected by Angelic forces, hence I am able to expose Mufti Siraj Saleh and this sinister underworld.

Before anyone gets any incorrect thoughts, thinking oh spirits, first let me say, it takes the unseen to expose the activity of the unseen, otherwise how else would such information and knowledge come forth. You must understand, the whole network of Deobandi Sorcerers cannot stop me, that in itself proves I am protected by the right source.

My exorcism videos further prove what I am stating, and videos on my YouTube Channel showing victims of occult i.e. their after-exorcism reaction, saying they saw the Light, again proves I am on the right side, the good side. Jinn’s, Shaytaan, Iblis and the devils cannot show light. Mufti Siraj Saleh and his whole network cannot remove animal entities, or senior devils or demons, I promise you.

The only way Mufti Siraj Saleh can remove a devil or demon, is by willing cooperation from the devil or demon via a promise, of an animal sacrifice and to be sent to a better body. Only with a willing mutually agreed deal with senior evil spirits can a Sorcerer remove an entity. The Jadu Ghar is the transport agent i.e. the taweez, talisman is the transport flight passage doorway for Lower Astral Entities.

I am about right and wrong, this injustice and occult underworld irritates me, being a victim myself along with my family, I am compelled to expose this.

The reason Mufti Siraj Saleh and the senior High-Ranking Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer Scholars can attack my family with vulgar methods of occult, and violate my wife with the most filthiest methods of occult known to man, is because they believe I cannot explain this, and think they can do whatever they choose, with no consequences. Mufti Siraj Saleh can smirk and smile, act pious, lead prayer and believe no one can explain this subject. When is the right time for people to understand, how old is the universe and what do people really know about the unseen. IN MY OPINION NOTHING.

The only thing we truly have ourselves is our memories and thoughts, the human mind trusts its own thoughts i.e. if one likes something or dislikes something. In the end our thoughts are what runs our life, if a partner does not like or detests the other, then that relationship cannot last and will dissolve. Our core of our own self and security is our own inner thoughts. This is the only thing we feel is ours, this is where the Sorcerers operate i.e. Jinn’s, occult, this entity organism has to connect to thought to live, once it is in our body, it is automatically connected to our thoughts through an invisible nervous system that connects every fibre.

I am going to explain why certain entities i.e. Jinn, that have data that will affect us immediately, and why other entities have no data, hence the effects of mind control are not as effective. I will explain why certain Jinn’s have an immediate effect on our mind and personality, and why other Jinn’s have less influence on the mind. I will explain the effects of random Jinn’s sent, and I will clearly explain why different attacks have different levels of effect.

I will explain targeted attacks that have an immediate effect. I will also explain normal Jinn vs ex-human Jinn vs demons and devils, and their ability and the effect it has on us and why. Most of my learning comes from what Mufti Siraj Saleh and the senior High-Ranking Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers send me. Light Orbs want me to understand the science and the operation of this, so I can expose these circus freaks. It’s obvious to me with the work I do and what they show me in exorcisms.

The Jinn’s ability to control someone’s mind and personality is to do with the data held within the entity organism, from the life it has lived inside a human being, or any other living thing. Jinn’s are highly receptive and absorb information, data, memory within its cell i.e. organism. It absorbs all information good and bad from the life lived within the host body, no matter how short the life was in the host body. Whatever information it absorbs and holds, it will always use it for destruction and evil, this entity is evil in its core, nothing can EVER change that.

All Lower Astral Entities submit to devils and demons, that part is compulsory and cannot be changed. I’m making that clear, so no one gets any bright ideas about working with the unseen, and any entities that respond to taweez, talismans, and rituals. The presence of Jinn’s in our body will cause autoimmune disorder, and lead to tumours and cancer in the long run, along with anxiety, panic, depression, allergies and mental health problems.

When I say all Lower Astral entities submit, I mean, other entities that are lower in type.

When someone writes a book on the unseen, their aim and purpose is to glorify the occult and make it sound mysterious. All spiritualists call land and water i.e. sea spirits, as earth spirits, and they think that they are summoning Mother Nature, the earth spirits. I am going to take the shine off all this with the truth.

People who write information on spirits are in most cases hairy fairy i.e. light headed in character, and lost in occult fantasy, and if they are level headed, and they are promoting the summoning of spirits, they have either got a false understanding i.e. incorrect understanding of this subject, or they are deliberately leading the reader falsely, due to working with Satanic entities themselves, those who talk with spirits are fools for believing what they hear.

The whole information on spirit, from the beginning to now, all the teaching the holy men have engraved in the world is false, it all involves honouring and giving homage to Satanic spirits i.e. Lower Astral Entities. The worst part about it is, normal people do not know that the spirits involved with all these holy men are Satanic entities. The holy men know exactly what the spirits are, they accept them as they are, and fool the masses and the normal people. Normal people look up to spiritualists and these holy men.

Everyone today is seeking and looking for the Jadu Ghar, Sorcerer and the occultist, everyone wants a prediction and future information, the more you say to people don’t go, people go looking even more. I am highly qualified on this subject, only Satanic spirits work with predictions and future information, only Satanic spirits work with talismans i.e. taweez, or any occult. Please look at my exorcism videos on my YouTube Channel and decide, whether I know what I’m talking about or not.

My basis for this knowledge and the information I disclose, is based from in-depth research and being strictly guided to experience this, to understand this for what it really is.

In the West, English spiritualists believe if you imagine you are surrounded by light nothing can enter it, no demonic entity can survive, if you imagine light, now this is a total fantasy. Words imagination and prayer, I’m sorry to say, do not banish or terminate Jinn’s, Lower Astral Entities, a clear example of this is Mufti Siraj Saleh, he recites all day out loud, and is an Islamic teacher, yet he is fully engaged in Satanism and Sorcery, same for all the rest of the scholars involved with talismans i.e. taweez, that in itself shows that words have no effect.

Exorcism and the response to recitation and rhythm i.e. the rise of an entity into possession, and the physical response of an entity in the possessed state, can be understood in more detail, if you read the text on the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

Jinn’s respond to chant, recitation and rhythm, just how a snake responds to the rhythm of music, hence the reason, in every culture and language people are able to possess a person with words, recitation and chant, that again proves what I am stating i.e. this entity rises for possession under rhythm. The information out there today, regarding this entity is so incomplete it’s unbelievable.

I have added this text section from the document, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed. To make it more understandable for the reader, I added this section on the 27th December 2019.

Exorcism and the rise of an entity into the possessed state i.e. understanding the science of what is really happening.

All the exorcists who recite and rise an entity up are all just being fooled, I will explain, the person who recites, jinn’s lower astral entities respond to chant and rhythm, recitation, anything that is a rhythm i.e. repetitiveness, that’s how this entity is, it’s like how a snake responds to a snake charmer. So, an exorcist is performing an exorcism, a victim would have had to of been in an already depleted state to even seek an exorcist remember that. People put on their best face, but really are shattered and exhausted within.

So, reciting repetition, and telling the patient ignore me and go into sleep i.e. trance, an hypnotic state. The exorcist unknown to him, he is rising the entity like a snake to connect, something connects, the entities inside have decided which one to allow to connect, it’s just to fool the listener. Everything that gets spoken is a lie, the lot. Now the entity is connected, you have an exorcist pinching the entity and he’s getting a reaction, he shouts in the ears, the exorcist is getting a reaction of pain and a response. He shouts, the entity screams or behaves in a certain way that shows the exorcist he has some control.

Let me explain, so the natural exorcist who is genuinely trying to help might understand, when the jinn entity connects in possession, it’s not used to hearing direct through the ears or seeing direct through the eyes, it doesn’t know how it feels to be pinched or the feeling of human pain, everything now is alarming, inside the body it’s not connected in that way. Now the pinch actually hurts to the jinn, the sound in the ears are alarming, some will poke the possessed patient with a needle, the jinn that is connected will scream. The exorcist actually believes his words are working and he has power.

Once the entity is connected in this way, it cannot disconnect until it is calmed down gradually, so the exorcist keeps screaming away, the entity is getting more into a frenzy because it doesn’t know how to disconnect, it can’t disconnect when it’s locked in this way. This thing will say anything and agree, it’s a chameleon of lies. It’s been fooling man with its presence since man became aware of spirit, this thing is a born liar.

The exorcist thinks he is successful, he doesn’t know his patient after coming for a long time and getting possessed, the same patient is in the holy men houses now, and with these so-called spirit working people taking products i.e. this entity organism. The exorcist thinks he has a high success rate i.e. the customer hasn’t come back. All an exorcist can say in the end to a patient is, maybe your faith is weak, maybe you have done something wrong in the past, are you performing all your prayers.

None of this is working, it never did work, the whole lot of this spiritual service is a waste and unsuccessful, that’s why the holy men are full, with endless queues and victims. If regular exorcisms worked for victims, people would not be with the occultist. Those exorcists that get jinn’s familiar with rising up and taking possession, they begin to have relaxed conversations with the entities i.e. the entity has become accustomed and used to the procedure. I promise you, they are just being fooled by the entities.

One of the treats and delights for this entity, is to look through the human eyes in possession and sit and talk. Ethnic occultists all allow the entities they work with to do this, it’s a highly thought after treat, they have days set for letting these entities clown around. The ethnic occultist who works with spirits, what they do is fill you up with this entity organism, and make sure you are consuming Higher-Ranked evolved entities, this encourages the other entities to go into a deep sleep, hibernation state, this way you feel less tormented by the entities.

On black magic roles this entity torments victims. The ethnic spirit worker will do their evil role and fill you up and help make the entities go into this sleep state, this gives the victim temporary peace, in the long run autoimmune disorder leading to tumours and cancer. This entity worships Higher-Ranked entities without choice and has to follow, it’s a sleeping hive system with the Higher-Ranked entities in the center, they can go into sleep states for years. Spiritual understanding and what’s really going on is a mess and warped.

This part that follows I really did not want to say right now, as I’m already on this subject, I might as well. Western spiritualists and those who believe that they are talking to the deceased soul of man, i.e. the spirit. We all are longing for a connection as though we are missing something. Like the feeling of, life is more than this, where are we from. Let me just get straight to it, we are spirits in a body living this life, the mind is the King and it ultimately controls what we decide and do.

I am not stating this based on religion or custom. My basis for this knowledge and the information I disclose i.e. this entity organism, is based from in-depth research and being strictly guided to experience this, to understand this for what it really is. Whether you believe it or not, there is a higher force of good out there, and we are all on a soul journey, a spirit, an Orb inside a body.

This part you are not going to like, but it’s the truth, this negative entity organism, we all have one with us from birth as part of this earths journey. This entity is from that side, it’s neutral as an entity i.e. a new born when appointed to us from our birth, but evil and wicked as an energy, all negative feelings and bitter thoughts stems from our Ego, which is this birth entity organism, some call them Jinn.

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the EGO is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to suffer so much concerning this negative entity.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth, meaning this entity I am exposing. As a single entity organism, it grows with us, it’s part of Gods plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth Jinn. In our body our mind has the ability to overpower it, and choose to be positive, as we all know the inner struggles we face with thoughts as we live our lives.

That is just the effects of one birth Jinn that grows with us. The human Jinn is the most basic type, the world and people now are being subject to the release of legions of different races of evil entities, due to the use of occult and people like Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib. The desire to seek these people and that this is wrong needs to be exposed. I had to explain that part to shed some light on this now, this is the entity that all spiritualists and mediums are liaising with, this thing will pose as the soul i.e. the actual person.

This is the same chameleon entity that exorcists are talking to, example an exorcist is talking to, let’s say Abdul, Abduls birth entity has first right as something which belongs and started in this body. Abduls entity rises up on an exorcism i.e. trance, naturally joining in with all the other entities that may be inside the body from occult sending. It is from the dark side remember that, Abduls entity will never say it’s Abdul whilst the physical Abdul is still alive. It will pose as a guide or pose as being with you, according to what you believe and what you think, it will fool you accordingly.

It just cannot help it, that’s the way this entity is. Only when a person is deceased this entity will claim the name of the deceased. This is what remains on earth, this lower astral entity, mediums are not talking to the soul, the real person, and the reason mediums mumble odd words and the entity repeats shallow sentences. This entities ability to communicate adequately only remains if they are connected to a human body i.e. mind. When left outside without living inside a body they lose earthly memory gradually, hence mediums mumbling odd words.

The section above was added from the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed Ends Here.

The most knowledgeable person I know would say, how is it possible for a Sorcerer to put a spirit of an animal into a human being, this is not written anywhere, in any books of the past, only God the creator can do that. Well I’m sorry to say this, Sorcerers have been able to do that, ever since man became aware of occult and spirits. I’m sorry the public are the last to find out.

I am saying the truth of my experience, to hopefully help people to stay clear from the occult, and these holy men. If you watch my video titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, Unknown Etiology Explained, it’s very clear that I am trying to expose the truth. I won’t sugar coat anything, I will say it as it is, because I have no agenda but the truth. I am a victim of Islamic religious Deobandi Scholars and their secret occult underworld.

I have made it clear, I do not talk with Light Orbs, and I do not talk with spirits in my head, this I promise you.

My feeling is, they are making it clear so I know and understand, that all the entities doing the talking in the world are Satanic Entities i.e. Lower Astral Entities.

From the beginning of this possession work i.e. exorcism work, I have become to understand, Light Orbs would force Jinn’s to speak and say their role and purpose. I cannot hear the communication from the Light Orbs to the entities within a body that is possessed. All I hear is, the physical communication coming out from the possessed. It’s clear to see that they want me to understand Jinn functionality, there’s only one purpose that I can see behind such teaching and understanding, it is to expose the learnt knowledge.

There’s a reason for my family suffering and all this taking place, there’s a bigger purpose behind all this. I find myself exposing this entity organism i.e. Jinn. I naturally found myself doing this role, and then to finally put the organism entity information on YouTube titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed. I am compelled to do this, due to my inner core feelings of right and wrong, to me this worldwide epidemic of autoimmune disorder and cancer is so wrong and unjust, my core character will not allow me to withhold such knowledge.

Now, if I was home before April 2018, I would never have sent my pdf email to Mosques around the UK, and other parts of the world expressing my difficulties with Mufti Siraj Saleh. I would have not sent the email complaint to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, JKN Institute and Masjid E Quba Bradford, England. Again, if I was home before June 2018, there would be no YouTube videos showing my struggles regarding this. Again, if I was home before September 2018, there would be no social media regarding my struggles with Mufti Siraj Saleh, and this Satanic underworld. I didn’t want to talk about the fine details, I understand how it may come across, such information has never been disclosed before, this situation has forced me to express myself with the truth.

Everything that has taken place, has been unplanned and has happened naturally with no end goal. When I look at the situation now, it is making sense to me. The Sarcoidosis video will be discovered and announced sooner or later, put my detailed story with that, this situation actually opens the floodgates to the exposure of all Sorcerers, occultists, and these holy men that have been fooling the world.

Another thing I want to make clear before I explain any further, I do not go into trance, I do not get possessed, nothing speaks from within me. I am normal, head strong and secure in mind and thoughts, otherwise how would I distinguish right and wrong.

Light Orbs have kept this experience strictly so it’s clear to me, i.e. kept the situation black and white, so I don’t get it wrong. If someone was hairy fairy and light headed, the information transferred i.e. the learning and understanding would not be right. My intention is to shut all doors to the occult and these so-called holy men, and open the floodgates to understanding and awareness of this subject, which naturally evicts this corrupt underworld i.e. puts Satan on notice.

Just remember, Jinn’s Lower Astral entities, their presence in our bodies cause autoimmune disorder and cancer, and stimulate mental health problems, remember all these occultists, Sorcerers, and so-called healers are all working with the same entity that causes man autoimmune disorder and cancer.

The elite occultists are knowingly working with what causes man cancer, and the novice occultist is trading in cancer unknowingly. All talismans, I mean all, there is no ifs or buts about it, they all release and provide transport for Satanic entities, all these so-called earth spirits, land, river, sea, are Lower Astral Entities i.e. Satanic spirits. Anything that responds to taweez i.e. talismans is Satanic, remember that. I am saying the truth, please do not search for holy men and the occult, you yourself will be filled with this microscopic entity, that whole system is a mouse trap.

To see this entity trapped and terminated via a simple device, please watch the video below. I show how to captivate this entity via a simple device. Before attempting to use this device, follow the URL in the description of the video, and read the text to understand the dos and don’ts.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)

Now let me explain this entity, land, river and sea are abundant with this microscopic entity i.e. Lower Astral Entities, the Jinn. They are bound to these places with no facility of flight capability. Just idle in the water and around the water hovering around. Remember this thing is microscopic, so an area of a few meters is large to the entity itself if you understand. The rivers and sea will be loaded with areas rife with this entity. There are Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses in their microscopic entity world, leaders upon leaders, that’s just the way it is. At this moment, I’m not focusing on the large i.e. evolved entities etc, just the introduction into Jinn’s i.e. this microscopic entity. I will talk about the more evolved entities later.

So, basic Jinn’s, they have no data as such, they have the ability for mind control, but it’s data i.e. memory that is needed for elite occultists to control someone. The data comes from entities that have lived in a human body, that have collected this memory of the life lived.

Most people throw or float a taweez i.e. talisman in the river and sea, or bury them in the ground. In most cases what gets transported to a victim is Jinn’s without any data, the response to this is anxiety, depression, panic, immune system problems, that will lead to multiple autoimmune disorders in the long run. The graveyard Jinn i.e. and any other ex-human Jinn entity has data depending on how long it has remained not connected to a human mind, I have explained i.e. memory gradually fades away from this entity, hence mediums mumbling shallow sentences from these entities. The basic Jinn’s are not equipped for total mind control. They possess the ability to impose their character on a victim very strongly.

I must say this, they are all evil entities, I mean all of them. When a Sorcerer or a customer of his has thrown a taweez i.e. talisman in such places, it’s a hit and miss, Jinn’s with no data and some Jinn’s with data may pass through, a mixture of evil entities would be transported. Hence, it’s not accurately a targeted effective attack. I’m not teaching people, I’m exposing this, so I can finally get to what Mufti Siraj Saleh and the senior Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers send to my family. Mufti Siraj Saleh’s attacks are science based i.e. targeted and accurate attacks. The Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer is the deadliest accurate Sorcerer to ever walk the earth, I will get to that after.

Now when I say data, all humans have a Lower Astral Entity with them, it’s part of this earth’s journey, that’s just the way it is, we are actually spirits i.e. an Orb in a body blinded from knowledge of where we came from, with no recall of where we came from. We are on a soul journey, we all are, this negative entity attached to us is part of God’s plan, to make earth’s journey that much more difficult. For us to have that constant struggle to elevate, to become better i.e. evolve and learn, find compassion, love etc.

The Jinn appointed to us in the first place was a baby, a new born without data, higher Angelic forces attach this entity whilst in the womb. It’s part of God’s Plan.

So let’s say, someone used a taweez i.e. talisman and threw it into the river or sea, or buried it in land, if by chance there are ex-human Jinn’s present that can make it into the taweez i.e. talisman, then that will also come to the victim, so a person could have a mixture of entities with and without data, it’s the ones with the data that achieve maximum destruction to our lives. If a person was deceased and they were cremated, wherever the ashes go, so will this entity i.e. be bound to that location area i.e. ex-human entity. If the land had ex-human Jinn’s i.e. a graveyard, then Jinn’s with data would be sent, some will have poor data, Jinn’s lose earthly memory when not connected to a human mind i.e. not within a human body.

If a Jinn is inside a body in any location, it is collecting data and memory, that’s how this entity is, it’s highly absorbent and absorbs information good and bad, but it is evil to the core and it will use the data to destroy people, that’s just the way it is, and that cannot be changed. At the moment I’m talking about basic Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entities and the introduction to this subject.

Taweez i.e. talismans, because of the corruption and Satanic sentences, this automatically opens up a transport portal, an immediate transport door to the person spelled upon i.e. the entities transport to the chosen victim in seconds. That’s just the way it is, and those customers who use these products, in the process of doing occult to someone, will get an abundant of entities within themselves, this I promise you. The whole lot of this is a mouse trap, I am aware of relatives that continuously go to occultists, Sorcerers i.e. Jadu Ghars. I am aware they themselves put hexes and spells on people. Now, when I analyse the customers, they all have known autoimmune disorders, and the victims also have autoimmune disorders, how else can I explain this subject without facts. This is a clear indication, that if you dibble around with Sorcerers, both parties, victim and customer will get loaded with this microscopic entity, there is no escaping this. So, if an occultist Sorcerer gives you a product, just know both parties will be affected, and to top that, the Sorcerer themselves will also top you up as a customer with this evil microscopic entity, always remember the Sorcerer, occultists job is the provide transport and homes for this entity, this is the truth. They do not care about your well-being, they only care in satisfying the entities requests. When I am talking about occultists, I’m focusing on ethnic occultists, because they are the ones advanced in this field, Western English occultists haven’t got a clue what’s going on, they are more on the hairy fairy wish me well magic.

Also the customer, if you have touched the taweez i.e. talisman, your DNA is on it, so the doorway to you is open immediately, hence Sorcerers give direct taweez to people to bury with instructions, usually Sorcerers use their fake students and gofers to bury and throw taweez i.e. talismans, because they know the one who touched the taweez also gets a share.

Advanced elite Sorcerers have an imprint of Iblis i.e. Lucifer, Satan on their touch, and their DNA is known, so they are safer as the passage provider, in any case the advanced Sorcerer like Mufti Siraj Saleh would redirect any stray entities on someone else, or use them himself. Mufti Siraj Saleh would have millions of microscopic entities working with him for blood sacrifice. Sorcerers live a grouse life and pretend it’s good, they have jinn’s inside themselves, devils and demons help Sorcerers control Jinn’s. Normal basic Jinn’s submit to higher evolved Satanic Entities, so they keep a flock of them around, all these entities respond and work for blood sacrifice, I promise you.

Elite Sorcerers have to perform animal sacrificial killing for these entities to respond and work. These entities share one common goal, and that’s the destruction of man, yes, I mean it, the destruction of man. They all submit to higher ranked devils and demons i.e. under the banner of Lucifer i.e. Satan, call that side what you will. Some may turn their heads, thinking, I don’t believe this, well look at my exorcism videos and tell me they are false.

The battle between Light and Dark, Good and Bad is real. I don’t know what deal is going on in earth, where man gets appointed with one Lower Astral Entity, I can’t go against higher forces and earths journey. But this Satanic industry is out of control, it’s everywhere entwined in culture, people believe the holy man is good, I’m going to break their hidden underworld apart.

Now, let me explain about Jinn’s with data, that will control someone in mind and personality. The Jinn with data are a real living personality, and can and will impose its character, its character will become a part of the victim. Remember this entity is EVIL, make no mistake of that. I am not explaining this to make it sound glamourous. I have to say it truthfully so it’s understood, so people can stay clear.

The data held within it, a Sorcerer can tell the entity to impose a particular part of itself and focus on that part only. This entity for its release will perform the job, its main aim is to destroy man, so the request is just a bonus. Let’s say, a person lived a life and was gothic, into punk full of piercings, dyed their hair numerous hair colours regularly etc everyone’s personality is unique, we develop our personality and become who we are as an identity.

The character of any matured individual is strong, a presence, an authority, a voice. Now you have an ex-human Lower Astral entity with this data. Remember it is evil to the core and it carries this data. Now, if a Sorcerer gets that entity, and says, make the person do piercings and dye their hair, strictly for that job only. The entity will impose those feelings within the victim, the victim will not be able to escape the desire, and the overwhelming feeling of the job request.

Now imagine the Sorcerer collected many for the same job, and put them into a package i.e. group, no matter how strong the victim is, that victim will get piercings and dye their hair. I’m explaining this bit by bit, so I can get into the explanation in more detail. You may say what’s that, big deal hair dye, hold on, it’s these small targeted attacks that will break someone’s personality and change them i.e. help towards derailing them.

Now imagine, you have an ex-human entity that has lived a life of leisure, secret meetings, hotels, the champagne life, single rich lady, holidays and one-night stands. A sorcerer can use such an entity to make someone feel exactly as the entity lived, remember it connects to thought to live. The victim will dream of romance, secret meetings and hotels, the entity will impose this. A sorcerer can, and will make someone into a whore by using such an entity.

The advanced Sorcerer collects entities like this for particular jobs.

Let’s say, a lady lived a life of gym and intense training i.e. bodybuilding etc, this person’s ex-human entity will have that strong data, if that entity is told to make the victim go to the gym, and like bodybuilders, the victim will dream and desire and be fascinated by bodybuilders. I’m explaining some of this, to get to what Mufti Siraj Saleh gets up to. Mufti Siraj is on another level altogether.

Again, a man who lived a life as a bodybuilder, it’s a strong character an identity, that can be instructed to make a woman desire bodybuilders and be fascinated by such people. Every entity with data also comes along with the entity’s bad habits within itself, don’t forget its EVIL to the core, its aim is to destroy you from the beginning. Sorcerers offer them a life to live again, and provide this doorway.

Let’s say a woman lived her life wearing short skirts and that was her character, her as a person, a Sorcerer can tell that entity for its release, I want you to make that person wear short skirts.

You may say, what are these little things, hold on I’m getting there.

Let’s say, someone in real life had extreme sexual fetishes, I won’t go into this, use your own imagination, that entity will make the victim have the same perverse feeling, it’s unescapable. If someone participated in orgys, that entity will make that person have such feelings.

If someone was a high-class working girl, this entity when used, it will give the victim notions of being as such, it’s a strong personality that is being imposed, its unescapable.

If someone lived as a martial artist, and that entity was used and told to make the victim do martial arts, then that victim will not be able to refuse these imposed notions, and will join a martial arts club.

Some people may be thinking, this sounds good, get it out of your head, they get sent in thousands with the targeted entities within the package, and others to go along with the circus ride. It all leads to autoimmune disorder and cancer, these entities reproduce inside our own immune cells, then those cells turn cancerous and they have access to bone marrow i.e. the reproduction places, due to being able to fool the immune system, the gained access leads to chronic autoimmune disorders i.e. cancer, and ultimately will lead to chemotherapy, immunotherapy in the long run. So, please don’t get any fancy ideas, I’m exposing Deobandi science of Black Magic and their perfected methods.

Let’s say, someone lived a life of anxiety, depressed and committed suicide, that data is within the entity, if that entity was told i.e. make that person commit suicide, this entity will impose that and try and make the person depressed and suicidal, this data and vibe, the whole feeling is held within the entity. You might say, why would an entity do that request, they are evil to the core, it’s an evil entity holding data, and it will use it exactly how it’s told by the Sorcerer,

To further that, if such data is a strong part of its character as an entity, then without being told, it will do the same.

Jinn’s are like a broken record, compulsive and repetitive, if random Jinn’s were sent by a customer using a taweez, and something like this came randomly through the doorway when released, then those types of characters would be imposed on a victim of occult.

All these personalities can come on random talismans thrown into the river and sea, or buried on land, when using taweez thousands of entities shoot through the doorway that opened, first come first served, this is a hit and miss attack i.e. random Jinn’s sent.

In an exorcism, a person is talking to a single entity, it’s just one entity that rose up, the entities within have decided which entity should come up, usually the exorcist is really talking to the victim’s own birth Jinn. The birth jinn have first right to come up, it will never say it’s the birth Jinn, it will fool the listener accordingly. My video Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed, explains about the natural exorcist. Always remember when talking to a single entity, there are always thousands more in the immune system i.e. body. The understanding of this entity and what’s really going on is a mess.

I’m going to slowly get to Mufti Siraj Saleh, he is a Black Magic genius, the Deobandi Sorcerer is the deadliest Sorcerer to ever walk the earth.

Let’s say, a bunch of teenagers died in a car crash, and the car set on fire, and they burnt to death. Those entities hold that data, if told to make someone crash and try to kill them, the entities will do that, remember it’s EVIL, I can’t say this enough.

This entity does not care for human life, everything mediums talk to spirits, is a lie, remember this entity will use our own vocals and talk, it will use our emotions to act polite and sincere, this is all an act. This is where all the spiritualists are getting it wrong. This entity is a chameleon of lies, look how long this entity has baffled the world.

Yes, there are twisted warped entities too, that have an aggressive expression and cannot function in communication adequately, they have difficulty explaining a basic sentence. This is due to, how long has it been disconnected from a human being, and has it ever lived a human life, has it always been wild, what type of entity it is, what background it came from and its past, what type of sacrifices has it received, this all affects its behaviour and expressional ability. Only an ex-human Jinn with data, or the birth Jinn still attached to the human, and the human is still alive, can talk adequately in conversation. A birth Jinn still connected to the original body, can talk as good as the host in trance and fool the listener into believing it’s a spirit guide or Angel. This entity cannot help it, but to fool man, this is its character and innate function. You will lose your mind trying to understand why this entity behaves this way, its evil, it cannot help it, it’s using our vocals and data to communicate, hence will succeed in fooling us.

These few sentences are really for Western people, I have seen spiritualists on videos showing live on stage, that they are channelling Angels and spirit guides, and having lengthy conversions and telling stories, this I’m afraid is the person’s own birth Jinn using the information that the human knows from his own mind. All these people are channelling their own birth Jinn to connect, either they have been meditating with holy men guidance, or self-taught methods, and have somehow managed to get into that subtle trance state, they are being fooled by their own birth Lower Astral Entity.

Some may say, but the entity is talking positive, nevertheless it’s doing what a Jinn does, fool people. I have come across this many times. When I am doing this work, Light Orbs sometimes take a step back, and let the Jinn’s try and fool me, so I can understand what they do if it’s not controlled.

I have witnessed every angle of this field, and I have made a clear understanding of Jinn activity and behaviour. Each time Light Orbs step back and stop controlling the exorcism, very quickly the patient’s own birth Jinn will connect and look around, then try to fool me. It could fool anyone really, my experience allows me to spot this. That’s why I am confident, that what most people are talking to on an exorcism, is actually the person’s own birth Jinn.

When Light Orbs are terminating Jinn’s within, the other entities inside do not care, it’s just their nature. Whatever gets terminated, the rest continue their role like nothing happened. This entity is like that, it’s twisted and careless, it has no empathy, some even laugh seconds before termination. Its mind blowing the real characteristics of this entity, it’s careless, shameless, it’s a big ego that can act invincible. I will also explain a clear-cut experience to prove, how a birth Jinn will attempt at any given opportunity to try and lead the listener totally astray.

Also, ex-human crippled and handicapped people Jinn’s, they will make a person act and be as such, Mufti Siraj Saleh sends a lot of that to my son.

Another one of Mufti Siraj Saleh’s favourites, he sends this daily in thousands of random Jinn’s, to stimulate arousal for my wife, they are instructed not to show any image or face, just to make the person feel aroused. I’m going to say this straight, he is trying to make my wife into a whore.

He uses demons and devils to hold the brain, whilst the Jinn’s with data enforce personality control, demons have much greater power in mind hold.

What are the good Deobandis going to do about this, is anyone demanding he STOPS. This guy and his network are filthy, I’m authorised to give a detailed analysis on this subject, look at my exorcism videos and the video titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope. I’ve discovered and pinpointed an entity that is baffling worldwide autoimmune researchers, because they don’t know what’s going on. I have handed it over on a plate on that video.

What is it going to take to get Mufti Siraj Saleh off my back, I want to go home. These Deobandi occultists obsession with protecting Lucifer’s secret underworld is pathetic. Anyway, let me get back to explaining Jinn’s.

Now let’s say you have an ex-human Jinn, the living person was a Reiki healer, or massaged people. If a Sorcerer told the entity to make this person do healing i.e. make her massage men etc, that person will be driven to a course of healing and so forth.

Let’s say, you have a therapist, say an English therapist, counsellor etc that helped people, or a psychiatrist, a Sorcerer can tell that entity to pose as an Angel i.e. a spirit guide and connect with that person and talk in their head in subtle trance. The Sorcerer can instruct the entity to say, tell the victim you are their Angel, tell them you look after them, say this person is bad and avoid them etc.

Any of the above, if a Sorcerer handpicked and sent a bunch of these on a single job, the victim will not be able to escape it. Fighting such an imposing character, will be like fighting yourself, the thoughts become your own. In the end, all we have is our thoughts and feelings, so the imposed thoughts becomes our own, and we accept them.

Now let’s say, a woman was a glamour model, same again, this entity can be used to derail someone.

Say, an ex-human English women’s Jinn, who only dated ethnic bodybuilders, that person’s entity will impose the same, because Mufti Siraj is Muslim, well under the Muslim banner as a description. He uses methods which suits his approach in terrorising a Muslim victim.

Say, a human was an extreme party club going person, this individual’s entity holds data of that lifestyle, this will make someone be the same, and if a Sorcerer put a large group together, the victim will be jumping up and down like a yo-yo partying.

If a human lived a life of drinking alcohol, and the party life, this person’s entity will make the victim be as such.

Anything you can think of in your mind in any combination, can be imposed, there’s no point of me going over too many things, I’m sure you can understand how the Jinn’s with data function.

If the ex-human Jinn was a social media addict, and the Sorcerer said make this person reveal everything on social media, make her pose etc, then that will be done.

Now let’s say, a Sorcerer has got ex-human Jinn’s that were play boys, hanged around on beaches, spent their lives womanising and having affairs. I’m not being racist now, let’s say they had an ethnicity and they were afro Caribbean, if those entities are told to make the women love and fancy afro Caribbean men, then that women will be filled with desires that are unrefusable, the presence of a targeted entity is unstoppable, same applies to any other nationality. The Sorcerer can tell the entity to pick that targeted nationality, different Sorcerers pick different nationalities when choosing this type of attack, to humiliate the targeted victim, to cause the most chaos possible within the family. Mufti Siraj is under the Muslim banner, so he will use what he feels is best to derail a Muslim.

Now, say a human got butchered by rebels in Africa, the human received chops with a meat cleaver on his chest, whilst trying to escape by the river side, he received two big chops and fell into the water. This entity has absorbed this strong emotion, and feeling of being chopped to death, chopped in the chest area, then suffocated and drowned. This entity could be told to make this woman feel this feeling, and make her feel that it’s coming from me Mr Uddin, make her feel the pain is coming from him. The victim will feel chronic abuse and chest pains, and the feelings coming from me i.e. the pain.

No matter what gets sent, they all continue doing their set job, a person’s body can take millions of Jinn’s, millions, they are microscopic, the regular Jinn’s. The big evolved Jinn’s are not suitable for such mind control, the microscopic entities and those able to go microscopic are more suited. There are Jinn’s, that their cellular makeup of energy can be as long as a car when expanded, those types cannot go microscopic, the smallest most of them could transport to, is a centimetre or so, those are more suited to Sorcerers for gathering information or paralysis. I understand this subject in detail.

There’s a reason I’m explaining all this, please keep reading.

Let’s say a Burka wearing prostitute, there are many that are like that, who work around Muslim neighbourhoods, this entity has got the data of taking off her Burka i.e. lifting it up repeatedly, this entity would be used to help make someone take off their clothes. A Deobandi Sorcerer would use such an attack on a female respectable Muslim women, to try and blend into the feel. These people have a scientific approach, and I understand it all, because I have witnessed everything in possession work i.e. exorcisms. Everything I talk about, Mufti Siraj Saleh has sent in large numbers non-stop to my wife. Light Orbs force the entities to speak so I can hear, so I can learn what he does, and today I am exposing this knowledge.

Same again, ex-human gentlemen play boys, bachelors, who lived that life. If sent in large numbers, how Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network operate, the victim is doomed. The victim can be ruined in a very short time, its inescapable. A single Jinn with such data is effective for derailing someone’s personality.

Mufti Siraj Saleh’s attacks have an immediate effect, due to his advanced knowledge in combining single targeted attacks in large numbers.

Whist Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing this, he will continuously monitor, these people have millions of entities at hand working for them, and they are replaceable anytime, they work for blood sacrifice, cutting throats for Mufti is not a problem, so killing chickens in his bathtub for offering is no big deal.

Bigger sacrifices, he gets taken care of from abroad, the Jinn’s get the spirit of the sacrificed animal, in all the blood sacrifices i.e. a black goat is a highly thought after treat for Jinn’s, any animals sacrificed, other higher evolved devils and demon, those who assist in the Sorcerers magic, can bring it to the Sorcerer via taweez i.e. talisman transport. For those who didn’t know, the entity Jinn, gets the spirit of the sacrificed animal, it becomes attached to the Jinn, and becomes a part of it, it enhances itself and becomes more powerful through sacrifice, and the additional attachments. Sorcerers make and build entities by tailor making sacrifices.

Now let’s say, a victim was holding on for dear life in character, let’s say a human with down syndrome, the entity of that human can make an individual weak and fragile, and make them just like the character of the down syndrome person. Let’s say, the character of the human was vulnerable and kept cuddling people, now if the Sorcerer used that ex-human Jinn, that will weaken the individuals last hold, the victim will find themselves cuddling anyone and acting fragile. An entity could be told to impose this behaviour for that effect, or an entity could be like that totally as a character, as a data, then nothing needs to be told, just transported into a victim, and it will play itself out.

That’s why random sent entities could have any of the above entities within the group sent. Any of the above, a Sorcerer can multiply and send the same characters of entities in large numbers, this will have an immediate effect. The elite Sorcerer can target to the precise interest he desires.

Say a Muslim girl, dresses modestly and has always done so, as that is the character of the person themselves, let’s say, a Sorcerer selected ex-human Jinn’s who wore nothing but tight jeans with their back and front visual, then that character imposed will make the person who was modest, totally lose the modest character, you cannot fight such an imposing influence.

As humans we have one single entity with us, and it has a powerful effect on our thoughts. All negative and bitter thoughts of envy, jealousy, hatred and treachery within us, stems from this single birth entity, when you have the thought, like, who does he think he is, and you feel angry, bitter, this feeling is coming direct from our birth Jinn within us. If we were on earth, naturally by God’s will without a birth Jinn, we would be humble, polite and have no thoughts of treachery within us.

We are setup for both parts to exist on earth, negative and positive i.e. Light and Dark.

This one, you are definitely going to think oh my God, let’s say a holy Polytheistic place of worship, I won’t go into names, I’m just trying to explain this subject. The holy men, I promise you, they play around with evil spirits, its normal to them, the holy men worship them, but don’t tell the masses what exactly they are, the public is blind to all this, the holy men call them nature spirits and God’s etc.

Let’s say, a holy man at some point going back, he has summoned and released a legion of demons into the Polytheistic worship place, now those entities i.e. demons, have a higher powerful ability to do mind control, now imagine you have demons that have lived amongst man, and understand the human mind, this is dangerous, say sometime in the past, the holy man has brought in a legion of demons, don’t forget the holy men are not in charge, the spirits are, the holy men follow the requests of the spirits.

Say a particular idol, the entities decided to attach themselves to an idol, the more powerful entities will go for the idol that is most looked upon and honoured by the humans, that’s just the way it works i.e. ranking with evil entities, the choice etc. All lower astral entities seek grandiose, demons especially even more, unknown to the public, the public are totally blind to this, those entities summoned and brought into the place of worship, would take the role of being in front of the idols when people are kneeling, bowing and giving honour, the entities would imagine and fantasise, that they are being honoured by man.

I know this sounds perverted, but this entity is perverted. Imagine the entities have got accustomed with the imagination of the three forked trishula spear, its embedded in the entities data, it’s been receiving grandiose for decades, and getting secret sacrifices by the holy men after hours.

This entity can use the spear data, it can reproduce the spear jab feeling of stabbing, it can show the spear in someone’s mind and direct it towards pain, imagine it’s a large group and they were taken by a willing deal, with a promise etc. The job request is to spear my wife, spear her with pain that comes from me and only me, everything I talk about, I have had in possession repeatedly. Light Orbs force the demons to show the effects of what they have been doing. Light Orbs make the entities show the possessed person what they have been doing i.e. using the spear and poking it in the heart of the possessed person repeatedly, this way the person helping me, can relay that information to me in detail.

The possessed person’s explanation was, that the pain was unbearable, the poking in the heart. After the poking the entity was forced to show its chosen image, this set of demons showed horns, tilak powder stripes across the forehead. This shows me, the demonic entities have been around those places of worship for a long time, hence replicating those particular images, the horns show me, the entities have had a horned animal sacrifice.

These entities do not have an image, it’s an organism, some are strands of organisms, some can be bunched up into strands and fibres, resembling a bacterium if viewed under a microscope. The image shown is the fantasised image, the desired image, if they could have a body of their choice, it would look hideous. All images Jinn’s show to man is false, they will use imagery from your own thoughts, and if its managed to obtain a strong image from a previous body, if it’s strong within in its data, it can impose it on the victim i.e. in possession, in this work.

On that particular exorcism, the demon was allowed to freely express itself with its own choice. Light Orbs can control any of these entities to the finest detail. Those entities that they know will not cooperate or answer, they get terminated immediately. This particular incident, the demon showed the possessed person helping me, his newly wedded wife’s unborn child, was getting pulled out from the womb, its umbilical cord was ripped off, and the demon pulled every body part, apart.

The person helping me was saying what is this, it’s so real, he was worried, I said, no no relax, they let the entity express itself, so I can understand the mind control is uncontrollable. Seeing all this, shows me my wife is not in control. Even though I am explaining something once, everything I am saying, I have experienced again and again, so I don’t get anything wrong with my understanding.

This is what Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers send to my wife around the clock, you may say, how would they get access to Polytheistic worship places, they roll around with Pagans in India, in any case Sorcerers are all best friends when it comes to this work, and outsourcing Jobs. It’s one community, they have meet and greets. Satanism and the love of evil entities bonds their soul. If you look at any Deobandi leaders and their speeches and meetings in India, you will always find holy men and Baba’s rolling with them.

This is taking up too much text, anything you can think of in your mind can be used in any sequence.

You wouldn’t expect, so-called religious pious acting people to understand such filthy actions i.e. orgy and fetishes, unique characteristics, oh believe me, Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers understand this better than a sexual therapist. These people are warped and psychotic, totally corrupt.

Everything I have mentioned, I have witnessed in exorcism over and over again. Mufti Siraj Saleh and the senior Jamiat Ulema will not stop sending entities. Their feeling is, how long can the Light Orbs do this, there method is to over work and bring any support to an exhaustion. This is why they target my children and wife and me myself. They are fully dedicated to what they do.

Everything I have mentioned above, Mufti Siraj Saleh can do it mildly so it’s undetectable, he can do it with a medium impact approach, so it blends into a victim’s life i.e. in stages, or he can do it aggressively with no remorse or care. In my wife’s case its overly aggressive with one purpose in mind, is to ruin her. The true purpose for him targeting my wife and family is to stop me i.e. to break me. He cannot have me releasing information on Jinn’s and exposing this entity.

There’s a number of reasons they do this, one being my intention to expose this entity, the other my interest to expose this entities activities and operation, also they can’t stop on my wife, because if she comes out, she is a unique case, she doesn’t know me, and she cannot look at me. If she comes out of this, she will be the only person ever to be able to provide detailed information, of the life lived, and the feeling of how she felt towards me.

The Mufti knows what he started he cannot stop now. Also, the Deobandi Sorcerer scholars have never met an opposition, and their egos are bruised. This little midget has the Ego of a Devil.

Everything he does, is to try and break me as a person, he knows this entity will be discovered, that parts too late to stop, it’s on a video, i.e. how to capture it. If I wasn’t here, it’s just an organism discovery and the Mufti is still safe, far as he’s concerned, he can act deaf dumb and blind, like he doesn’t know. With me around it’s a big problem for the Deobandi Sorcerer, because I’m the one who disclosed this entity on video, and demonstrated its functionality in the human body, this entity is not just an organism. He can’t have no added story or any bonus information. No other Sorcerer in the world is chasing me, except the Devils of Deoband.

When a Sorcerer uses Jinn’s that have been in the dark i.e. the wilderness too long, they have a gloomy effect on victim’s i.e. it becomes detectable, the presence of a dark effect that doesn’t feel natural. Mufti Siraj has mastered how to by-pass that, he’s into the science of the advancement of occult, I know because I deal with the Jinn’s sent this end on exorcism. Light Orbs can and do terminate Jinn’s themselves without my knowledge, but whatever they want me to understand, they show me in exorcisms. Mufti Siraj collects Jinn’s from hospitals, before they go to the graveyards and become idle. The presence of them being in the dark and left in graveyards, leads them to have a gloomy effect, a detectable effect, victims can pick up on the presence of the entity.

Mufti sends the females in his house to hospitals, they sit in the corridors pretending they are visiting. The devils and demons they work with direct deceased people’s Jinn’s into the taweez i.e. talisman they have on their possession, and the females take them home to sort them into their collection pots i.e. which Jinn’s are what, for what purpose. The females around Mufti, they all talk to Jinn’s in their heads as well.

On exorcisms, I have come across Jinn’s when forced to speak, they say that they were taken from the hospital. This Mufti is terrorising UK with his Satanic activities. The women around him are Witches, they are all trained advanced in the occult. That’s why Mufti is happy to travel around the UK to customers, he gets the opportunity to go to graveyards, to collect Jinn’s i.e. google maps etc.

Note added at a later date, it has come to my attention that the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars control most off the UK’s graveyards and NHS hospital chaplaincy. They have unlimited access to the hospital mortuaries. When a Chaplain has access to a hospital mortuary, he has access to whatever that is in there.

Mufti Siraj Saleh is not a regular Sorcerer, he goes in and empty’s the whole graveyard, like, get in now, he’s assisted by senior devils and demons. The devils and demons guide the Jinn’s in the taweez, he transports them home, then allocates them to little pots which he can identify, i.e. this pot is for sexual Jinn’s, this pots for aggressive character Jinn’s, this pots for crippled Jinn’s, this pots for ex-human baby Jinn’s who died early. This devil is a genius in occult.

As I have explained Jinn’s are highly receptive and absorbent. Mufti Siraj has little pots of powders and ointments in his office, a collection of them. Say he has a pot with turmeric powder or chilli powder in it, he would put Jinn’s without data to rest in the pot, for there release and transport they will do anything, Jinn’s marinated in turmeric powder or chilli powder, absorb this burning within its structure, when he sends a load of them to a victim, the victim will complain of a burning sensation, do you understand.

If he sends Jinn’s in the forehead, you will experience burning there, or wherever he decided to land the entities. Different powders have a different effect.

Everything I talk about, I have experienced, he will deep freeze Jinn’s and let them absorb the ice-cold shivering feeling within its entity, then send them to my wife, to make her shiver about me, he will tell the Jinn’s to make her feel my presence under the shivering. This guy is a genius in Black Magic.

Let me explain this, Jinn’s are useless without man, if Jinn’s get sent to someone, they are stuck and bound within that individual, it has no flight capability at all when sent randomly. Those that can move freely and transport to other locations, this movement is only possible, if a Sorcerer has honoured the entity with rituals and animal sacrifice, and enhanced its ability and made such flight possible.

I have experienced all angles of this, when I was with Mufti, he left some random Jinn’s in my house. When I left him and I was doing this work myself, Light Orbs put them in for interview and exorcism. Example interview, what’s your name, Solomon, where are you from, Bradford, what are you doing here, Mufti left me here, why, he told me to watch you, I said for what, he said, when he comes next time for me to tell him what I have seen.

Basically, he left Jinn’s as spy’s that don’t mean anything to him. I said, why don’t you go back to Bradford, this is just a single example, he said, he can’t go anywhere or travel. He said, do you know where my wife is, I said what, he said, she’s in Bradford, I said, why don’t you go and find her, it can’t, it was a drop off, it’s got no flight passage no taweez. It’s like being in an airport without a plane. Taweez i.e. talisman is the plane.

Every sending is a one-way trip, unless the Sorcerer has given it rituals and sacrifices, to make it able to have flight and self-transport capabilities.

I have come across this time and time again. Jinn’s without man sending them, and helping them transport are useless and bound to places and areas. They can’t even follow a person they like due to being bound to a location. Man is the beast for doing what he does, releasing these entities and ruining the world. These Sorcerers provide birds of prey and eagle sacrifices to Jinn’s for flight, the eagle spirit becomes a part of the Jinn, entwined as one, the way the eagle fly’s it will fly. I have come across eagles attached to Jinn’s.

Now animal spirits, any animal spirit can be put inside any human being, the devils and demons they work with help transport and direct the entity to the chosen persons DNA, hair or whatever they have used for the connection. Through the use of taweez and ritual they can send any animal entity, and land it in any part of the human body, to any particular location. They can land a pile of snake spirits direct on top of someone’s head, and they will live there on that location. The size of Wembley Stadium to a single human, is the size our body is to Jinn’s, they are microscopic, and those that are not, can turn microscopic in most cases.

Any animal’s spirit will have the effect of the character of that animal, they can send an animal entity that’s being controlled by demons, so the demons control its functions. Sorcerers can target to the specific detail of what they are trying to achieve.

Every living animal, and every living creature, also absorbs the emotion and pain of the life lived within its memory, along with the animal’s natural characteristics. The last emotions absorbed are the strongest.

The Sorcerers like Mufti Siraj Saleh and elite ethnic occultist know this. Example, if a bunch of snakes are tormented and tortured, using my face image picture as a mask i.e. a hand-held pole with my face on the end. Now if this snake is whipped and tortured with my image, then sacrificed and killed. The snakes have just absorbed this strong emotion of me, as being hostile. I am the enemy, the presence of me will make the snake hiss and snap i.e. bite.

Now when a bunch of snakes are put inside my wife, my wife will have this added undiluted venom for me, do you understand. Mufti Siraj puts snakes inside the body and above the head. My wife is venomous towards me, and my image in her head are horrendous. This is occult manipulation of the highest.

The same torment I have just mentioned concerning the snakes, Mufti Siraj Saleh and the senior Jamiat Ulema do this around the clock with any animal. The sacrificial rituals are no doubt taken care of in Africa and India. I have come across animals, livestock, that have been butchered, and their eyes poked out whilst alive using my image as the tormentor.

The host person i.e. the person helping in the exorcism, is shown the animal and is able to feel the animal’s pain, and how it suffered and feels now. Light Orbs can connect the animal’s spirit to the direct thoughts of the person in trance, so I understand exactly what is going on.

These types of spirits are removed and showed to me in exorcism. The host body translates the feelings to me. The possessed person cannot look at me, or look in my direction, and the pain towards me is unbearable. Any wonder why my wife cannot look at my face or image, she cannot be in my presence.

The victim has to feel what the animal inside feels, the animal lives inside the victim, and connects to the thoughts to live. The animal cannot bare me or tolerate me, so the human themselves will also be the same. The animal is blind to me, so the human will also be blind to me. This is evil, this is the science of occult at the highest.

Light Orbs have allowed demonic entities to look through the eyes of the possessed, without allowing any bodily movement i.e. Light Orbs can restrict control exactly how they want to.

Light Orbs are Angelic spirits that are far superior, it’s another wavelength altogether. I have been told by the possessed, when I was staring at you, the hate I felt was unreal, I have never felt such hate before. Now this is the hate that demons can express, Mufti Siraj Saleh fills my wife with everything mentioned around the clock. Light Orbs allow me to understand this, so I know this is beyond my wife’s control, hence the reason I do not respond or react negatively towards my wife, no matter what I hear or see. Mufti Siraj Saleh wants me to react, hence him doing this so aggressively.

A reaction is what feeds Black Magic more, and it escalates very quickly. Sorcerers are responsible for murders all around the world with the occult. The things I have witnessed from my wife, no man could tolerate, I mean no man. The only reason I can, is because of what the Light Orbs show me.

The demon’s control and hold the mind, whilst the animals express their presence, and the ex-human Jinn’s control and impose their characters. Sorcerers can control a person like a robot with this type of occult.

I am not letting the Jamiat Ulema Islamic scholars get away with this. I am not going to sit in silence. They know it’s a subject that cannot be talked about, and they do vulgar methods of occult and feel confident that I cannot tell anyone, so it’s safe for them to continue. I am not taking this abuse and sitting in silence.

You might say, why doesn’t Mufti do death magic and just end all this work. Light Orbs stop those attacks in seconds, there’s nothing to learn in being dead, they want me to understand the mind control so I can expose this.

Explanation from home, to leaving home due to Mufti Siraj Saleh, and 5th October 2016 to my sister’s house in Yorkshire England.

Ever since I met Mufti Siraj Saleh, he has been sending me and my family Jinn’s i.e. doing Black Magic to us. Even when I started doing exorcisms, he would continuously send entities.

Anything of importance Light Orbs would show me in possession work. I would think, why would this Mufti keep sending entities, when we terminate them anyway.

Anything Mufti sends, if he is targeting to put the entities directly inside your body, nothing can stop it coming, it actually ends up directly inside you. These entities do not fly to you, or hover to you when sent by elite occultists. They get transported by a Sorcerer, it ends up arriving inside you in a second i.e. transported, and it just ends up there, in that exact location.

The elite Sorcerer can target entities to an exact location. This is done through the use of your hair, DNA, a picture etc, a simple thing as a picture, an elite Sorcerer could put entities inside you at will, whenever he chooses to his satisfaction.

Mufti Siraj Saleh has already collected hair etc, I saw him once when my wife was possessed by him, I actually saw him pull at her hair strand from the back, I didn’t say anything. Those times I was brain locked and stunned as a person, when I was with the Mufti I had delayed thinking, I picked up on things after when its already done. Sorcerers have that affect, due to the kind of things they get up to i.e. their own Jinn’s make you ignorant and clumsy.

In any case, he has wandered around my house himself, if you read my first pdf story titled, my horrific encounter with Mufti Siraj Saleh, you can read the part when he had our blanket lifted up, and he was in a trance just staring at our bed.

If he can send entities to me myself, no one is safe from the occult, I mean no one. I have direct spiritual help as proven by my exorcism videos. He sends entities to me 7 days a week, Light Orbs can stun something in seconds and neutralise it, so it has no effect. Whatever they want me to understand, they let it connect so I feel it, and understand it, then they show me in exorcism.

It is obvious they want me to understand the details, hence showing me, and letting me feel it, then showing me after in live exorcism, so I understand. The only valid reason I can think of for understanding this, is to expose the learnt knowledge. I am living this life, seeing this work from every angle.

My wife is living the life of being totally blind to me, and feeling the way she does about me. She will come out of this, and she will have a story of how it felt to be in such a state. I really don’t believe we are going through this for nothing. Why do I have such support spiritually, it’s not to fail. Why have such help just to fail.

Light Orbs can transport entities to anyone, no matter the distance, please keep reading and I will explain.

Let me get back to the part when I was home, and the Mufti would continuously send entities. Whatever Light Orbs wanted me to understand, they would allow it to be in me, then remove it inside someone else, and then show it to me in live exorcism. The person doing the exorcism, Light Orbs can allow the connection to be, so the person doing the work can see the entity and feel it, and express according to what he feels, and relay this information back to me clearly. The possessed person is in the background, and is totally aware of everything, and it is subtle and safe.

One afternoon me and my wife set off to pick our daughter from school, as I was leaving, I felt so uncomfortable and unusually paranoid. I drove outside the school, the feeling felt so awful, I couldn’t look at anyone due to feeling paranoid, as though everyone is watching me. I waited in the car whilst my wife picked our daughter up. As I was waiting, I couldn’t look in any direction due to this overwhelming feeling of paranoia. I had to look at my phone, and I locked my eyes on the screen surfing the net. I became aware of my nose, my nose would twitch left and right. The feeling of everyone is watching me, was so overwhelming it was unbearable.

We drove home, soon as my wife went upstairs to sit down and relax, she went into trance i.e. possession. It’s all controlled and relaxed, nothing is alarming, anything aggressive they exorcise in men, but Light Orbs can control any entity, so it’s not aggressive, they only allow aggression, so I can understand the character of an entity, if that’s what they want me to understand.

Right, my wife is possessed her nose is twitching left and right, she said its rabbits, her nose was twitching like a rabbit, then she was looking around in a paranoid way. She was shown they are albino rabbits, she said its 3 albino white rabbits, they have red eyes. She got to feel the feelings of the rabbits, and how they are. Light Orbs can make this connection, so it’s to the finest detail with controlled exorcisms. My wife said they are paranoid as their nature, they know they stand out and everyone can see them, they can’t hide. She was shown Mufti Siraj sent them, it was to make me paranoid. I said, why would he keep doing these pathetic things. It’s the subtle moves that breakdown someone. The rabbits were terminated, all spirits sent on Black Magic are always terminated. If I didn’t have spiritual help, those rabbits would have broken me as a person, I couldn’t handle 30 minutes to the school and back, that’s how bad it felt.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network of occultists just love hurting people with Black Magic. 2016 Mufti Siraj got fed up of sending normal light weight attacks, because they were being used to teach me what he sends. He started sending demonic entities, before I left home, it was that bad, if I went near my wife, she would show emotions of throwing up i.e. vomiting, and she would run to the sink to be sick, but nothing ever came out. It got to the point, if I went close to her, she would start the throwing up motions. If I went near her, her head would start spinning and so would mine, I felt as though I would collapse if I went near her, when I walked backwards and away, the head spinning stops.

It was terrible what was going on, my children dreaming of me abusing them i.e. raping them. My wife said, every time I came close to her, she would feel the overwhelming feelings of abuse. I realised everything is a mess as all this was happening.

On my first pdf titled, my horrific encounter with Mufti Siraj Saleh, I wrote about the time my wife left me, and after the exorcism in the car, she came back home and said sorry. After that time, I said to my wife, can I put my name on our home, because everything we have is in my wife’s name, she said fine, I love you etc that’s not a problem. A few days later when I asked, she was screaming saying this sentence, it’s my house, it’s my house. All this will come together after, please keep reading.

With Light Orbs, no matter what evil entities come, they can be right there in the presence of them all. Lower Astral Entities cannot do anything to Light Orbs, evil entities can only harm humans. Light Orbs can make their frequency totally undetectable to Lower Astral Entities, or show themselves in whichever form they choose. In any case visual or not, Jinn’s cannot do anything, or harm a Light Orb.

I have done exorcisms many times, where Light Orbs have allowed the entities to see through the eyes and talk, the entities do not know what is doing the exorcism. I have had Jinn’s say, who is doing this, where are you from, what are you. Jinn’s do not understand a Light orb, it’s out of their knowledge and understanding.

Jinn’s do not understand anything, it’s only the Sorcerers i.e. magicians Jinn’s trained in magic, that can express their corruption, and help another Sorcerer learn methods of occult i.e. hence most Sorcerers Jinn’s are handed down amongst each other in their own group. Jinn’s do not know anything that is going on in the world, this I promise you. I have dealt with enough Jinn’s to understand, just get the job role, learn the purpose and finish the job. Jinn’s have no worldly wisdom, I promise you this.

Anyway, getting back to this, my wife called the police on me and had me removed from our home, that’s how bad the situation was.

I went to Yorkshire to my sister’s house in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England. From the first night I started learning what was going on. My sister helped in possession trance work, every day for many weeks. Light Orbs can transport entities from London to Yorkshire in seconds, what I was witnessing was unbelievable.

The first thing came up, I have to say this. Every package of entities that get sent, they are all chanted up. Mufti or any elite occultists, what they do is chant short sentences, again and again repeatedly i.e. they spiral the Jinn’s into the job. Jinn’s are highly receptive and accept the chant as a command. When jinn’s have been chanted like this, its unstoppable. Light Orbs can make the entities play out the chant for the Job role. My sister gets to feel the types of entities, and repeat the chanted sentences for the job role of the Jinn’s.

First thing that rose up was chanting, my house, it’s my house, non-stop chanting, one after another was being risen chanting the same sentence. My sister did not know anything about my discussing regarding our home etc, I thought oh my God. My sister was shown our home was full of entities for that job, plus my wife is full with the same job request. Mufti Siraj Saleh targets inside the body and outside i.e. a locked tight method.

Mufti Siraj Saleh does not send Jinn’s in small numbers, he’s into immediate reaction, and he is science based on his attacks. He has chanted Jinn’s, my house, it’s my house, so my wife feels those words and speaks them, its echoing inside her. You cannot refuse such feelings when it’s imposed, you feel it and act it, and say it. They’re not just chanted for the words, it’s to express the overwhelming feeling as well.

Next risen, my sister kept chanting, you’re an abuser, you’re an abuser non-stop, Mufti Siraj has been chanting Jinn’s up to express this feeling, and sentences within my wife. Mufti Siraj doesn’t just use any Jinn’s, he selects Jinn’s with the right character i.e. abused and tormented, or mentally unstable human beings Jinn’s would have that data within the entity i.e. pain. He uses Jinn’s to appropriately deliver such horrendous feelings, i.e. ex-human abused people Jinn’s, they have the data to suit what he’s doing.

Next risen, was entities chanting, I hate you, I hate you, non-stop, every malicious sentence you could think of, Mufti had filled my wife with.

Whatever they were showing me, meant there is a lot more, and more coming. We were doing this everyday with her husband present.

One morning I went downstairs to greet my sister, as I walked past her, she started throwing up effect, like she’s being sick. As I was in the living room, she would keep acting like she’s throwing up, I thought what is this, she was acting like my wife. She went into possession, she was shown they are from my wife, my sister was shown, it was Jinn’s who suffered bowel and gut problems in real life, when they were alive, i.e. the human themselves suffered bowel disorder and suffered as such.

I have explained prior, the Jinn holds the data i.e. memory of the life that was lived, it holds both good and bad memories, and it can use any part of the memory if requested by a Sorcerer. The Mufti has a collection of entities, as I have explained he collects and selects Jinn’s for whatever job purpose is required. The Mufti put entities inside my wife, to make her feel like throwing up when I come near her, and give her the feelings of abuse, when I go near her.

Anything Light Orbs bring for possession, they first want me to hear or see it, or hear my wife saying it, so I can get the most learning from it i.e. to understand the science of it.

This Mufti is fearless and ruthless, next, my sister was in possession, but she won’t get possessed properly. I thought this is weird, she keeps making odd wiggles and judders. I spent an evening thinking why can’t she get possessed. Light Orbs showed her, they were Jinn’s from terminally ill people, it was to stop my wife from going into possession, no wonder my wife wouldn’t do this work, prior to me leaving for a long time.

Mufti Siraj Saleh put terminally ill people’s entities in her, the job role was to stop her going into trance. This Mufti is sick and twisted.

All of a sudden, I had major breathing difficulties, I was sitting with my sister, then she started having the same breathing difficulties and I myself was fine, my sister went into possession. She started breathing really badly, she was shown the entities just came from me, from my lungs. Something was connected to speak, it was coughing and choking, I said who are you, he said my names Brian, I said what is wrong with you, why are you coughing, and you can’t breathe. He said I had lung problems and passed away in hospital. Light Orbs can make the entities replay the data held. I said hospital, how did you get here, Mufti Siraj Saleh has been collected Jinn’s direct from hospital, before they go to the graveyard. Light Orbs show me what they want me to understand, bringing up too many entities for information exhausts the possessed person’s body, it’s unnecessary.

Mufti Siraj can transport any entity, at any time, at his choice, to any body organ he chooses. He’s a Black Magic genius, I shouldn’t even use the word genius, he’s a Satanist.

Following day, my sister was in trance, she was crying as though it’s my wife, she was saying, my marriage, my 25-year marriage. I got married at the age of 18 years old, and my wife was 17 at the time.

My sister was in trance saying, my husband, my marriage, what am I going to do, then my sister was cuddling herself saying, there, there, we will look after you, we will take care of you, and she was cuddling herself. I asked my sister, what’s all that about, it’s my sister who is connected to the imagery, and the feelings felt, the possessed person understands everything, I get relayed the information, to understand myself.

My sister said, he has put ex-human social worker and people who worked in healthcare, the possessed person is shown and connected to the Jinn’s memory data, and is shown the details. Mufti Siraj put their Jinn’s on my wife to comfort her, and make her feel better, so it helps and justifies her to move on.

What kind of sick Sorcerer is this, what are Deobandis going to do about this. I got their scholar terrorising my family with occult that no man could talk about. It’s only because I am able to do exorcisms, and I am directly protected, and I prove myself in the exorcism videos clearly of this work, hence I am able to explain the unexplainable.

Next day, more were brought over, ex-human psychiatrist and social care working people’s Jinn’s. The Mufti put them in my wife to act as Angels and be her guardian, Light Orbs allowed the entities expression, to see if the entities could fool me with their job role. A male connected and said, leave her alone it’s her right, she doesn’t want to be disturbed, I said who are you, it said, I’m her Angel, her spirit guide, it talked polite and acted sincere, it would fool any Western English person on the spiritual road. It’s ex-human Jinn’s, collected directly from hospital, that have fresh data and memory, that have not yet been affected by the darkness.

They could fool anyone, first mistake the entity made was to say, it’s my wife’s right to be left alone, it’s her choice. A victim of Black Magic, that is being controlled by demons and devils, is not in the position to say, it’s my right and leave me alone. I asked my sister, was there any gloomy feeling or anything detectable, to feel that entity was evil. My sister said it was undetectable, now this is what’s fooling the whole spiritual world, posing as Angels, Archangels, Saints, helpers and spirit guides to mediums. They are all being fooled. Mufti Siraj is an extreme Sorcerer, occultist, who loves playing mind games, he thinks this is funny.

Normally the person in possession can sense the entity is evil, but Mufti Siraj had mastered that effect, collecting entities direct from hospitals before the vibe of outside darkness settles into the entity. That man is a cunning science-based occultist, he’s ruthless.

When we do this work, I was thinking Light Orbs have removed the whole package i.e. everything to do with it. Far from it, there’s a lot more where that came from. Mufti Siraj doesn’t do things in small numbers, he does them in mass loads, and he keeps on doing it. He’s a twisted Sorcerer, who doesn’t know how to stop.

When I say Mufti Siraj Saleh, he is the one doing the science-based attacks, England is rich pickings for characteristics and personalities, when it comes to the effects of these entities. There is actually a network of Islamic scholars sending entities non-stop, from Africa and India, they are handling the animals i.e. sacrifices, and the mass non-data entities being sent. Jamiat Ulema South Africa and India is infested with elite Sorcerers. They have something going on in USA and Canada as well, because I have entities coming from there too.

Following this, I heard my wife is claiming she has Angels and they talk to her, I thought oh my God, I get to see and live both sides, see it, hear about it, exorcise it, its mind blowing. She’s going around saying her Angels hate me, and that I’m bad.

Following this, my sister in possession, what was risen up was, gym girls, athletic gym women, sports women, fitness fanatics, my sister was shown their lives through their data held. Then women who did boxing and martial arts. I thought what the hell is Mufti doing, next I heard my wife is in the gym every single day training like an athlete, doing weight training, fitness classes, running like an athlete.

Next possession, my sister was connected to ex-human Jinn’s who did swimming, she was shown swimming girls, I’m thinking what’s going on, next I hear my wife is swimming now, she never swam in her life.

Mufti Siraj’s Black Magic has an immediate effect, due to the high numbers of Jinn’s he uses.

Next, my sister was possessed in trance, she was in trance with lady of leisure women, she was shown hotels, meetings, pools, spas etc, many were risen up and shown. Whatever I am aware of, this Mufti can send more at an alarming rate. I never imagined such a compulsive character could exist, on top of that, he has got some nerve on his vision to dismantle my family, when it’s clear I am protected. That’s the devil for you right there. It boils down to him and his network of Jamiat Ulema scholars, not wanting me to expose this entity or any secrets concerning its functionality. Also, Sorcerers are nasty minded in the first place, their advice and guidance council stems from Satanic entities from the beginning.

Light Orbs had left that package inside my sister, so I can see what happens, this way I stay patient and know this is beyond my wife’s control.

Within 48 hours, my sister had booked a spa, massage, and some deluxe therapy day out. Came back home with her hair cut to her neck, with a gaze in her eyes that looked like she’s in a trance. She said look what I’ve done, I said what the hell, you dyed your hair reddish as well.

She looked at me and said, I can’t believe what I’ve just gone and done, please get them out of me, I said get what out, she said them things, they were left in me, now look at me. I said alright we will sit down, she said look I’m having dreams of meeting people, secret meetings and hotels, I can’t take this anymore. She said, her husband’s going think what is this, look at my hair.

Light Orbs were showing me, whatever I see from my wife, not to react at all. My sister couldn’t control one dose of Mufti Siraj’s Black Magic.

That night as I was in my room in Yorkshire, all of a sudden, I found myself really emotional. I started sinking into a deep downward depressed emotion state, the words were coming out of my mouth, what am I going to do, what am I going to do, repeatedly. I found myself in this state for a long time, it’s embarrassing, but I have to say it. I found myself in my room, with my arms punching up and down slowly, and saying the sentence repeatedly, what am I going to do, non-stop, I fell asleep like this in tears.

Next morning I was fine, I walked downstairs to greet my sister, she sat down and went into possession, she started saying, what am I going to do, what am I going to do repeatedly, she was punching up and down, saying what am I going to do, what am I going to do, exactly the same as what I was doing. She was shown a boxer, she was shown, he was confused and depressed, all he wanted to do was punch people. Also, other entities along with it, to go with the feelings and the sentence, what am I going to do. Mufti Siraj Saleh had made a package and chanted the words, what am I going to do. He rehearses and chants the entities into a rhythm. I will explain this chanting procedure after, please keep reading.

I told my sister, I was doing that last night, I don’t know why, and said the state I found myself in. Mufti Siraj is so ambitious and confident, he doesn’t care what protection I have, he will still send it because it’s easy for him, it takes seconds, its nothing to lose, its free for him. The worlds full of Jinn’s, can you see how dangerous a Deobandi Sorcerer is.

Whatever Light Orbs want me to understand, they let it connect and play its role out. How else am I going to understand the functionality of this underworld.

Next day, my sister was in trance with a monkey inside her, whoever doubts the existence of animal entities, I suggest watching some of my exorcism videos.

She was connected and shown a female monkey, the possessed is connected to the entity, the thoughts, the data, she was shown the monkey was more smarter and intelligent than the other monkeys, it was a thinking monkey.

Next, I know it sounds unbelievable, I have a clear-cut video showing a bull entity on an exorcism and pig entities. Light Orbs only allow a full-on aggressive possession for my learning, so I can distinguish without any mistakes, for my understanding. A full-blown expression of such animals, can take a lot out of a possessed person. All this can be done without such a full-blown connection.

An elite Sorcerer can put any animals spirit, into any person he chooses, let me make that clear. Every insect, bird, creature, fish, anything that bleeds and breathes has a spirit.

My sister was in possession with a tigress, she was shown the tigress, it’s to make my wife be ferocious, it’s Mufti’s way of adding to the feelings he has already created. So, she can be firm on her decisions, and the desires he has filled her with, it also aids in the hate he has produced concerning me. With the rest of the entities already in place in mass numbers, and the influence, it’s to make her actually do and pursue the feelings she is feeling.

My brother in-law told me, my wife likes to walk, I said give her lifts alright, he said she says, she’s free, she’s free, that’s what she says. She said, she likes to feel the wind in her hair. I Thought what on earth is going on, my wife hates walking, she complains, she makes me give her lifts everywhere, she gets tired very easily, my wife has always been low in energy, she likes to nap and rest.

Once I heard this news, that same night, my sister was possessed, she was shown birds with their legs tied, and flight feathers pulled out, the birds are scared, they can’t escape, they can’t fly, she said all the birds want to do is be free to fly away. The birds have been kept like this, and tormented and unable to fly, this data and memory is the last memory the birds hold. The strongest memory of pain, will stay in the data of the bird’s spirit. Mufti Siraj Saleh had got his Sorcerer colleagues to sacrifice birds, and put them in my wife, and to add to that, he had Jinn’s with the sentence chanted to them, I’m free, I’m free, that’s why my wife is walking and saying, and feeling, I’m free, saying I like the wind, it’s the combination of the bird entities within my wife, and the Jinn’s to add the words and feelings i.e. the thoughts.

You might say, why does he waste so much time and money, a tigress can’t be cheap. He can’t do death magic, because Light Orbs stop that straight away, so the rat Mufti, like a hyena, does what he sees is working, I can’t learn anything from being dead anyway.

Death magic is sending Jinn’s with no data, targeted in the head or heart to stimulate a heart attack or stroke, or an attack on multiple organs i.e. to lead to a breakdown to death. Lights Orbs numb those type of attacks in seconds, he has tried it a million times, like a rat he focuses on what he sees is working, hence the mind control.

People who I have helped previously with major spiritual problems, some are helping me by allowing the use of their body, for possession work for myself. Those people I have a bond with, a sincerer loving bond of appreciation.

I know this sounds unbelievable, my life is unbelievable, the people who I have helped, those who are helping me. I also do possession work on the mobile phone on loud speaker, I know this is unheard of.

Example, entities from my wife are transported without my knowledge into someone else, and they themselves phone me possessed i.e. exorcism on the phone, this is so I can learn what else is going on, this road has all been about learning and understanding, to expose this.

Before I left home, I realised that every time I would talk to my wife about anything, she would close her mouth and not speak, and walk off. I noticed this regularly, this naturally leads to me walking behind her and talking as she’s walking off. She would say, why are you following me, I would say, you don’t speak, your mouth closes. My son also told me the same thing, his mother walks off on him, she used to tell me and my son to stop walking behind her and talking, my son would say, because you walk off and don’t speak mum.

So, as I was saying, a person very close to me, who I have helped in London phoned me possessed. I was on loud speaker, at the same time my sister was possessed, we were doing other work relating to my wife, the possessed person on loud speaker said, I have a gorilla in me, he was panicking a bit, he said I can see a gorilla inside himself, I said relax, he said its mouth is closed, I said yeh, he said it’s a mute gorilla, it doesn’t speak, it can’t speak i.e. meaning no vocal noise. Then that was exorcised and terminated.

I have shown on one of my videos titled, PROOF Jamiat Ulema Deobandi Scholars use DEMONS. I showed in the beginning of this video, a church pastor who has spirits of sheep in his followers, and the demons were controlling the sheep, and making the sheep connect and take full mind control.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and his associates, had put a mute gorilla in my wife with demons controlling the gorilla, they were instructed, when I speak to make the gorilla connect and make her mouth close, and make her walk away. Do you understand what the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers are doing to my family.

Such Jobs would be outsourced by them, this type of order would be paid and ordered in Africa. They sacrificed a gorilla.

I travelled to London to stay for 5 days, to continue this work in person. In the beginning when I first left, I was back and forth between London and Yorkshire regularly doing this work.

I came to London, and met with the person who the gorilla was possessed inside.

We went to his house, immediately Light Orbs transferred a number of demons that were inside my wife, they were screaming, she’s mine, she’s mine, they were forced to show what they have been doing, they have been abusing my wife, whilst showing my face. Light Orbs made them show what they were doing, the demons were laughing showing it. Some demons will express, and some refuse to comply, depends on the entities rank, if it’s a follower, leader or a superior demon who controls their kind. The followers tend to express themselves, leaders are usually aggressive and refuse, those are terminated immediately.

After this, the possessed person screamed, there is a pile of snakes on my head, I said relax, he explained there is a pile of snakes, they are hissing, hissing and biting towards me.

See what Mufti has done, he has gotten snakes sacrificed from abroad, this would be outsourced from those who handle snakes and perform such jobs for occultists. There are people who specialise in supplying trade for occultists. They are all interconnected in this field, when it comes to the elite Sorcerers. The snakes would have been tormented by the handler, whipped and abused. The handler would be wearing my face picture as a mask, or holding a hand held pole with my picture attached to the end to torment the snakes. He would abuse and torment the snakes holding my picture, on some form of stick, and presenting the image to the snakes, at the same time whipping the snakes and abusing them. The handler, would let the snakes strike my image and get accustomed to seeing my image as a hostile force. Then they would slaughter the snakes, then use their devils and demons to transport them, to any part of the body in a victim, in this case, the choice was to attach them on top of my wife’s head.

At the time, my wife was just crying in front of anyone, holding their hands, crying I’m an abuser, and she would walk and talk bad about me. My brother in-law said, she held his hands for 20 minutes, and was crying like a baby, saying look what he’s done to me, look what he’s done to me.

What I have explained thus far, the Mufti and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer Scholars are doing this around the clock, 7 days a week.

Because I have experienced and seen such detailed science-based occult, targeted to my wife, I don’t speak anything or comment on my wife, my reaction will make what’s bad, even worse. Black Magic works more aggressive, when you go back and forth, plus Mufti would be aware, he can combat any sentence and feelings, by chanting up further Jinn’s, for any sentence he desires.

Imagine something viewed under a microscope and magnified by 1000x, and all you see is a pin dot. The area the size of our head or body is huge for this entity. Most of these entities are microscopic in the first place. No matter what entity is inside the body, it still connects to our thoughts.

Another exorcism, I myself had a gorilla on my own head, the possessed person was shown a silverback gorilla. When entities like this are connected, the person feels the gorilla, even on their own face structure. I have been told the face actually hurts when this entity is connected. Light Orbs don’t allow a full connection and let the gorilla take custody and control of the body. That’s all the information I could gather from that exorcism. The person doing the exorcism was in possession with another gorilla, he was shown another silverback, it came from my wife’s head, this one. I have to put this together with my own understanding, out of my experience I would say, Mufti Siraj Saleh and his colleagues from Jamiat Ulema Africa, got two silverback gorillas sacrificed, those gorillas clashed together hence having such an effect on us. They may have been as such in character in real life. The person they sourced them from, they could have sourced them for those particular reasons i.e. those two gorillas cannot be together, they charge on each other straight away. Possibly sourced through an African zoo i.e. wildlife connections.

What I gather from this is, when I was home, I couldn’t go near my wife. If I go near her, my head would start spinning and so would hers, it was unbearable. When I walk backwards, it calms down, the more back I go, the head spinning goes away. I experimented with those feelings and learned methods to cope, like walking backwards and testing myself, when the spinning stops. I came to tolerate such feelings and live as such. It’s all part of my learning to understand the science of what elite Sorcerers can do.

Today I am exposing information that is unknown to the public, closely guarded secrets by the elite occult underworld. To me the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer is on top of this field.

I continued similar works for a number of days, and went back to Yorkshire to continue with my sister.

My sister had something put inside her, where she consciously would say, she can smell me from a long distance and detect my presence, she said the odour smells foul. I thought, oh my God do I smell, then she went into possession saying, she can smell me, even taste the foul smell. She said she can sense me, she feels like throwing up. My wife used to say, she can smell me and sense me. In deep sleep, my wife would lift her head up and scream at me. She used to feel like throwing up in my presence, this was the Mufti, he put a package of entities, only to induce this foul smell and heightened sense regarding me, and to make my presence be repulsive and be rejected.

Black Magic in my belief, is responsible for 95% of Muslim and ethnic people’s divorce and separation. I say ethnic, because every country of colour are the people who are all providing jobs, and are addicted to going to occultists, and ethnic countries are full of these Sorcerers, ethnic people know what I’m talking about. The reason I mention Muslim, is because as coming from a Muslim background and being Muslim, we are naturally accustomed to staying together with our partners, even if things are terrible, we learn and adjust to be compatible due to culture, principles and inner core family values. We don’t need to fancy each other, it’s not like that, we tolerate and adjust, that’s just the way Muslim families are.

I blame occult for 95% of partner abuse, and separation in ethnic families.

I have already explained the types of targeted attacks Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers can do, this in fact, is going on all around the world undetected.

A couple will not be able to tolerate the effects of the types of occult I have mentioned.

In the old days I believe, Sorcerers were using normal Jinn’s with no data, hit and miss attempts without the calculation. I believe due to customers repeated complaints, saying the couple have just bought a new house etc and they are happy. Sorcerers have stepped up their game, today they attack with a science-based approach, today they are using demons and devils, those more suited to controlling the mind.

I believe in the olden days, Sorcerers were not using devils and demons so readily. I believe keeping those types of entities around to work, the Sorcerer has to keep demons and devils in order, and instruct such entities, such entities are demanding for the Sorcerer concerning satisfying. I believe these entities require more detailed blood sacrifices and rituals. Due to public demand, these entities are being summoned and used regularly today, humans stand no chance against such entities. They will destroy any relationship fast.

This is one of the reasons I am compelled to share my story, and express my difficulties, people have to stop going to occultists. Those who feel that they have been treated unjustly by someone, and have hatred and bitterness towards them, instead of seeking the occultist for revenge, please wash your hands of this pain, adjust yourself and find the love and peace within to move on.

If you look for the occultist, you are in fact looking for cancer and autoimmune disorder for yourself and your family, I promise. I have explained the customer and the victim get loaded with this microscopic entity, both parties are infested. The Sorcerer is an agent to distribute the seed of Satan, why ruin your own life and have autoimmune disorder, tumours, cancer and live with inflammation. I am telling you clearly, I know this subject, and I know what the Sorcerers role is.

Now back to Yorkshire, I was doing this work with my sister, she told me her husband doesn’t like her doing this, which I understand. Because it has an after effect, she harbours entities as a host, which affects her thoughts and her own comfort.

As I have explained, Mufti can send Jinn’s non-stop to monitor and track, Light Orbs will do what they are doing, Jinn’s cannot harm or attack Light Orbs.

I am going to give you an example to show you how confident Mufti Siraj Saleh is, to me its false confidence, the entities that live inside him, it’s an evil Ego and is full of false delusions, which will result in the Mufti having false confidence.

One morning I woke up, with the feelings and words echoing inside me, it’s something you cannot deny, the strong thought being imposed on you. I was in the house, the thought, the sentence was echoing inside me, Shareef is evil, Shareef is evil, that’s my sons name. I couldn’t get the thoughts and words out of my mind, Shareef is evil. What’s he doing for me, Shareef is evil. These feelings had overpowered me, I was about to phone my son and say, what are you doing to help me.

As I was walking down the stairs to go and greet my sister, as I got in front of my sister, the feelings had totally gone away. My sister had a glare in her eyes, she was making me breakfast and she was saying, Shareef is evil, Shareef is evil, what is he doing for you, you need to have a world with that boy. I started defending my son, saying it’s beyond him, the more I was defending him, the more intense she was getting and saying, but he’s evil, what is he doing for you. All of a sudden, I realised oh my God, she had a glare, like glass eyeballs, Light Orbs stopped the connection. My sister had a pause in character and thought what the hell.

Anything that will teach me to learn the operation and understanding of this, they always show me in black and white. We did trance, entities were raised saying Shareef is evil, Shareef is evil.

What I am showing you is, whatever job the entities have been spiralled and chanted to do, once they have been chanted the sentence, and accepted it, they do not, and cannot stop, even if the entity was in a different body, it will still continue the job role.

I’m advanced in this subject, and I couldn’t refuse the feelings, I couldn’t identify it was not my own thoughts, it was imposed on me. What I am saying is, we cannot refuse our own thoughts, this entity is able to impose on our own thoughts, If I cannot refuse it, no one can. I have trained myself to continuously be on guard, and I do not respond to emotion or feelings. No matter what I hear my wife is doing, I do not respond, It’s out of her control.

Up to date, I pay all the bills, the mortgage and any money required. She cannot look at my picture, or hear my voice, because of Mufti Siraj’s non-stop attacks.

Mufti doesn’t care if I have spiritual help, because he knows anything he sends lands and transports i.e. ends up working, it’s that simple for him. As far as he’s concerned, he’s got nothing to lose.

Anything he sends me, it lands, Light Orbs decide what they want me to understand, by letting it play out. They can stun and stop the effects immediately with me. How else am I going understand this, without living this life and seeing all angles to this.

Mufti has got some nerve, he sent me a bunch of ex-human Jinn’s to take me on a pilgrimage. I really didn’t want to explain this one. I might as well to show what kind of devil he is, and what an elite occultist can do. I was dreaming and seeing myself going on a pilgrimage, shaving my head.

Strong feeling of going on a pilgrimage, yes, I know it sounds good, it turned out he had put a bunch of ex-human Jinn’s that have experienced pilgrimage, and told them to take me abroad. Remember, I have already explained the human birth Jinn is Satanic i.e. Shaytaan, it holds the data of the life lived, it will use the data for manipulation. Mufti had instructed evil entities i.e. ex-human Jinn’s, to take me out of the country so he can continue violating my wife in peace.

It’s unbelievable what an advanced Sorcerer can do, these people are dangerous, and they need to be exposed, this occult underworld has to be exposed. Some may say, oh that’s good going on a pilgrimage, getting the holy feelings, its evil spirits doing it for a job request, the entities were taken from a hospital, so they haven’t absorbed the darkness i.e. memory loss, those entities are able to impose clear uninterrupted feelings, and desires of the job request.

From what I have witnessed, I can say the expansion of Jamiat Ulema, and the global takeover of this organisation, is down to the use of the occult and calculated acts of piety. I have explained what a Deobandi Sorcerer can do. I wonder how they took over such buildings like Tajul Masajid India, that was owned by an emperor, and how this organisation managed to expand so much in a short space of time.

Getting back to this work, I heard my wife is running around giggling everywhere, heard she was acting like a child. My wife does not like her father, she does not sit with her father, it stems from childhood, it’s something I won’t get into here.

I heard my wife buys fish and chips, sits next to her father and watches him eat, my son told me. I’m thinking, I’m out on the streets, and she is giggling like a child feeding her dad fish and chips.

Once I hear about something, Light Orbs use that situation to teach me the science of what is really going on.

Someone I have helped, phoned my phone possessed, usually what happens, the possessed person’s partner would ring my phone whilst the other person has gone into trance, and the phone is left on loud speaker. I know it sounds unusual, but how else am I going to understand this.

Now, I have this person in possession, I’m in Yorkshire, the phone call is coming from London, the possessed person is laughing and giggling like a baby, and acting like a baby. I said what’s this, he said I have baby’s in me, a load of babies giggling, he said, I can see your wife’s head, they came from her head, they were in her head. I have an adult giggling like a baby in trance, then he said, there are also many little children.

I said oh my God, the Mufti had filled my wife with ex-human baby Jinn’s, the effect will be, the victim acting like a baby, giggling like a baby. What would a baby do if it was in an adult body, if they were by their parents, if they had the capability to move their hands as an adult, they would feed their parents and watch them eat.

I have explained the Jinn entity is evil, it absorbs the data of the life lived, these babies would have passed away as baby’s due to health issues. The Mufti had obviously gone into the graveyards, to the baby section and collected Jinn babies for this data, hence my wife giggling like a baby and acting like a baby.

Why did Mufti do this, it’s to make her weak in the knees i.e. vulnerable, to try and make her into a whore. He was already doing sexual related attacks, at that time she was in the gym 7 days a week like an athlete, she was giggling laughing and training. The Mufti was making the ideal grounds to derail my wife, at that time she was totally blind to me, I do not exist, my memory is painful.

I could never have imagined such political Black Magic could exist in the world, that’s why I can confidently say the Deobandi, Darul Uloom Sorcerer, is the most deadliest Sorcerer to ever walk the earth.

Some may say, oh the unseen, tricky subject, let me remind you, it takes the unseen to expose the unseen, how else would such detailed information ever get released. The world is in chaos with occult and Satanic worship, it’s actually taking over the world, every country is poisoned with the occult, Sorcerers have taken over. My experience and difficulties will help to expose this underworld, and shed some light on what is really going on.

I can talk about what Mufti sends all day, it’s never ending, he doesn’t stop, I will explain a few more, so it’s understood. Whatever I have explained, he sends repeatedly, because he can, it’s that easy for them.

On exorcism I came across about 20 crocodiles, they were put inside my wife, no doubt this would be outsourced from Africa. This is another way to direct aggression towards me, to work alongside what he has already created.

At one time, I found myself exhausted, I couldn’t get out of bed for a number of days, I kept sleeping non-stop, then all of a sudden it was gone. My son tells me, his mum can’t get out of bed, she’s worried. I thought what on earth is all this, then I received a phone call from a patient possessed, he said, I have a big giant tortoise inside me, I said yeh, he said, it’s an old tortoise, it just sleeps, its old. Light Orbs connect all the image via the data of the tortoise, to the brain of the possessed, they can do any of this to the finest detail. He said the tortoise just got sent from your wife. The possessed is shown in detail, and the correct feelings are imposed on him, so he understands i.e. the connection to the animal or any entity that is made, so he visually sees and feels the entities present, Light Orbs can do this. They only make this connection for my understanding and knowledge, they can terminate entities without connection.

I have to put the puzzle together, I did say Light Orbs do not talk to me. Mufti would have put the tortoise inside me, it’s part of his systemic breakdown. I did explain, every entity has an immediate effect, as it has to connect to thought to live, it automatically connects, it becomes a part of you, hence entities with data and entities without data, the effects.

Light Orbs let me feel this, and live with the tortoise for a number of days, they then transported it inside my wife, so I can see and hear about it. This also stopped my wife and overpowered what was going on inside her, at that moment. The old tortoise, the presence of the tortoise and the character of the entity i.e. data, this is imposed naturally and cannot be stopped. It is a living thing and it will affect your mind and body. The effect of sleepiness and being bed bound, halted any other entities job roles within my wife.

As my learning, to see and hear about it in possession, I get to feel, see, and learn all angles of the science of what Sorcerers can do. Information like this i.e. such data has to be exposed to eradicate and banish this evil. Sorcerers have to be driven to extinction, they are truly evil for what they do. They work with the sole causative agent responsible for giving man autoimmune disorder and cancer, and they fill their own customers and victims with this microscopic entity. The Sorcerer knows exactly what they are doing, he has to do it to please the entities he works with. This is honouring Satan, those that don’t believe in Satanic entities and their roles, you are totally wrong, I promise you, the battle between Good and Bad is a real one.

The following days, I found myself with severe back pain, all of a sudden something grips around me, I can’t breathe, I can’t move. Its chronic back problems, this was going on for days, all of a sudden, it just went away, again my son phones me, saying mums got back problems, I’m worried about her. I’m thinking what on earth is this. My back problems had gone, my son is saying my wife has chronic back problems, and she is laid out in bed.

I get a phone call, a live exorcism, the possessed person is screaming and saying, I have an anaconda in me. I said hold on, he said it’s wrapped around me, help, I said relax, then Light Orbs started to terminate it. What I learnt there was, the Mufti from his African contacts had outsourced an Anaconda sacrifice from his snake handler contacts, his aim is to disable me and stop me.

These people are twisted Satanists, what are the good Deobandis going to do about this, are they still going to say he’s pious, my exorcism videos show that I do this work in graphic detail. No Sorcerer can replicate exorcisms like what I do.

I heard my wife just walks and mocks me, saying I’m an abuser, the mocking is unbelievable, no one would mock a person and play such mind games.

Turns out in possession, Mufti had been filling my wife with ex-humans who were psychologically disturbed and mentally unwell, he had used Jinn’s that had lived such lives, hence held that data, they use this data for the instructed job. If the data is that strong, it doesn’t need to be told to impose it, its imposed by itself, because that is part of its character i.e. those feelings. In Mufti’s case, he tells them particularly to use that emotion for what he requires. He further chants sentences repeatedly, he will do this chanting for days if needed, the more he chants, the Jinn’s go into a rhythm and embed those words and instructions into its core, once it does that, and accepts it as the job role, it cannot stop. Hence the chanting has an unstoppable effect.

In possession my sister would show her finger by the side of her ears, making round and round circles, saying you’re crazy, your crazy, my sister would say these Jinn’s have the feeling of madness and insanity, that’s the data of the life lived. The Mufti is making my wife feel that I am crazy, she walks and talks it, feels it in emotion, because Mufti is imposing it.

The Jamiat Sorcerer can control someone like a robot, and they will not know anything. At the end of the day, you cannot refuse your thoughts or feelings, that is what runs our life.

In possession, I came across the chant being used, he’s a Narcissist, he’s a Narcissist, again the Mufti used ex-human Jinn’s who were psychologically disturbed, who suffered this disorder. He used them to impose the feelings, and those words, he’s a Narcissist. My wife walks and talks to everyone this same sentence, he’s a Narcissist.

It’s all about the data the evil entity holds within itself, it will use this data and memory as instructed.

In trance I came across a hand full of entities that were ex-human entities that lived a life of a police officer, UK police officers, their job role was to get me arrested. I am explaining detailed attacks, so the reader understands how accurate the Deobandi Sorcerer is, and to expose what elite Sorcerers can do. Usually Sorcerers stay in their private circle and clown around with Jinn’s, here we have a political organisation, that the senior scholars are advanced elite occultists.

In trance I came across a clown, an ex-human Jinn who worked and lived in some kind of job role as a clown i.e. dressed and acted like a clown. This entities data will be of such, a clown, so you have an evil spirit loaded with this data, it has been told to make my wife clown me and mock me. I want people to understand what the Deobandi Sorcerers do.

It’s all to do with the data and memory the entity holds, from the life that’s been lived, as I have explained they are evil entities, evil to the core, and they will use this data as instructed by the Sorcerer for their release and freedom. When a Sorcerer has chanted the Jinn’s into this rhythm, and made them accept this order into their cell i.e. organism, this entity will not, and does not stop the job request, this entity is compulsive and repetitive as a character i.e. like a broken record.

Something was put inside my sister and left there for days, so I can see it in action. My sister loves me and treats me fantastic, I promise you, Light Orbs wanted me to see and understand, so I cannot hold my wife responsible for what she’s doing. I found my sister with a gaze that didn’t look right, she was playing mind games and behaving unusual. She knows I don’t like finding long hairs on the floor, my own sister kept on sneaking in my room and putting hairs on a trail into my room, and putting them in my bed covers. Even when I had new bed sheets, I would find the same problem. I never said anything, I understand and expect unusual activity due to witnessing what Mufti can do. I would usually have a candle on in my room, candle flame hypnotises most Jinn’s that are outside, this helps the Light Orbs to terminate entities quicker. I would go downstairs and my sister would pop upstairs, blow my candle out, and act as though nothing has happened, with a gaze in her eyes. It turned out to be entities to play mind games with me, they were from my wife. The entities are from mentally disturbed people i.e. the Jinn holds this data, hence under instructions it will use it as told. For their release for a new life, they will do the Sorcerers job request. They want to abuse man and live inside us, that’s how this entity is.

Shortly after, I decided to move to London for more direct work, demons and other ferocious entities need to exorcised in a male body. In a female body entities are put on ice as I would like to say, on a slow burn. Most times entities are left inside under heat treatment, to break them down. In this case the person helping may act funny, have an unusual look about them, and the entities feelings of breaking down can be felt by the host, it’s not good for me to live around it. It can be like walking on eggshells. However, in a male body, most times, entities can be aggressively attacked by the Light Orbs, neutralising its energy immediately.

In possession, entities were raised saying the sentence, he’s a devil, he’s a devil, others saying, die devil die. Its Mufti Siraj Saleh, he has been chanting entities with the sentence, he’s a devil, he’s a devil, die devil die. It’s so my wife feels the emotion and lives by this feeling. Mufti covers every word and thought imaginable, and my wife feels it and lives by it.

Jinn’s are so corrupt, you can chant to devils and evil entities to make someone feel, he’s a devil, he’s a devil, die die, it’s so twisted, it’s unbelievable.

This Mufti and his network can make someone feel and believe anything, he can drive hate or love, he can make anyone react to another exactly how he wants to. I have seen all angles of the most dangerous occultist the world has ever seen.

I’m in London, I haven’t talked to my sister in a very long time, she is a permanent host body, to harbour and filter entities from my wife i.e. things will be on slow burn, which will result in her feeling unusual towards me, the vibe of the entities breakdown can be felt by the host, which results in the host i.e. my sister feeling uncomfortable towards me.

My sister loves me, I know that, that’s my sister, my only sister.

I’m in London, the pace that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers send evil entities, is unbelievable, they have never come across a challenge or obstacle before. They cannot stop, I’m asking the good Deobandis, to demand they STOP, I’m an expert in this field, who else can claim such knowledge. I have identified and displayed on a video, the effects of this entity in the human body in detail.

What are the decent Deobandis going to do about their occultist Sorcerer Scholars. I want to go home, I can only do that if this organisation stops hunting me and my family. I don’t want to meet anyone and talk about this. I have videos that are self-explanatory and crystal clear i.e. regarding what I am claiming. I’ve broken down the science of the occult and made it understandable to the general public, and suffered in the process, I need your Sorcerers to stop now. Free will is a dangerous blessing that God gave us, someone grab Mufti Siraj Saleh by the ears and twist them. He is the leader appointed by the devils.

He is sending non-stop animals that have been butchered with my image, as their last memory. I come across this regularly, all types of African animals, wild beasts etc, butchered and blinded, eyes poked out, bones broken, then sacrificed and put in my wife. It’s clear to me why my wife cannot look at my pictures or images, or hear my voice. The animals cannot look at me, so she won’t be able to, if the animals are scared of me, she herself will be the same. In possession the person who is helping me, is telling me, I could not look at you, or face you, he is being shown the butchering the animals suffered, he is being shown eyes being poked out whilst the animals are alive.

In exorcism, entities were saying, he’s a gentleman, he’s a gentleman, you’re such a gentleman, it’s for my wife to feel those words, and say it to other men. My wife was nimble and shy, like a polite lady, Mufti Siraj Saleh knows this i.e. her character. So, he fills her up according to how he believes it may work. Entities were raised, their job role is to make my wife fall in love and look for a soul mate, entities for romance, other entities saying, I want to go on a date, I want to go on a date. These entities provide the feelings and the words within, it’s a real personality, that’s on a job role, and the entity enjoys what it’s doing i.e. the manipulation. Don’t forget it’s an evil entity, please never forget that. These entities can pick and target a particular man, and make the victim see this man as gorgeous, then add to the feelings, he’s a gentleman, he’s such a gentleman, and the feelings of, I want to date i.e. looking for romance.

I hope the reader can understand what I am saying, he has taken her identity and mind, and is stimulating everything I have explained. What I have come across, there is always a lot more, and more coming. There is no shortage of Jinn’s in England with data i.e. personalities embedded in the evil entity’s memory. Mufti Siraj knows, that I know everything and he laughs in his mind, thinking, try explaining this, well I am now. I can’t let these people get away with this. You have no idea how wicked Mufti Siraj Saleh and Sorcerers are.

Next section is concerning our cultural ways i.e. this is to shed some light to those readers who may not understand our cultural values. Some may disagree and not understand these cultural values. In our culture and family upbringing the women in our families do not associate and mingle freely with other men. You may disagree and think this is some form of abuse and control. This is culture, that every Muslim is familiar with, no Muslim women associates freely and mingles with their husband’s friends. Me as a man, I have never associated with any of my friend’s wife’s, or looked directly and communicated with another man’s wife. It’s just something I naturally do, it stems from cultural understanding and family values. It’s a form of respect and being decent.

I live in Muslim majority neighbourhood, all my neighbours are Muslims, my wife was like a flower, a petal, she is shy, private, and does not look at men in their eyes, if men are present my wife walks away. That’s her character, none of my friends have ever been in front of my wife, that’s just the way she is. If I could describe my wife as any Western known person, I would say dot cotton from East Enders. My wife acts like dot cotton, I even used to call her dotty. My wife dresses very modestly, that’s just her, I haven’t told her how to dress. She doesn’t show her back side or front, that’s her character.

The Mufti has ruined her, she walks around with her front and back showing and sometimes cleavage out, my wife would never do that, she’s become shameless, we have Muslim neighbours, she would never do that, the Mufti has taken her identity, she is being held by demons under mind control. You could say, why don’t you take them out, we have taken out millions of entities, even if she was out of this condition, the Mufti and his network would have her straight back in seconds.

If people walk about like that in real life i.e. in a revealing manner, that’s their choice and fair enough, I’m not condemning anybody. I’m talking about my own wife, how she was and how she has become. My own son said, he can’t say anything, he will get kicked out. When your son is saying this, you know it’s a problem.

My wife has been in the gym like an athlete training, I’m thinking what on earth is going on, she usually doesn’t have any energy, she sleeps and naps all day, has a tea.

In exorcism I found 3 cheetahs i.e. wild cats, they had been exorcised, Mufti Siraj Saleh had sent cheetah spirits, the presence of these spirits, was providing i.e. demanding that energy. The cheetah needs to run i.e. high energy, hence my wife running and being like an athlete. Later what was risen was a horse, Mufti had got a horse slaughtered and put in my wife. The horse entity enforces energy and demands such output i.e. hence the activity.

This is all making my wife ill, she is in and out of hospitals regularly.

It’s not so easy for Mufti to keep sacrificing animals i.e. cheetahs, horses etc, altogether to date I have exorcised 4 Tigers, 3 Cheetahs, and one Black Panther, that’s only the wild cats. The Black Panther was butchered with my image, it couldn’t look at me in the exorcism, it was petrified of me.

At the moment my daughter has told me, mums stopped going to the gym, she goes odd times and she seems to be sleeping and having naps like the old days.

The Mufti was trying to make my wife into a whore, that’s why he focused on gyms, bodybuilders, fitness etc. I have explained this, with all the fancy women, lady of leisure entities sent to her.

There’s so much more, it’s just unbelievable, he sends Jinn’s without data targeted directly in the heart, head, organs, they get neutralised, Jinn’s without data have nothing to show, the presence of them overloading and occupying the heart will result in heart problems i.e. heart attacks etc. The sole purpose of those attacks, is to occupy the organ, hoping on a chronic immune response, leading to an organ failure i.e. organ unable to function appropriately.

I have to explain this, so you understand what kind of devils these people are. I had problems, where I found my jaws would snap all of a sudden. I had to stay well aware of my mouth reactions, and nerve response. My jaw all of a sudden snap, I have damaged my tongue, cut my tongue with sudden snaps. I was with someone doing possession work, they were holding their jaw whilst possessed, their jaw kept trying to snap. The possessed person was saying what is this, Light Orbs never showed any images, they just exorcised without showing at that time. When I was at my sisters, when she was possessed, she was holding her jaw, saying oh my God, her jaw was snapping. She was saying stop it, then she was showed in detail, dogs tied up, so they can’t move, someone is holding their jaw apart, then the person pulls the jaw of the dog and snaps the jaw. She said oh my God, it was heart breaking for her to see. She said they have queues of dogs tied, strapped, someone is going to each dog and snapping its jaw, then they leave the dog like that alive. So, the memory and pain is absorbed into the data of the dogs entity, then the dogs are sacrificed, and put inside me. You may say what is this, its these things that break someone’s mind and fight to live, the Deobandi Sorcerer conjured these ideas. It’s all to do with anything you can think of, that works as a data, its evil, its sick and twisted. This person is putting his hands up, pretending he is praying, leading people in prayer.

On a particular exorcism, I came across an old fashioned King from UK, it’s obviously lost memory, but it’s known and seen as a King, it has that characteristics, this was in my wife. The Mufti had made a deal, saying, I will give you life, but the job role is, make my wife pick another man and call him King.

It’s just a joke for these Sorcerers, he knows I know what he’s doing, he can smile and think, try explaining this, I will explain it, and I am. I am explaining the unexplainable, it’s never been done before and I hope my family suffering can make people take heed, and please, I beg you, stay away from anyone who works with talismans i.e. taweez. Those that work with these products, it’s a clear indication they are Sorcerers.

He sends targeted attacks, where it makes my wife not believe in Black Magic. I have seen the effects with people who help me in this work. When they harbour it, they claim that they do not believe in Black Magic, and when I talk about the subject, it hurts their brain, after it turned out, its Mufti for that particular purpose. There’s nothing a Deobandi Sorcerer cannot do, every emotion, every feeling, this devil can control. The human life is a joke to the Sorcerer, it has to be, the entities they work with is the enemy of man. So, the life of a living creature or human has no emotion for the Sorcerer. The evil entities they work with, have no empathy.

I mentioned on my pdf story, he used to spit in glasses and make my wife drink it, and spit in a jar and made me drink it, meaning he was showing he is reciting Quranic verses and blowing in the water, he was actually spitting saliva, a lot of it. Let me tell you what he was doing, Sorcerers have Jinn’s living in their body, this is standard circus practice, when he is spitting, he is spitting Jinn’s into the water and making you drink them, i.e. microscopic entities that are in his body, are ready in his saliva, so he’s spitting his own filthy Jinn’s into your body i.e. mixing his DNA as well into yours. What he himself was doing, is thinking, by mixing DNA Light Orbs might like him, his understanding of good and bad is warped and twisted. My natural character, I save insects and animals, if I see a bird on the road unable to fly, I stop my car and pick the bird up, I don’t kill anything. The mind of a Sorcerer and life understanding is twisted. You don’t do bad expecting to get good, you do good hoping to receive good. This should be a natural impulse, not a forced pretend one for the point of acting pious.

For two days I was feeling the words and emotions, he’s gonna pay, he’s gonna pay, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Everywhere I went, even when driving, the words and emotions, he’s gonna pay. Naturally the emotion drove towards Mufti.

This sensation was extremely abnormal, then all of a sudden it all just went away, next time I was doing possession work, entities were risen saying the sentence, he’s gonna pay, he’s gonna pay. These entities were from my wife. Light Orbs put them inside me, so I can feel it and understand, then to further show me in trance work where they actually came from.

I heard my wife is walking and talking openly about me, saying, he’s a coward, he’s a coward, she says it to everybody. It turned out in possession work, the Mufti had filled my wife for that particular sentence and feeling, to say the words, he’s a coward, he’s a coward. Any sentence the Sorcerer can think of in his mind, he can chant Jinn’s for that purpose. The effects and feelings for the victim i.e. my wife, is an immediate response and reaction, of feeling the same. The Mufti’s success is due to his chanting abilities, and the high volume of Jinn’s he uses per single job. He can send how many Jinn’s he desires, at any given moment, there is no shortage of Jinn’s.

The Mufti had created the pain and fear, hate and anarchy within my wife, he was further adding to it i.e. the sentence and feeling, he’s gonna pay. These tactics, are methods to create a reaction from me i.e. to escalate the situation further. I don’t react, because I know what he wants, these people are evil to enjoy doing this to a family.

When such a sentence is targeted, it naturally directs to what you dislike, or what’s the main focus of pain within you. In my case, the energy directed towards Mufti. Once an entity has been chanted, no matter what body it’s in, or transferred to, it continues the job role. I have seen this time and time again. Its unstoppable, the role, it just continues. In this case it showed, the Mufti had just chanted the sentence repeatedly, he’s gonna pay, he’s gonna pay, without putting my name in the sentence, my name is not required, as the pain and anarchy in my wife is already in full effect. So, it naturally directs towards me, the added feelings.

The human body can take millions of microscopic entities, and all job roles by the entities continues. When a person’s mind is being imposed to such an extent, the victim starts having memory blank moments, and errors in memory and remembering. My son and daughter tell me, my wife doesn’t remember anything, she can’t even cook a curry, and she complains of brain blank moments.

There is nothing Mufti Siraj Saleh misses, I am going to explain something to show how accurate and in control, in Black Magic Mufti Siraj can be. My wife was planning a business venture, and going into a venture involving sports. Everything Mufti tries, is to make it possible for men, and the opportunity for men to be available. The Mufti is trying to make my wife into a whore, as I have explained. Everything he does is to create fertile grounds to derail my wife.

I was overseeing and aware she is going into a venture, the surroundings of this venture, is martial arts, bodybuilders, athletes, and gym related atmosphere. I did explain, he was filling my wife with ex-human gym fanatics, bodybuilders, i.e. Jinn’s with this data. I was over watching this and thinking, what on earth is going on. Light Orbs allowed it to happen, soon as she opened, as soon as she declared the place open, then Light Orbs took those entities off. What I was shown in possession work, it was ex-human Jinn’s who lived the life of entrepreneurs and such roles, and she had ex-human female Muslim Karate Jinn’s. Always remember, it is an evil entity fulfilling a job role, for its freedom. Its life and title may have been Muslim, but it is an evil entity, only holding the data, it has no values of human empathy. What people hear in trance i.e. mediums, is an entity using the host body’s mind, vocals and thoughts to express itself. Believe me it is EVIL, and it belongs to that side, and it has allegiance to the dark side.

Remember they are evil entities, and they are using the data as instructed. I don’t want someone getting excited, thinking they can improve their lives with this. The presence of these entities gives man autoimmune disorders and tumours, leading to cancer. The Jinn’s were doing their job request. Once those entities were taken out, my wife left the place and allowed the other business partner to take control. The reason Light Orbs leave entities on occasions so long, is because Mufti Siraj can replace anything and top it up at will, so allowing Mufti to see something in action take place, it spares more of the exact same entities.

My son was saying I don’t understand dad, why did she plan all this and then just walk out. You remove the entities, the desire and passion for that stops. It really wasn’t your own desire, something else was imposing it, do you understand. I heard my wife made an excuse after, to justify why she abandoned this business venture, she said she didn’t want to leave our daughter alone. The mind has to justify something rational to balance itself, and to those involved. Jinn’s change our character and people live this way. It’s rare to see something genuinely removed, and to witness such change. I am in a position to see this through many angles, as I have explained.

One of the people who helps me in this work, some entities were left inside him, so I can understand. He said I don’t know what’s wrong with me, meaning himself, he said, I can’t stop jumping around, partying and dancing, I just can’t stop.

It turned out in possession work, Mufti had been sending ex-human Jinn’s who lived such lives of partying, and clubbing atmosphere, hence these entities held that data in memory. The Mufti would tell these entities, do you want me to give you a new life. He would have requested, take her partying, make her jump around etc. I want everyone to know what this Mufti has been doing to my wife. I have come across pole dancers, exotic dancers in possession, extreme sexual fetish entities, entities who lived a life in the sex industry i.e. orgies, paid work. I won’t go into that, but I’m sure you can understand.

Later I hear, my wife just dances in front of anyone at any opportunity, I heard she films herself dancing, and sends it to anyone. She will dance in front of anyone. I saw a video, when the music came on, my wife was shaking her head like she was insane, like heavy metal.

I have had to witness such behaviour and not say a word, I have faced fears that no man could imagine coming from their partner. That’s the devil for you, the devil focuses on your worst fears.

I have seen my wife go through many stages, my wife is shy, polite, a nimble person. Mufti Siraj Saleh has taken her identity by demonic mind control. His success is due to his cunningness in understanding the power of repetitiveness i.e. sending Jinn’s in mass numbers non-stop, how is a person supposed to escape such feelings, when he is covering every angle.

I want to explain one of the small things he has done, so you understand how detailed the Deobandi Sorcerer is. Before he started all the gym ex-human entities, and filling my wife up to get her into a male atmosphere. I found my wife buying kebabs regularly i.e. addicted to kebabs. It sounds like nothing, please keep reading to see what unfolds. She would say, it’s for the kids, but I would see her excitingly eating it. I don’t mind what my wife eats, she could be fat or thin, it doesn’t bother me. The eating of kebabs made her feel guilty, which led her to do running on the treadmill we had upstairs.

This is the interesting part now, when I was removed from my house by the police, when I went to Yorkshire to my sister’s house. I found my own sister addicted to eating kebabs, every other night, she would say to her husband, Ali order a kebab. I would be with them, we ate kebabs regularly, every couple of days. I felt a bit suspicious, I couldn’t put my finger on anything yet.

In possession with my sister, Light Orbs raised entities into trance, the first words that came out was, I want a kebab, I want a kebab, I thought what the hell, it turned out ex-human Jinn’s from Yorkshire who were addicted to kebabs. The Mufti had used a collection of them to make my wife eat kebabs, it’s to make her feel guilty, to encourage the desire of gym and the notions of gym, and exercising i.e. enrolling in fitness.

The Mufti was planning this in detail with the finest science-based approach to it. Light Orbs want me to understand the science in this, hence showing me all the angles. The Mufti sends in large number for an immediate effect, Light Orbs had put the other half in my sister and left them there, this way I find her already addicted to kebabs, so I understand and see it all.

Even though the Mufti knows I have direct spiritual help, these Sorcerers are so confident they don’t care, remember these entities i.e. ex-human are microscopic and the Light Orbs have to find them in the body to take them out. Mufti knows it takes seconds to put entities inside someone’s body. The power of knowing he can do this i.e. it gives him a sense of invincibility.

My experience leads me to believe, the expansion of the Jamiat Ulema, Darul Uloom Deoband movement, is due to the use of the occult i.e. using this entity to control people. It makes me question, how did they take over such places that were owned by an Emperor i.e. Tajul Masajid Bhopal etc.

I would also say, Sorcerers like this are responsible for suicide bombers, if you read this PDF and complete it, you will also agree. If someone used an ex-human Jinn of a suicide bomber, need I say anymore.

I would go as far as to blame the personality change and desires of Umm Abdullah, Sister Sarrah and Hasanat, to their melt down in public, was all orchestrated by Mufti Siraj Saleh. He observes everything Islamically related in the UK, anything non-Deobandi, he will not allow it to blossom. Especially anything spiritual or Ruqyah related.

I’m not talking about myself, I do not seek attention or glory, fame or public attention i.e. this is not something I desire. I am private at heart and I like being around my own family, and enjoying happiness in private. It’s my character, it’s like that, I’m a bit shy and reserved as a character. I’m happy planting flowers and doing gardening and trying to be stress free. I am explaining this to shed some light on this subject, and at the same time expose this Satanic underworld.

I would also say, any Islamic public figures in England, if they have had any out of character out bursts, and displayed acts of rage in public, that were totally out of character, or uttered sentences in public out of your set behaviour all of a sudden. I would say Mufti Siraj Saleh has been interfering with you. He can make any person feel and say any sentence he chooses.

He had my wife saying the sentence, how much for a private one to one session to male fitness instructors. How do I know, in exorcism Light Orbs made the entities repeat the sentence, how much for a private one to one session. That’s how accurate the Deobandi Sorcerer is, he can target per sentence, and each prior job is active and working. Everything he did, was to make my wife into a whore, and he knows I know, he wants me to react. These people are responsible for murders around the world.

All these Hollywood stars, that are separating i.e. getting divorced and having meltdowns in public, it’s all to do with the occult. I am aware of boxers in the past that have had hand related problems, meaning on a cellular level i.e. nerve related, cramping etc, this is an occultist targeting non-data entities directly inside the hand. It’s not for a mind controlling job, the aim is to deplete the athlete of his abilities due to a customer’s request. This entity is responsible for Parkinson’s Disease, and the lot of these autoimmune disorders that fall under unknown etiology. The occupation of these entities in mass numbers in our body, especially non-data entities leads to nerve related problems.

What I ever explained thus far, is the tip of the iceberg concerning what Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network do. These people are not normal Sorcerers, they are politically minded Sorcerers, they are into the science of Black Magic.

You may say, if they are so dangerous, why don’t they do this to their Polytheistic opposition in India, not so simple I’m afraid, they also have their own Sorcerers, holy men, Baba’s, any person high in the political chain that is an opposition to this movement, they cannot readily exploit with Black Magic, such an attempt would start a war between Sorcerers.

This Deobandi Jadu Ghar network could take out a football stadium of people in one day, with heart attacks, provided they had pictures and details for the targeted attacks.

Look at these pictures, they are evolved demonic entities, when they are that size, they cannot go microscopic, they can desize up to about 1cm, they are not good for internal body and mind control use. They are more suited to giving someone paralysis or a stroke, or attacking joints from the outside i.e. hitting, striking the ankles and knee joints. To send something like that, involves rituals and sacrifices as a gift. Yes, the Deobandi Jadu Ghar does use these. He sends entities like this, what you feel is something suddenly just ends up inside you, and tries to travel through the body and nerves, Light Orbs stun them fast because they are dangerous. I have had entities like this end up in my body, in seconds it tries to head for the heart, something like this could kill someone, you can actually feel it trying to travel fast through your nerves. Mufti Siraj uses these entities, in my experience within seconds it is stopped and frozen on the spot, so it cannot move, those types of attack and organ attacks, are the first Light Orbs watch guard for.

With this kind of attacks, these people sometimes practice first on killing animals, goats, sheep’s, to see if the entity is capable of giving a goat a heart attack. These people practice killing animals with entities. Its man who teaches these entities all these methods. Without man, these entities cannot freely come to us. Without man they are useless, and bound to places i.e. stuck.

This network is doing this around the clock to my wife, me and my children, they are trying to over work and confuse the Light Orbs.

My son was telling me, his mum holds her head and screams in the house, he said she ends up sitting with her back on the wall, holding her head and screaming in pain. This is the Light Orbs disconnected demonic entities that are attached to her brain, once these entities settle in a position, they hold on like a leech. They are connected neurologically and in emotion to my wife’s brain. So, as the entities are getting terminated and hurt, my wife will feel this pain, because it is attached to her.

The problem is, Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network will not stop sending, my wife is having blank spots in memory, and forgets what she is doing, and can’t remember things. If Mufti doesn’t stop he will kill her, she’s getting too many Jinn’s in her, they take over the mind.

Jamiat Ulema have to demand Mufti and his network stops terrorising my family. He should keep the attacks on me myself. Why terrorise my wife and children. He wanted to stop me disclosing this entity i.e. the capture and what it is, it’s too late now, it’s on video, and the medical system will find it sooner or later.

I will explain, when a senior entity such as a demon, or senior devil is attached to someone, I will explain a job, so you can understand.

A relative of mine went to Mufti Siraj Saleh, her son had problems, the Mufti sent his Jinn’s inside the child’s body, the child’s eyes rolled over. Mufti said, it’s too late it’s in his blood a part of him, Mufti said he can’t help. What he meant was, it is neurologically connected in such a way, it is impossible to remove, plus it’s a high-ranking entity.

This person is a close family member, they came to me, when I say child, I mean 16 years old or so. He got possessed, everything I experience is learning and understanding, Light Orbs want me to understand. When the child got possessed, something from within him spoke and said, you cannot take me out, it actually put both its hands out and demanded I try. Light Orbs wanted me to see this, each time they pulled at the entity, the child would say, my heart, my heart. So, each pull, he would repeatedly say my heart.

So, I gathered it’s in his heart. I was talking to the entity saying, what are you, it would say, I’m not telling you. It still was demanding, saying take me out, try, again Light Orbs were showing, on each pull the child says, my heart. Tears were coming out from the child, I said, why are you crying then, if you say I can’t take you out. The entity was getting hurt, what I learnt there was, how large entities can become attached and become a part of the neurological system. On each pull I noticed, the child would hum, a pattern of noise, a tune like a melody. It’s something that’s in the child’s memory, a tune, the entity was repeatedly humming this melody, it’s trying to stop the connection, between its data and what the Light Orbs are doing i.e. at the same time tears kept on falling down the child’s face.

I told the family members to go home, we will see another time. This left me confused, usually everything I have witnessed is on the spot, with no delay. A week later, the father of the house phoned my phone and said, his wife is possessed, making the same humming noise her son was making, I said that’s interesting. Then he said something is speaking, it’s saying it wants to speak to you. I said alright, it said, how did you get me in here, I was laughing, Light Orbs had been working on that without my knowledge. I did say the Light Orbs do not talk to me, and I do not hear anything, only what Jinn’s say in exorcisms. The entity said. how did you do it, what I learnt there is, Jinn’s have no idea what a Light Orb is and what they can do. This entity was a senior devil, Light Orbs burned it down gradually. The father, would say every couple of days, the entity keeps humming, until the humming became weaker and weaker. Something like this takes time to dissolve in most cases, and it needs to be put on ice as I call it.

What Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network is doing 7 days a week, is sending Satanic entities, he is deliberately giving no breathing space.

Deobandis have to stop him, if he’s that bitter about me exposing this entity, then send all the Jinn’s to me, and me only. Leave my wife and children out of this. It’s unfair that one family has to take the burden of the whole network of Deobandis finest Sorcerers who are scientifically trained.

This Mufti is so ambitious with his occult, he sends me mass groups of entities, he knows everything lands, even though he knows it gets removed, it’s that easy for him, it costs him nothing. He had the nerve to send entities that have lived a life of crime i.e. involved in firearm crimes, it’s to try and make me go for him, he wants me to try something to get locked up. Light Orbs do not allow anything like this to blossom, instead they show me in possession work what he was trying to do.

He is so twisted, it’s unbelievable.

I have to explain this to show you how twisted Mufti Siraj Saleh is. I found myself in my room, feeling and saying to myself, maybe they’re devils, maybe they’re devils, maybe they are just playing games with me. I was getting into an emotional state, with these overwhelming feelings, maybe they’re devils, maybe they’re devils, their playing games with me.

Those two sentences with the feelings were overwhelming. I was feeling like that for a good two hours, then all of a sudden, it just ended dead. I was laughing to myself, thinking how the hell did I fall for that, I was happy and normal after. I went to see my friend to do some work, what was risen in possession was, entities saying this sentence, maybe they’re devils, maybe they’re devils, their playing games with me. It was Mufti, he can chant Jinn’s up for any sentence he desires. Light Orbs let it connect, so I can understand the depth of this Sorcery. I cannot blame my wife for how she feels, and what she does. If I can fall for it and sink into the emotion, anyone can, I should know better.

I have to explain this, so you can understand the depth of Mufti Siraj Saleh, and what he is capable of.

My brother in-law, I have mentored him from young, he’s a bit loose headed. He’s the one that had the pigs inside him, it’s on my pig exorcism video. My brother in-law and his family had issues with another family member, they wouldn’t stop sending him Jinn’s and animal sacrifices. If I didn’t help him and his family they would be dead, he knows this. For four years another family member was trying to ruin them, I was there for the whole four years, so he should be loyal to me, as I also suffered for him.

Mufti was sending him entities to attack me i.e. to feel hate towards me. In this work, I found ex-human martial artists being risen, they said they were in my brother in-law. Mufti is sending ex-human Jinn’s who have a fighting background, and the instructions are to attack me. I thought nothing of it, I thought big deal, no problem.

Light Orbs were showing me a sample so I understand. Next I see my brother in-law is training in martial arts, I heard he was boxing and going to the gym in an extreme way. I thought whatever, I see on his WhatsApp profile, him wearing masks, ninja mask, looking like he’s crazy, one day oxygen mask, one day boxing gloves. He had a stupid look about him, like psychotic.

It was Mufti, filling him up and making him feel undiluted hate towards me, it’s part of my life’s experience. My brother in-law has always been a dumb person, makes pathetic plans and messes things up. He’s loose headed, this you won’t believe. He actually tried to kill me, a failed attack, and I saw him, he was obviously planning this in detail. In the dark whilst I was in my car, it’s a Range Rover and them windows don’t break easy, all of a sudden, a baseball bat hits my window about 20 times non-stop, it was just bouncing, just bouncing off. It was my own brother in-law, I saw his face, he was the second person involved. This is the person, I saved his life and suffered for his family. Anytime at night when he would call, I would go and do exorcisms.

At one point him and his wife was going to get divorced, they hated each other, when I went around, they both got possessed opposite each other. The Sorcerer that was targeting them, put entities in her and him to clash together i.e. so they can’t be together, the entities are incompatible. I learn from every job – After this, they were happy again, and all talks of divorce was over. This is the person who tried to kill me.

It was Mufti doing this, he can target the people around you to feel any which way he decides, he can turn one against the other, he can make one feel hostile to another, he can control the emotions to the finest detail.

If that glass would have broken, I would be in a coma or dead. I don’t know, if after the glass broke, a knife would follow through, or I would get a bat on my head.

Before all this, I was aware, Range Rover glass doesn’t break with a bat, or a crow bar. A video was circulating from the North of a Range Rover getting batted non-stop with poles and baseball bats, the windows wouldn’t break from the outside, it would make damage to the glass, but the glass didn’t fall through or cave in.

This is what Mufti is doing around my life. I have removed entities from my wife, entities sent by Mufti, to make my wife love that particular brother in-law. The Mufti targets every angle, he doesn’t miss an opportunity.

After I left home, I found out that particular brother in-law became my wife’s mentor, and he was the figure in my house, and my wife seemed to adore him. My brother in-law is a spaz, he is known as that, no one takes his opinion for anything. Now he’s the mentor for my wife and children, Mufti was carving my life with the occult.

Mufti thinks he can do anything and only I should know myself, I am sharing publicly now what this beast has been doing.

I text my brother in-law, I never want to see you ever again, and sent him his own exorcism videos as a reminder. The power of black magic can change love to hate, friends to enemies immediately.

This attack was way before, he’s not my wife’s mentor anymore.

Its mind blowing what the Deobandi, Jamiat Ulema Sorcerer Scholars can do, that’s why I am confident in saying. The most deadliest Sorcerer to ever walk the earth is a Deobandi Sorcerer.

In exorcism, I have come across a pack of Wolves attached to my wife, with the demons to control the Wolves.

One particular exorcism, Mufti Siraj and his network put a female wolf in my wife and the pup inside my daughter. There’s a science behind all this, I did explain the entity no matter what, it has to connect to thought to live, and its character will become a part of you. The spirit will influence you, and impose its innate characteristics within you, this cannot be escaped, the spirit is a living thing.

I have to figure out myself, what was the purpose of that combination, it’s some form of pairing between my wife and daughter, to aid in isolating my son.

This type of order is outsourced, elite occultists are interconnected when it comes to trade as such, there are tribes and people who specialise in sacrificial killings. This is not for public knowledge, its occult underworld trade.

It makes sense now, when in exorcisms at the time, I was coming across entities for the role, for my wife to hate my son. It’s a combination of attacks to separate my wife from my son. The reason for this, my son is the only male figure in my house, and Mufti is trying to make my wife into a whore, that’s the truth, please mind my language, that is what he is trying to do. My son stands in the way, and ultimately affects the flow of the occult Mufti Siraj Saleh is doing.

At the time my son was saying, mum keeps on screaming, she is going to migrate to another country. Anytime my son would say something that affects my wife or upsets her, she would say I’m going, I will never come back, I’m going to live in another country.

Light Orbs want me to hear something first, so it makes me think, then they bring the entities in. This way I put the puzzle together in an exorcism. On exorcisms, I came across ex-human Jinn’s who travel, who had lived the life of leisure, their instructions were to make her move to another country, and to top that, a bunch of geese and birds were shown. When I put that together, its geese, birds, that were migrating and the innate instinct was ripe, these birds were sacrificed and put inside my wife. Hence Jinn’s to make it happen and pull her that direction in desires, and the innate instincts of the geese and birds to put the urge, the pressure, the unfightable desire to move to another country i.e. migrate.

Its endless what elite Sorcerers can do. I was experiencing irritation on my chin area, it feels like nips and bites, irritating, it was really itchy, it became unbearable. I have a box beard, my whole beard became infected, puss was coming out. I went to A&E, I was given antibiotics. At the time my sister, she also got exactly the same feelings and effects, she also had puss coming out, she was also prescribed antibiotics.

I was in London and my sister was in Yorkshire, we both had the exact same thing. My sister had a swab taken, it was confirmed as staphylococcus bacteria, the medical system checks via database i.e. the results of a culture test. Any infection would show Staphylococcus, it’s all over the human body and house, if your fingers touched your chin whilst infected, this bacterium would be found in any case. The medical system will detect the surface problem, whilst the real causative agent would not be found, these entities are extremely microscopic, this view is not what they are equipped to look at. There is another kingdom of microscopy, that stretches the limits of modern-day ocular microscopes.

On exorcism with my sister in trance, what Light Orbs showed was, ants in my chin, and my sisters chin, the entities of ants. I did explain that every living, breathing, bleeding thing, has an entity. What Light Orbs showed was, Mufti Siraj had sent black ants on my chin, which resulted in me being clean shaved today.

Light Orbs put half of the ants in my sister, so this way, I don’t get my understanding wrong in the evaluation of this. I am living this and seeing all angles of this.

Since then Mufti Siraj Saleh, still sends the entities of ants, wasps, bees etc, Light Orbs neutralise and terminate them without me having to live with the effects. They only leave something to fully manifest for the learning purpose, for my understanding.

Since then, I have had much nipping and the same feelings, Light Orbs would terminate them without my knowledge fast. Light Orbs burn entities out themselves, they don’t need to do exorcisms. The exorcisms are just for my understanding and learning.

The Mufti has got his network sending anything and everything around the clock, to over work this situation, and to stop me exposing anything.

I don’t know how these people send ant spirits, I would imagine they burn the nest out i.e. put a taweez inside the nest, whilst it’s on fire, the demons and devils direct the ant entities through the taweez i.e. talisman doorway direct to us. These people are so dangerous they can target any body part.

It’s not just about the exposure of this entity organism, it’s also my understanding that is dangerous for the elite occultist and their world. Such information has never been disclosed before, it’s closely guarded secrets for the occult underworld. If they decided to expose anything themselves, the entities that work with them will turn against them. I fall under no such rules and regulations.

In an exorcism, the person possessed was shown spiders, and a part of my wife’s brain was covered in spiders. Yes, I know this sounds unbelievable, but this is the truth, I am guided strictly to understand and expose this. Spiders were shown and removed, which shows me, that Mufti is filling a part of my wife’s brain with the entities of spiders. I have to use my own understanding to figure it out, the purpose of using entities from spiders. A google search shows that spiders have eyes but cannot see very well, and that web spinning spiders are nearly blind, they navigate through the world with touch and smell. Cave dwelling species and those that live their entire lives in the soil, may have no eyes at all. Hence my wife is not aware of her surroundings and what is really going on. This Mufti has thrown the whole book of Deobandi perfected Sorcery at my family.

My daughter tells me, mum isn’t aware of anything, she said Aba i.e. dad, I can do anything, I stay up all night, she doesn’t know anything. She said, mum doesn’t know what I do, or where I go. My daughter said, I just walk out of the house and go anywhere, she doesn’t know or say anything.

My home is a wreck, there is no functionality or stability. My daughter all of a sudden went crazy to buy a dog, totally crazy. I didn’t want her to buy a dog for many reasons, I don’t want to go into the reasons. So, my daughter bought a dog, her mum bought it, after I discover, Mufti had put entities in my daughter to feel passionate about dogs, the job role of the entities was to make her get a dog. The reason I am explaining this, is to show you how low Mufti Siraj Saleh targets i.e. science based, for a reaction. He knows the effects of a dog in a Muslim neighbourhood and all our neighbours are Muslims, and plus I didn’t want a dog in our home. Mufti does anything to entertain problems, the aim is to stimulate anarchy. Muslims will understand why Mufti did that, I won’t go into the reason. On top of this, I cannot react to anything my wife does.

The dog is gone now, it was bought for £700, and after a week it was returned to the dog trader by my wife herself for free. The dog kept on doing poo everywhere in the house, and it wouldn’t sleep unless it was in my daughter’s bed sheets. Everything had to be changed, bed sheets, quilts, carpet cleaned, my daughter said it stinks. Don’t take me wrong, I love everything, but I didn’t want a dog for my daughter. But you all know why Mufti Siraj Saleh did the dog job request.

He expected I would get hysterical, hence he can get a reaction, then he can stimulate anarchy. Black Magic blows up with reactions, it feeds and explodes on reactions, it provides the breeding ground for anarchy. I do not respond negative to anything, I support provide and help.

I know my wife is in shock, thinking, why doesn’t this man respond to anything, she tries to provoke me to justify her feelings. I won’t respond to anything, I know how Mufti works, and I understand how occult functions.

Mufti Siraj can make a person feel or do anything he wants, and the victim will not know anything, we follow our feelings, that’s the way humans are. The imposed feelings via this entity becomes our own, we cannot fight them, fighting is like fighting yourself. His success is down to the use of mass numbers of this entity, for an immediate effect.

I want to give the reader an example of something, it provides good learning. When I was home, Mufti Siraj had sent a random, not targeted hit, randomly sent i.e. just dropped in the river.

Light Orbs leave entities in my case for the purpose of learning, today I am exposing this information, which will shed some light on this subject, and help people understand and stay clear from these people.

The package was for my wife to run away, just run and leave me. Me and my wife had a minor disagreement. All of a sudden, my wife just run like a torpedo out of the front door, like Forrest Gump. I thought oh well, she ran down the road for nothing and came back.

When she came back and went upstairs, she went into possession, Jinn’s were raised up, all these had no data, they were inadequate for the job request. Light Orbs connected the one entity that made my wife run away. It’s unbelievable just listen, a lady was raised, I can’t hear what the Light Orbs are saying to the entity, I just hear what the ex-human Jinn says from the mouth. She said I was crippled, I couldn’t use my legs, she spent her life in a wheelchair, she said, all I wanted to do was run, my whole life I wanted to run, but I couldn’t use my legs.

Mufti Siraj had chanted Jinn’s to make my wife run away, the entity adequate who had the correct data to be able to enforce this, was the crippled lady’s Jinn. Remember all Jinn’s are evil, it’s from the dark side, that’s just the way it is, they do evil things, it doesn’t matter how the vocals may sound sincere. It’s using the brain i.e. thoughts and vocals of the host, so, I don’t fall for any sympathy talk from Jinn’s.

That entity was the one able to make her run, Jinn’s wait for the right time, for that moment to impose the request, so if it’s for anger, they wait for the genuine slight anger, then they jump into the thought process, hence take it over the top i.e. and make destruction happen.

So, after that exorcism, me and my wife learnt a very interesting lesson, then my wife confessed and showed me, she said, I had a case hidden to run away with. She showed me it, she said, I didn’t know where to run, I just had the feelings every day to run away. I said why, she said I don’t know. Me and my wife laughed about this, thinking OMG, Jinn’s, the things they can do.

When I say chanting, Sorcerers usually chant a blank taweez i.e. talisman their desire repeatedly, those words and thoughts are embedded in the taweez, as the Jinn’s come through the portal, they collect this data as their job role, that’s the basic method of chanting.

Mufti Siraj has an even more accurate method, perfected Deobandi Sorcery. He will select entities and tell them to go in the taweez i.e. talisman, the bundle he makes. He will chant the entities into rhythm directly. This is a heightened and a more potent method, he may chant for days on and off. When he is ready, he will activate the doorway opening. This way, he can select the characters and personalities of the entities i.e. data. He can make a package to suit him, in an accurate way, strictly for selected targeted attacks.

Mufti has covered every angle and thought, including the thought of, I don’t believe in Black Magic. My wife was my assistant, experienced in this subject, how can she not believe in Black Magic, she had a moto, a sentence, whoever doesn’t believe in exorcism, feel it, see it, and believe it.

See how powerful Black Magic is, those feelings have been overridden and taken over.

Some may say, if you are that protected why can’t you get out of this. I have a network of Deobandi Sorcerers on the purpose of not letting me out, they also have their Polytheistic colleagues on this, and other outsourced work. They are dedicated to stopping me disclosing information on Jinn functionality, this is their core role i.e. protecting the Kingdom of devils and demons.

If Mufti Siraj Saleh gave the order to stop pursuing me, all these Jinn’s would be terminated within 48 hours, and I would be home. Light Orbs can take out Jinn’s in lightning speeds. But these Sorcerers can also send the same way.

When I say Mufti Siraj Saleh, I want to make it crystal clear, he is the chosen one, the sole heir, the Prince of darkness i.e. successor to Vice President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind, Mufti Abdul Razzak khan Bhopali, who is affiliated to Tajul Masajid Bhopal, and owner founder of Jamia Islamia Arabia Madrassah Bhopal.

The President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind is Maulana Arshad Madani, affiliated to Darul Uloom Deoband.

Mufti Siraj Saleh’s older brother is Shaikh Hanif Luharvi db, who is President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind Gujarat India, member of Shura Darul Uloom Deoband, and member of All India Muslim personal law board.

These people are the ones who run Jamiat Ulema i.e. set the rules and protocols. The pursuit of me and my family stems from the very top of this organisation. As I have explained on my first pdf email titled, my horrific encounter with Mufti Siraj Saleh, throughout my one to one ordeal with Mufti Siraj Saleh, he frequently told my about his Ustadh i.e. teacher, stating his teacher checks me now i.e. meaning with divination, occult, i.e. future predictions, and my status based on the unseen i.e. Jinn, this entity organism that I am exposing.

The Satanic talismans supplied to me by Mufti Siraj Saleh, some of those Satanic taweez i.e. talismans, he stated when giving them to me, his Ustadh i.e. teacher, sent them himself for me. His Ustadh is Mufti Abdul Razzak Khan Bhopali, Vice President of Jamiat Ulema E Hind.

Press this link to view some of the Satanic taweez i.e. talismans that were supplied to me personally by Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib. PRESS HERE

These people tried to make me consume some form of white powder, stating my suffering will only end if I consume this white powder. When I refused this offer, they insisted I travel to India to sacrifice a goat in a graveyard, stating, another method for my family suffering to end.

They were trying to kill me, it’s not rocket science to understand what they were trying to do. My belief is, the Satanic entities were making predictions to them i.e. future divination and stating I am a big problem for their underworld, well I am now, I wasn’t then. They shouldn’t have followed Satanic predictions. My will to keep going is for the love of my family and the status of my wife. The only reason I cannot stop pushing forward, is because they are holding my wife. How can the Sorcerers of this movement, expect me to abandon my family as a punishment for wanting to expose this entity. This reason has led to the unravelling of the core of this organisation. The Jamiat Ulema High Ranking Islamic teachers in India, Africa and around the world, most I would say are all elite occultists. The South African Jamiat Ulema branch is 100% exactly like Mufti Siraj Saleh, they are all elite advanced Sorcerers.

You may say, how would Mufti Siraj Saleh get all these funds for such animal sacrifices, it’s the cash flow of the Jamiat Ulema organisation, the pursuit of me and my family stems from the very top of this movement.

Writing this section something comes to mind, one particular time, I was feeling really overwhelming emotion. I was feeling, what I am revealing, is going to damage the core of this movement, that’s what the truth of my story does. I was feeling, they are Muslims what am I doing, I was in an emotional state for a number of hours, then it stopped all of a sudden. Turned out in possession work, Mufti had sent a package of entities for that sole purpose, for me to feel emotional because they are Muslim. These people will try anything, they can make you laugh and giggle, they can make you cry, there is no emotion that they cannot control. The human life is just an object for them.

Me my brother and my son crying.

Everything a Sorcerer sends lands in a victim, or around the victim, it depends on what the Sorcerer decided to do, whether he wanted it inside the victim, or outside.

An elite Sorcerer can land entities inside any body part, or organ at choice. The entities sent do not fly to you, or travel to you, they are transported by the Sorcerer. It arrives directly inside you in the second the Sorcerer transported it, this is not felt by the victim, unless the Sorcerer targeted the heart, brain, or organ, in those cases it would stimulate a chronic organ response i.e. pain, an ache in the heart which will escalate into an immediate heart related problem. In the brain, it can lead to the victim collapsing i.e. a coma, stroke, in the case of organs i.e. lungs, it will result in breathing difficulties, coughing, shortness of breath i.e. mild to chronic pulmonary problems. It all depends on how many entities the Sorcerer has sent i.e. is it for a gradual breakdown, or does he want an immediate chronic reaction. Mass numbers lead to a chronic response, also did the Sorcerer use Jinn’s with no data, which results in non-caseating granuloma in the organ i.e. heart, and compromises the function of the organ. Also, it depends on, if the Sorcerer used demonic entities, and filled them in the heart, or devil type of entities, the more evolved entities would cause blockages and clogging in the arteries, and restrict blood flow and immediately compromise the function of the organ. It depends on how advanced the Sorcerer is, and did the customer do it themselves i.e. a hit.

I want the reader to watch the next video clip carefully, this looks normal and sincere right. Crying for the love of Allah on a pilgrimage. What actually is going on is something else.

Deobandi Molvis Recycling the Ex-Human Jinn i.e. Shaytaan with a SMILE. Watch from 02:00 minutes.

What is actually going on here is, Mufti Siraj Saleh has put inside all the team members in that group, thousands of these microscopic entities i.e. Jinn. A person cannot feel the presence of normal Jinn’s without data, remember they are microscopic. You can only sense a problem, if someone is targeting an organ to compromise it, hence you will feel an organ problem, but you won’t feel the jinn. The only time when people feel something is not right, if Jinn’s are instructed to occupy the nerve for paralyse i.e. or abuse the victim in mind, hence you detect discomfort, and suffer abuse i.e. torment and dream related issues.

In this case, it is not for any of those purposes, Mufti Siraj has put thousands of non-data Jinn’s into each member of the group.

The aim is for the Jinn’s to collect data i.e. the crying, remember Jinn’s without data are blank i.e. just an evil entity. So, filling entities up with only the data of the emotion of crying, is a powerful data when used for abusing someone. He would have instructed the Jinn’s through his devils to absorb data and stay put, and do not wander into other locations of the body. Some will drift off nevertheless, those that enter the bloodstream will naturally get pulled and flow into other locations of the body. This Jinn is subject to physical law, when entering anything of material i.e. liquid etc it will flow with the blood, it cannot flow against the flow of the blood, unless its senior, or has had animal sacrifices given to it i.e. enhanced ability of movement and power. Mufti will get back enough of the entities for the purpose he requires, and what stays residing in the host bodies mean nothing to the Mufti, you have to remember a Sorcerer does not care.

Let me explain what he is actually doing. On his instruction he can take them out, he’s the one who is providing the freedom i.e. the job in this case, they will come out willingly to complete the agreed job.

So, he has a legion of Jinn’s ready with the data to cry, and they will use it for the purpose agreed. Mufti Siraj Saleh sent to me myself. all those entities for me to cry to death, it’s part of his systemic attempt to break me down, even though he knows everything gets removed, because he is so confident and a Narcissist, and he knows everything lands, I mean everything. So, he sends over 100 thousand Jinn’s for the purpose of crying. Lights Orbs split the Jinn’s as soon as they landed, into my brother, me and my son, I live with my brother.

It’s all for learning and understanding, they want me to understand. So, I’m unaware of the splitting, and what has been landed.

I found myself for three days continuously crying, driving and tears falling down my face, just non-stop crying.

My brother told me, I want to tell you something, I said what, he said, I have been crying non-stop, I said why. Remember, I’m not going to tell anyone I’ve been crying, that’s not the kind of thing I would say. He said, I have been crying for you, I said why, he said for you, he said, when I cry, I feel you.

I said, where are you crying, he said everywhere, especially when he’s praying Namaz, he can’t stop crying, I said how long has this been going on, he said three days.

My son called, saying dad I want to tell you something, I said what, he said I’ve been crying a lot, I said why, he said for you. I said how long has this been going on for, he said three days. He said he has been sitting in his car, in our back garden crying himself to sleep for me.

Mufti would have retrieved the entities with the data, then chanted them i.e. to make me cry for myself. This organisation of occultists are too confident in their Black Magic. Even though I have help, they still send entities, what kind of people are they.

Light Orbs can terminate entities themselves without my knowledge, they can move entities around to their choice.

After Lights Orbs let me experience it and hear about it all, only then they raised a bunch of entities on possession, entities crying non-stop, Light Orbs can make them replay the emotion and job request. It was Mufti Siraj Saleh, he collected and made the crying Jinn’s at that time on the pilgrimage.

He does different techniques like this all the time, his Sorcerer associates would do the same i.e. fill people up to collect data, then send the Jinn’s. From Africa, they fill homeless alcoholic, ill people up with entities, those who are lying on the floor, ill and deluded, they do this to collect data, then send them to me and my family, the effects are, you feel ill and unwell, the same as the homeless, drug addicted ill person on the floor, on the streets, the Jinn’s have that data, so the victim will feel the same way.

My exorcism videos prove I do this work, the footage demonstrates I am qualified in this subject.

Jinn’s can only be transported and moved by Sorcerers, the Jinn cannot do anything without the Sorcerer. This entity is bound to locations and areas without the ability to move freely. They cannot transport by themselves, unless the Sorcerer has undertaken and provided animal sacrifices i.e. birds of prey etc so the entity has further attached entities to it, to give the entity the ability for free movement and transport. Any sacrificed entity for the Jinn, becomes a part of the Jinn, the Jinn cannot function without the use of taweez i.e. talisman. Sorcerers cannot operate without the talisman and these satanic rituals.

Light Orbs are Angelic spirits, that do not respond to taweez i.e. talismans. Light Orbs transport to any location themselves, it’s a naturally ability, Light Orbs can transport and move Jinn’s themselves, they do not need man. People really have no idea of what’s going on, regarding spiritual understanding. Satanic entities and Sorcerers are taking over the world. Every ethnic country lives by the occultist now, I would say 8 out of 10 people in ethnic countries seek the Sorcerer. In England we have people like Mufti Siraj Saleh, who is the most dangerous Sorcerer that the world has ever seen, science based, and this organisation are into the progress and advancement of occult, it’s all Satanism and the taking over of man.

This attack on my family is to do with, they cannot have me exposing any secrets of the science of their Satanic activity and this organism.

Mufti Siraj Saleh and his network, continuously monitor and send entities around the clock, their network from Arica, India, USA and UK, make sure there is a continuous high-speed flow of entities coming to me and my family, their aim is to over work the Light Orbs. They have a continuous flow of entities coming to my head, heart, legs, organs. Light Orbs neutralise it all, but that doesn’t stop them sending entities, they show me in exorcism what I need to understand, as I have explained. The only purpose I see, is to expose the learnt knowledge and expose Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Jamiat Ulema Sorcerers.

The corruption of Occultists and Sorcerers.

The corruption of Sorcerers, this is standard practice I promise you. All Sorcerers do Black Magic to their customers. All Sorcerers practice spells on their customers, they practice separation magic and experiment with their own customers, they themselves will cause chaos in your home. All Sorcerers fill their patients with these microscopic entities, that’s just the way it is. It’s something they have to do, to honour and give homage to that side. All Sorcerers have to give regular animal sacrifices to the Jinn’s they work with, the Jinn’s work for sacrifices. I’m not talking about western English occultists, they may talk with lower astral entities, but they don’t know, or understand about the elite blood works of these entities. They do not understand the science of occult, like an ethnic occultist.

Ethnic occultists just act and look dumb, don’t be mistaken, look at Mufti Siraj Saleh, he looks like he doesn’t understand anything, and you all know what he’s about. The one who acts like a Sorcerer and magician i.e. putting on hats and acting mysterious, they actually are acting. Mystic Meg you might think a Sorcerer, a regular ethnic person may think, oh a witch doing prediction and tarot cards, it’s just an act to look mysterious. You may see people looking like Satanists, with devil stamped across their forehead’s, punk hair, even acting wicked. They do not know anything about this underworld. Those dressing up in cloaks and acting the part, it’s just an image, a fantasy, of acting mysterious. Just look at Mufti Siraj Saleh, real Satanists act pious, humble, and look sincere, actually a real Satanist doesn’t know about the science of occult either. They, I believe are worshipping without a real clue of what’s going on. No Satanist could transport evil entities like an ethnic Sorcerer i.e. Mufti Siraj Saleh.

All Sorcerers experiment with occult on their own customers, without their knowledge.

Typical scenario, an example. Ilford London, there is a Sikh Punjabi Sorcerer, goes by the name Rishi Ji. 95% of his customers are Muslim, yes with beards and Hijabs, victims are desperate, they have tried other routes and without choice they have ended up there, believing only a Sorcerer will be able to take Jinn’s away. It’s a typical mindset, when a route is exhausted, and a victim is tired of feeling the abuse of Black Magic and the discomfort within.

Part of my experience in life, I have actually been there many times, and I know many of his customers. I am only able to expose this because of my experience, how can one appreciate the Light without walking in darkness. An example, a person who has been through an abused life, would make the best councillor for abused people, a person who has suffered a particular way of life, would be best suited to guide a person experiencing similar circumstances.

Rishi, the first thing he will tell a customer is, you need healing, everything a sorcerer does is an act, to actually do something else. Rishi has water in a bowl of some sort, he dips his fingers in and puts water in your eyes, he will do this regularly for weeks. As he rubs his fingers in your eyes repeatedly, with this water, he has also touched his fingers in some kind of turmeric powder. So, you sit down with your eyes burning for 10 to 15 minutes. As you leave, he has a bucket by his side, with nuts and sweets in it, he gives you a hand full to eat, they say it’s also for healing and a gift.

Everything a Sorcerer does is a trick to put these entities inside you, as you go regularly for this fake healing, he will do it without the turmeric powder, then you will say it’s not burning, he will say you’re alright now, you don’t need any more healing for now. As the months pass, you will be back saying you are having difficulties, he will do the fake healing more with turmeric powder, you will say its burning this time, he will say you need to come to me for a few weeks, then he will end with less turmeric powder, to using no turmeric powder, then say you are healed.

It’s a mouse trap, he will continuously fill you up with this entity organism, and give you autoimmune disorders leading to cancer. Every Sorcerer learns this type of acting, a role to play, everything a Sorcerer shows you is an act to do something else. Mufti can’t put water in your eyes, it doesn’t look good Islamically, so instead he will write Quranic writing with blood on paper, red orange looking ink, with a fountain pen laced with this entity for you to put in water and drink. Every nationality of Sorcerer has learned their own methods, to get this entity inside your body. Never take anything from a holy man to consume.

All sorcerers have to do this i.e. infest man with this microscopic entity, it’s a way to honour Lucifer. Yes, there is a higher evil force at work and all Sorcerers have to comply, otherwise their Jinn’s will turn against them. Rishi cannot use the river and sea to his satisfaction without displaying such honour. Lucifer’s aim, and these evil entities aim is to destroy man from the inside out, our bodies are a breeding grounds for them, they breed within our own immune cells. Those who doubt the existence of this evil force, you are totally wrong. I know this field, look at my exorcism videos and tell me spirits do not exist.

Also, all of Rishi’s customers are given a bowl with mithai sweets in there wrapped in red, (Indian sweets) he will tell you to throw it in the river i.e. the River Thames. He will charge each customer minimum of £1000, you will keep going back because the suffering won’t end, he will ask for £2000 next time, you will be going there for the rest of your life. When he knows your broke, he will start charging less, it’s a continuous flow of money, the same customers fixed for life.

Let me explain what he is actually doing, the water is river water fully loaded with microscopic entities i.e. Jinn, he has just put them directly inside you through your eyes. A favourite passion for this microscopic entity, is to live inside your eyes, through the eye lid entrance, they can go to any part of your body, it’s their choice. The turmeric powder is also to mask the entry and provide a boost for the entities, rather than this entity being chased and surrounded by your own immune cells, the pain of your eyes burning like chilli for 10 minutes, will send your immune system into overdrive i.e. panic, which allows this microscopic entity to travel to desired choice locations, without being surrounded by your immune cells immediately.

When a Jinn enters your body, it is subject to being chased and surrounded by your immune cells i.e. the formation of non-caseating granuloma. This entity will enter into your own immune cells, but will be walled off and surrounded by the healthy cells, as they know the other cells have been taken as hosts. Once a Jinn enters into anything physical i.e. liquid etc it is subject to physical law, and can be terminated by the barbaric immune treatments of today i.e. chemotherapy etc. But those entities who are able to leave the body, after therapy when they go back in, they go back with a vengeance, or after treatment, if someone sends you more Jinn’s, or one of these healers loads you back up, your immune system is vulnerable i.e. your immune cells have been killed, you would be on medication to encourage new cell growth. In this case, the Jinn’s have free uninterrupted access, without healthy immune cells to wall them off, hence Jinn’s manage to travel to bone marrow and cell reproduction places i.e. where they usually wouldn’t have access to, due to your healthy immune system’s ability to wall them off, hence when they say, oh it’s come back with a vengeance. That’s another topic, let me stay and get back to Rishi.

Now the nuts and sweets, they are laced with the same microscopic entity, so now you are consuming them. Everything a Sorcerer does is to provide homes and bodies for this entity. This is how they provide honour and homage to Satan, they don’t call it Satanism, they call it earth spirits, mother nature, these twisted rats, see Rishi has his method, Mufti Siraj Saleh has his own. Mufti Siraj will write Arabic writing on paper, showing holy words i.e. Quranic Surahs, its actually blood loaded with this cancer-causing microscopic entity i.e. Jinn.

All these holy men, Baba’s, Peers, Gurus, that’s what they do, It’s all a con. Anyone who works with taweez i.e. talismans is an agent for Lucifer, spreading the seed of Lucifer and infesting man, Jinn’s are the enemy of man. Remember anything a holy man gives you, if its water in a bottle pretending it’s blessed, its loaded with this entity organism, if its oil in a bottle, its loaded with this entity, anything to consume, it’s loaded with this same microscopic entity. I don’t know how these people have managed to get away with this, and keep this a secret since the beginning of man, it’s unbelievable how every single occultist Sorcerer, that’s ever lived on earth, has managed to keep this all a secret and died with this knowledge i.e. kept it within his own bloodline.

The bowl wrapped in red for the river, they tell you to touch the mithai sweets inside with your hands, that’s to get your DNA on it, the taweez is inside the bowl in the bottom, they say, don’t open it and look otherwise it won’t work. You will think I just paid £1000 for that, hell no, I’m not opening it. That bowl offering, is to bring Jinn’s in from the river to you, he has made you give yourself as an offering to Jinn’s wrapped in red, now you will be further loaded with Jinn’s.

He has been sitting there on a stuffed tiger in his office for about 40 years, filling Muslims with Jinn’s, he doesn’t do the same methods to his own race. Any other race, apart from his own he will fill.

These people do not heal anyone, they cannot heal, if they take a Jinn off you, it’s because he sensed it’s an interesting entity, remember these Jinn’s, Sorcerers make them a certain way, by sacrificial additions and whatever concoction the Sorcerer got up to, they can alter the effects of a Jinn by adding entities to it, or if it’s been marinated in certain ways, that make its abusive feel enhanced. If the Sorcerer found it interesting, he has only removed it to put it on someone else he dislikes, or a job he has on mind. Also, for that removal, he will fill you up with basic non-data Jinn’s and give you autoimmune disorder leading to cancer. That’s how that system operates. They cannot remove an entity by force, only with an agreed deal, a mutually agreed deal.

When Mufti makes you cough up a Jinn, he himself has put thousands of his own Jinn’s in you, that have had animal sacrifices and they have been enhanced and advanced in power and ability, he will put thousands in you, just to push one single lame Jinn out, it’s just for the stardom and recognition. Let me make one thing clear, Jinn’s don’t fight Jinn’s, they don’t kill each other, they understand each other by evolution and power. Yes, devils and demon Jinn’s control the movement and allocate regular Jinn’s for the Mufti, but they don’t fight or kill, everything is understood by the entities. Mufti’s Jinn’s cannot fight a stubborn Jinn, and all Jinn’s are stubborn.

He told me himself, everyone he interferes with their Jinn’s come, the ones who have flight capability and they give him problems, his Jinn’s can’t fight them.

See for any Sorcerer, it’s easy to send Jinn’s, it’s as simple as using taweez i.e. talisman, sending is easy, no one can get rid of them. Light Orbs are Angelic spirits, they kill them. Let me get back on this.

You are better off suffering with the Black Magic than going to these people, it’s a never-ending cycle that will destroy you and your family.

The best method for terminating Jinn’s, is the pistol roll I show in my video titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope. There are also Angelic forces that people are not aware about, if your burning a pistol, another force can also use the moment of fire to take advantage of the Jinn’s, and put them inside the pistol i.e. help without your knowledge. Jinn’s get hypnotised by the fire and drift and sink into the flame. A Jinn that’s had an animal entity attached to it i.e. from a sacrifice, can avoid the fire i.e. the animal counterpart will assist in that, animals are scared of fire. When a Jinn gets an animal sacrifice the animal’s entity, becomes a part of the Jinn’s entity as one. This is how Sorcerers pay Jinn’s by blood sacrifices.

How do I know all this regarding Rishi, this is the interesting part, when I got into this work, Rishi just like any other Sorcerer would do, is monitor, they monitor all customers anyway. Once you go to these places you are doomed, once the connection is made, you’re in trouble, it’s like a plague.

When I got into this work, at that time I was disconnected from Mufti, unknown to me, Rishi was sending his Jinn’s back and forth, these people are like that, their shaytaans monitor, the entities themselves are obsessive as a nature and character. Light Orbs put Rishi’s main Jinn’s inside a host body and forced them to speak, that’s when I learnt about the river water, and the lacing of the nuts and sweets.

Lights Orbs terminated them in lightning speed, they can do that. Rishi’s main Jinn went under the name Peer Ji, Light Orbs don’t allow Jinn’s to look through the human eyes in possession, unless they want me to understand something, Peer Ji said, with his eyes closed, can I look through the eyes one last time, the eyes opened, then it was terminated. Looking through the human eyes is a highly thought after treat for Jinn’s.

Rishi used to boast, there is only six people like him in the whole world, meaning he classed himself as one of the most dangerous sorcerers. Light Orbs took his set out very quickly. Rishi has not peaked in my direction since. If he did, they would have shown me in possession work so I understand.

The Deobandi Sorcerer is the most dangerous and skilled Sorcerer to ever walk the earth.

How Sorcerers benefit when you go to them.

The Sorcerer is open for many reasons, let me expose the reasons.

First is, his role is to distribute this entity and provide homes to them, this all Sorcerers have to do. It’s a form of honouring and give homage on his own record to Lucifer. Make no mistake, there is higher authority and legions of evil entities. The Sorcerers record is known, his data is with his own Jinn, we all have an entity with us that belongs and comes from that side. Thus, will vouch how sincere Mufti Siraj Saleh has been to the devils and their cause. You cannot use these entities without paying homage, it’s not so clear cut, dance with the devil and you have to pay.

So, whoever goes to the Sorcerer, he will fill you up with this entity as standard, provide passage to you for whatever request the Jinn’s want, if they chose to molester you. He may have Jinn’s that have paid their role to him with work, they may request, master, attach me to that girl as a going away present. The Sorcerers office, is for proposal i.e. base for the Jinn’s, and he is a releasing agent, that’s his sole purpose. Along with that comes wealth, power, the Sorcerers grandiose, feelings of being invincible, he will drive around the UK, at the same time he gets to stop off in graveyards and collect Jinn’s.

My information shows Mufti Siraj Saleh, however it’s the same for all the rest. UK is rich pickings for the Mufti, there’s much data and untouched territory here, he has claimed UK as his. All these personalities i.e. data, baby sections, crippled Jinn’s, its untouched, it’s all his.

India, Africa, there’s a shortage of data, everyone’s doing magic, to find cripple ex-human Jinn’s, it’s like a fight, it’s hard to find. He’s not going to find lady of leisure and skirt wearing Jinn’s in India. In UK he has all that, there’s so much characters and personalities, its rich in data here.

These people send Jinn’s to each other to use. India no one walks around with a skirt or mini skirt on, if someone came out like that, they would be gang raped in public, that’s just India for you.

I have seen a video of an Indian women who came out in public, with tight shorts on, the crowds swarmed her, and her own family members set her on fire and burned her to death. That all of a sudden out of character behaviour, especially in a country that its forbidden in, I would say, someone like Mufti Siraj Saleh has done Black Magic to her. These people have no concern for life, I know it’s hard to imagine how people can be like that. Those who work with Jinn’s are, this entity has no empathy, it laughs when its being terminated in most cases. If you entwine with such filth and character, you will become as such, a person is how their spirit is.

Chanting Jinn’s by normal Sorcerers into a rhythm vs Mufti Siraj Saleh’s chanting method exposed.

I am explaining this not to teach people, but to expose this corruption. I repeat, whoever plays around with taweez i.e. talismans, you will get autoimmune disorders i.e. leading to tumours and cancer, and that’s the truth. Customers who use these products, if they analyse themselves, they will realise they suffer panic, anxiety and depression. Also, customers who use these products suffer autoimmune disorders, and health problems. When using such products, the doorway to yourself is opened, and you yourself will get an abundant of these entities inside yourself, let me make that clear before I proceed.

Normal Sorcerers hold the taweez i.e. talisman in their hand, they chant the sentence, it’s always a short sentence, short sentence is what works, a story would not work.

They chant holding the taweez in their hand i.e. let’s say the sentence, for the purpose, he’s gonna pay, he’s gonna pay, he will say this repeatedly, he has to put the aggression into it. It’s like a drama show, this chanting absorbs into the talisman. So, the longer he keeps it, he can put it away and go back to it, chant again, then blow in the taweez i.e. talisman, saying the chant. This information i.e. data gets embedded into the talisman,

When the talisman is thrown in the river, sea, or buried in the ground, a doorway will open, the Jinn’s who go through it, read the data and request. Jinn’s are highly absorbent, what they have read and collected is their job role, for its release, it will do it, once it absorbs the data, that’s its job role. It’s a compulsive evil entity like a broken record, with no empathy and it will destroy.

The same method i.e. taweez, sorcerers hand over to customers and instruct, chant what you desire etc.

In both these cases random Jinn’s get sent, first come first served, in one doorway, thousands would come and reside in the victim’s body on a cellular level i.e. the entry level leads to Sarcoidosis then to other autoimmune disorders, finally to tumours and cancer in the end. People live with Sarcoidosis without realising, and they get diagnosed with other problems, it’s not easy getting diagnosed regarding this. It takes a long time, it could take up to 10 years to get diagnosed, depends on how many entities are within your body and how aggressive the attacks are, and how many attacks a victim has had. So, both the cases, random Jinn’s without data, and some with data may pass. Jinn’s without data cannot do the job request appropriately. That’s the way normal basic talismans are operated.

Also, the one who touched the taweez, automatically Jinn’s get sent to that person, a Sorcerer can redirect them himself, the customer would also receive entities. If a customer had 100 thousand Jinn’s in him, a Sorcerer would never tell you, please remember that a Sorcerers sole job role is a releasing agent, to provide this entity a place of abode.

Now, Mufti Siraj Saleh, it’s another level all together, his method is complete and direct, science based.

He collects Jinn’s, he is another breed of Sorcerers, he would go into a graveyard and empty the whole place, he is accompanied by senior devils and demons, they control normal Jinn’s. He would get his devils to round them all up, and say get inside the taweez in his hand. He would go home and separate those that hold particular data, into a certain collection of talismans i.e. this one is for Jinn’s with data concerning partying and clubbing, this one is for Jinn’s holding the data of a psychologically disturbed life, this one is for those who hold the data of playboys, that had extreme sexual lifestyles, this one is for crippled peoples jinn’s, this one’s for ex-human baby Jinn’s who died early. It’s endless, whatever you can imagine he can collect. His devils and demons allocate them. He himself can talk to the entities, one by one and instruct himself. The Sorcerers devils are trained in this and fully understand what to do. That’s an elite Sorcerer in isolating and grouping Jinn’s.

So, let’s say he’s taken 15 English ex-human Jinn’s, who were prolific womanises, he would tell them to go into a particular taweez, he would also back it up with hundreds, to even thousands of non-data Jinn’s, the rivers and sea are full of non-data Jinn’s, now he has them in the taweez, don’t forget they are microscopic, and you can put 100’s of thousands into a single taweez i.e. talisman.

He will put the taweez into his hands, and chant like he’s reciting, he has the perfect aggression for it to embed this instruction. Say, the sentence is, make her go with a white man, make her go with a white man non-stop. The Jinn’s go into a spiral, this order and instruction is embedded into their core, once it’s chanted, it never stops. They are highly receptive, and they absorb.

Once he is satisfied, he can do it for an hour, or days or weeks, the more he does, the taweez gets charged even more. He can be walking and pull a taweez from his pocket, and continue chanting at any given time, and blowing in it.

Then when he releases them, the effect is immediate, the victim will dream non-stop of affairs and romance.

Same again, he can use afro Caribbean men’s ex-human Jinn’s, who had the womanising lifestyle, same data, he can chant, make he go with a black man, make her go with a black man. I’m not being racist, I am explaining it, so it’s simple to understand. I have done an exorcism, when the chant was replayed, the Jinn’s repeated, make her go with a black man, repeatedly. When a Sorcerer under the Muslim banner does targeted attacks, he chooses such requests, Muslims understand what I am talking about.

He can select ex-human Jinn’s from women who was seeking love and romance and never found it, he will say, do you want to have love and sexual relations, they will say yes. He will say, make her fall in love. The victim will find undesirable people attractive, Jinn’s can make such feelings, an ugly person will look good looking.

The truth is, you seek these people, you will get autoimmune disorder.

Such evil has to be confronted and exposed to the light, people have to know about this underworld and its operation, awareness will educate and banish the Satanic underworld, and push it under.

I heard my wife was walking and talking, telling everyone with a partner and child i.e. family, you have a beautiful family, she was saying that to anyone. Ever since I can remember, everyone we know has always admired me and my wife. The females around her family would say, I wish I had a husband like your husband, he takes you everywhere, drives you anywhere, you are always together, each time I come, I find you planting flowers, gardening doing things together etc.

We have beautiful home, our garage is 7 meters square, our home is huge, our children are beautiful, and my wife is walking and talking saying to anyone, oh you have beautiful family.

It turned out, the Mufti was chanting Jinn’s for that purpose, you have a beautiful family, you have a beautiful family, he’s turned my wife inside out and made her hate her own life her husband, and desire other people’s life.

Both my family and her family admired our life, I am saying this to show what a Sorcerer can do.

I would go as far as to say, 95% of Muslim and ethnic people’s divorces are due to Sorcerers. Two people cannot stay together if there are entities working between you. Our people absorb difficulties and do not separate so easily, yet today everyone is separating, it’s because of these Sorcerers, when a Sorcerer does a separation request with calculated targeted attacks. No one can escape this, I mean no one.

I have lived this life and witnessed in detail all angles of this. My exorcism videos prove my eligibility to qualify in exposing this subject.

Today the Sorcerers are using devils and demons to hold the mind, whilst the ex-human Jinn’s enforce the data.

I know a family, a Muslim family, I have always wanted to help this lady. I told my wife before, can you casually bring her to our home.

The lady was a strict practising Muslim, with a Burka, someone has done extreme Black Magic to her, where she has left her husband and lives around the corner to her husband. She has cut all her hair off like a man, has red hair, tight jeans and a belly top on. She looks horrendous, and she has a bindi tilak mark on her forehead, she walks like statue, totally in demonic mind control.

This is the use of demonic entities, they live inside her brain, the gaze is like a statue. The bindi tilak mark shows me they are demons that have been around Polytheistic worship places, the image shows me, someone has used Polytheistic data holding entities. My wife told me, no one can talk to her, she doesn’t talk to anyone.

Today, my own wife has that same look and walks like statue, this is what Mufti Siraj Saleh and Deobandi Sorcerers have done.

I am a private person, I am left with no choice but to express my discomfort. I am not letting this organisation get away with this. The least I can do is expose this, so it may help others understand and to stay clear from occultists. Anyone who distributes taweez i.e. talisman, is a Sorcerer.

The character of Shaytaan, Jinn i.e. explanation.

Is a birth Jinn Lower Astral Entity good, is it pious, if you follow a particular religion will your birth Jinn be of that faith, will the Jinn have the attributes and qualities of that religious person and what they followed.

If you are of good character, can your birth Jinn be of same. If you are Muslim, you all agree the birth Jinn is a Shaytaan, it’s from the dark side, its only attached to us as an obstacle, a burden, so we have that constant struggle for us to elevate and become better i.e. soul growth.

The birth Jinn has the data of the life that’s lived, the experience, the memory. So, can it, and will it be good if you were good.

The answer is no, it cannot be good, its evil to the core, it will use your name and pose as your memory’s, whilst meaning nothing to it. It will use this information to manipulate you and fool you. Is it a believer of your own faith, if you were a believer, the answer I’m sorry to say, is no. It’s evil, this all means nothing to it whatsoever. This entity has been fooling man since the beginning. Elite Sorcerers like Mufti Siraj Saleh, know all this.

Let me explain, an experience I had on an exorcism, I have come across similar many times. A religious person, a genuine true believer in Islam, a family member. At the end of the exorcism, Light Orbs stepped back, so the exorcism is not controlled by them, any spiritually unassisted exorcism, the birth Jinn always rises up and takes position. In my case they cannot because Light Orbs are controlling exactly what is going on. For my own learning they deliberately step back sometimes, so I can see, when left alone what exactly happens. The Jinn’s character is as such, no matter what has happened and what entities have been terminated, they always continue their maliciousness. This entity cannot help it, its ability to lie and act is unbelievable. The human mind could not imagine such a compulsive liar. This entity remember, has no empathy or remorse, it uses our emotions to manipulate man, this is hard to comprehend for the human mind, how something could actually be like this.

This instance, the patient was just sitting there in trance, then all of a sudden, the eyes opened, and it came to my attention that something has taken position. It started looking around the room, Light Orbs wanted me to see this.

All of a sudden, the person raised their hands and said, repeat after me, La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah (There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God) I said who are you, it said, I am with you. I said really, I said what do you do, it said I protect you. I didn’t believe it anyway, all of a sudden Light Orbs threw inside the patient a bunch of hideous Jinn’s, that were amongst the people present. I was doing exorcisms at the time, other people were present. Then all of a sudden, the patient in trance shouted get them out, get them out, in an alarming way and acting startled. I said, I thought you said you are with me. I said, if you are with me, you can take them out yourself. Caught red handed, Light Orbs did that so I can see what a birth Jinn is capable of. The patient said, you ask them, they will listen to you. That was a red-handed capture.

I explained that to show and prove, the birth Jinn will immediately fool the listener, and lead the listener astray, it cannot help it, that’s how it is. Now imagine, this entity is fooling the whole world, all Western spiritualists claiming to talk with Archangels, Angels, Saints, spirit guides, and say they are channelling this and that spirit, it’s the birth Jinn posing according to what’s in the mind of the host. Different parts of the world they pose as different things, depends on what information you hold in your thoughts. It’s a Satanic entity attached to us i.e. Shaytaan, it cannot be good, it cannot be pious, that’s just the way it is. It can act pious, and pretend to be good using the host person’s emotions and memory, that’s just to fool the listener.

I have come across birth Jinn’s, mimicking exorcism moves and gestures as though entities are being removed, even to go far as pretending coughing, as though Jinn’s are being removed. Light Orbs want me to see what these entities are capable of. Example, in between an exorcism, if Light Orbs stop controlling it and step back, Jinn’s will take the opportunity to pretend what they have just witnessed. This entity is something else when it comes to acting, that’s why I know, all these people talking to spirits are just being fooled.

A few sentences on my thoughts and understanding of Light Orbs.

When reading online or seeing comments on Orb videos. I see Christians i.e. religious people, would say they are demons or fallen Angels, and advise if you become aware of one, or one appears on your camera footage and presents themselves as a glowing Orb, they advise, tell them to go away, human understanding of spirits to date is warped, and our thinking regarding life and what’s really going on, is quite poor if you ask me.

As humans we are put on earth with a Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity inside us, it’s a devil basically, yet no culture has explained that except Islam. All Sorceress i.e. elite occultists, Holy Men, India’s Saints, Gurus, Yogis, Babas know this, but they keep it a secret from the masses.

All Haitian voodoo priests, priestesses know this, they call them little Angels, another deceptive word.

It’s a devil, and its presence and purpose is to keep man ignorant, it’s the most dominant force inside us. That’s the character of this entity, it is dominant and it takes the lead role.

The section below was added on the 13th May 2023 to this page. It is to clarify why I was referring to the birth Jinn i.e. the birth Lower Astral Entity as a devil.

When I say the birth Lower Astral Entity i.e. the Jinn appointed to man is a devil. What I mean is, it’s got the characteristics of a devil, meaning, it’s wicked. The birth Jinn appointed to man IS NOT A REAL DEVIL, meaning, there is a race of entities that are called devils i.e. that is their name. All the elite ethnic Holy Men, Sorcerers, and the elite ethnic occultists know of the name. A real mature devil dominates our own birth Jinn, and makes it honour and worship them.

The birth Jinn is a negative entity that came from this earth, it’s the Ego within man, and it is wicked in its core, but small in comparison to devils and demons. A reader could say, how can you say that man has a devil, or a demon within them. I want to make it clear, the birth Jinn is not a real devil or a demon, but it has the qualities of wickedness, hence being referred as such.

The birth Jinn has been deliberately appointed to us i.e. attached to us by Higher Angelic Forces as part of this earth’s journey, so we have that constant struggle within. We are wired this way, to be lost and confused, it’s part of the earths journey i.e. part of this trial for us.

All negative feelings and bitter thoughts stems from our birth Jinn. All the aggressive feelings within us, or the treacherous feelings that may arise from within, stems from this entity. In our body this entity is somewhat restricted and capped off by our morals and logics of society. When this entity is separated from the human body, it has no restrictions, and hence reverts to its true self, which is wicked in nature.

A religious person i.e. a Christian could say, it’s not in our books, i.e. there is no indication of a negative entity within man, so you must be wrong. I’m sorry you are wrong, this is the secret that all elite ethnic occultists keep. When such information is withheld in religious texts, there is usually motives, or genuine concerns from the authorities whom decided to leave such text out. All religious text is to control and steer man, it’s not necessarily about the truth, it’s about, how to control man, in the way the governing authorities felt at the time.

My explanation stating that every human being has a negative entity inside them from birth i.e. a Jinn, a dark spirit. This information is what every single elite ethnic Holy Man, occultist and Sorcerer is keeping. The knowledge of the human having been appointed a negative entity from birth, is known and kept a secret by every hereditary High Priestess of a Witches coven, and all the elite mystics. Those who keep the secret of this entity are under oath, hence they can’t explain about it publicly, unless they turned renegade.

The above added section ENDS HERE.

We also have an Angelic force with us, but this force is quite and sincere, and stays low. We connect with the Lower Astral entity within us, because it presents its self at all times.

This Lower Astral Entity is a worshipper, a groveler, it wants to be worshipped, or it will worship, if it’s dominated by a more evolved evil entity, then it will worship that. This entity is pathetic, our own birth Jinn laisses with the Sorcerers Jinn’s, it will tell them your whole life story. It’s sad that we have such a presence, but that’s the way God put us on earth, it’s part of our soul’s journey.

This entity is the reason people are ignorant, this entity is the reason that a person born into a particular faith 99% of the time, cannot see or understand outside the box of his birth religion.

I am exposing this underworld and this microscopic entity that is causing man autoimmune disorder and cancer, it’s only a matter of time before it gets discovered. I am only able to do this, because of being guided by Light Orbs, Light Orbs are Angelic spirits. I am in a battle with the most dangerous Sorcerers the world has ever seen, the Deobandi Sorcerer, and the reason these people cannot stop me or kill me, is because I am protected by Light Orbs, by the grace of God.

Religious peoples understanding of spirits is a total mess, you got the whole world seeking occultists and fortune tellers. Most spiritualists claim they are channelling Angels, and holy spirits, a favourite for Western spiritualists is to claim Archangel Michael, when in reality they are channelling Satanic entities who are fooling them, and I am exposing all this, because of Light Orbs.

It’s clear to identify if I am being helped by good or bad. I don’t class myself as special, but I can distinguish good and bad.

Kind Regards S Uddin – Document created August 2019

The document below is a follow up to this, which delves deeper into the Science of The Occult Underworld.

The Big Bang (2021) The Deception of The Deobandi Occult Underworld Shredded. The Deobandi Perfected Methods of Chanting Jinn’s for Mind Control.

The URL’s below provide a good source of knowledge in this subject, and delves deeper into the science and use of the Jinn.

Spirit Awareness, You Are a Spirit Accompanied by Spirits – 27/09/2021

Brief intro into our birth Lower Astral Entity.

Every person has been put a Jinn baby from birth i.e. a Lower Astral Entity, it grows with us, it’s part of God’s plan to make earth’s journey that much more difficult and to have that constant struggle, for us to elevate and become better humans i.e. soul growth. This lower astral entity is appointed to us whilst we were in the womb by Angelic forces. All negative feelings and bitter thought stems from our Ego, which is the birth lower astral entity.

We are a Light Force, we also have a negative entity i.e. spirit inside us, and we ourselves as a spirit are inside our body, we are a Light Force ourselves. We are blinded from any knowledge of where we came from or who we really are.

The negative feelings we have, and the lack i.e. the empty spot stems from our birth Lower Astral Entity. The deceitful and bitter feelings within us, and the aggressive side of us stems from our birth Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entity. This particular entity has a major influence over us, it is there to keep us ignorant and blind, that is its job, because this is its innate character. The purpose is to keep us blind and never understand. It has been put inside us by higher Angelic forces as part of this earths journey, its purpose is to confuse and mislead us. This confusion is part of the soul’s journey. Being aware of spirit i.e. that we are a Light Force accompanied by many Angelic forces can enable a person to see through the confusion.

(We are all the same, born in different parts of the world into different religions and cultures)

We also have an Angelic force with us i.e. inside and out, and we have a negative entity from the dark side inside us.

The Angelic force is shy and reserved in the background, whilst this entity i.e. the Ego is present and makes itself be known at all times. That’s just the way it is, I would prefer if the Angelic force within us, was more forward and present, so we don’t have to struggle so much concerning this negative entity.

The above text taken from the pink highlighted URL below, ENDS HERE.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

The History of Man & His Worship of Evil Spirits & Making Them into GODS – This is the history of MAN.

Pagan Gods and the Gods of Polytheism, who are these Gods. Look past the idols and beyond, what is really there. Let me take the veil of this and let you see.

This document delves into the dark side of man, and his worship of evil spirits.

The above text taken from the pink highlighted URL below, ENDS HERE.

What can the Darul Uloom scholars really do with the Jinn, unveiling the Darul Uloom scholar in-depth 19/02/2022. The Deobandi occult underworld shredded.

What’s prompting me to write at this moment, and urging me to explain, is because of what Mufti Siraj Saleh decided to do in December 2021.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang 2021, The Deception of The Deobandi Underworld Shredded.

Do not read this document, without understanding my circumstances relating to the unseen.

Any reader out there with doubts on the unseen and this entity, listen, if I don’t explain this subject, and specify how these scholars operate, no one would understand this entity, and what the elite within religion i.e. those who work with the occult i.e. talismans, those whom are known to work with the unseen really get up to.

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Who is this God that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Elite Sorcerer scholars are protecting 19/05/2022.

Something that I’ve always known, but I never said it before.

Apart from the elite Darul Uloom scholars protecting the entity that I am exposing, and protecting the science behind this entity and its functionality within the human body.

The truth is, Mufti Siraj Saleh has told, and is telling the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars that he is protecting God with these entities. The scholars know what I’m talking about. Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite Sorcerers within Darul Uloom Deoband have circulated to the learned, that I am the enemy of God. I would like the Darul Uloom scholars to question yourself if you have intelligence. Who is this God that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite Sorcerer scholars are protecting.

I am exposing the root seed of man’s demise, I am exposing an entity that needs to be exposed. I am helping in the safety and progress of man by exposing this entity, so, which God is Mufti Siraj Saleh protecting. Who is this God that fights through the Sorcerers to protect autoimmune disorder and cancer. You scholars don’t know what God is, you think God needs the help of devils. I’ve been trying to tell you, that the Angelic Force clash with evil spirits i.e. lower astral entities, they terminate them when needed. What do you thick skulled scholars not understand.

(These words are for the scholars who protect Mufti Siraj Saleh) If you’re using devils to protect God, as you believe, then who is this God that requires shaitan and the devils for protection.

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How low and petty the Darul Uloom scholar is capable of going via using this entity i.e. Shaitan Jinn and the occult – 19/09/2022

This writing is the deepest I have gone thus far, my logical mind stops me from explaining. This document is in-depth, but I can go even deeper i.e. into double and triple chant, meaning, the Darul Uloom scholar targeting multiple people so they interact with each other according to how the Sorcerer wants.

This document in itself is deep, and it’s a follow up on my explanation in the use of the entity that I am exposing. My information and understanding of this entity, has to be accepted by those who acknowledge the existence of this entity i.e. the negative force, an unseen force. No one could provide, or has ever provided information that explains the depth of use of this entity.

Nobody would be able to explain this subject, and if someone was in my position with my knowledge and understanding, then their logical mind would stop them from explaining it.

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The Rose of Realisation, The Darul Uloom Scholars & The False God System Unveiled – 23/12/2022.

I am highly qualified to explain on the subject that I talk about. So any persons observing my writing for complaint reasons, please scroll down and you will figure it all out yourself.

This document i.e. this particular writing on the false God system is the truth on what’s taking place behind the scenes, concerning man’s search and desire for God. So please don’t stop my writing, no one could explain this subject but me. I am being spiritually guided by Angelic Forces to unravel this. I have unravelled the greatest and the most protected spiritual secret since the beginning of man on this earth.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject (Exorcism & Jinn) read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

My writings are based off the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars, and through them is the entry into the beast. I am helping the system via my story.

Who is this God that Mufti Siraj Saleh and the elite Sorcerer scholars are protecting (I am forced to go in deeper)

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Mufti Siraj Saleh & The Darul Uloom Scholars Real Understanding of The Kaaba Unveiled – 07/02/2023

What I’m going to write about now, I would never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be writing this. Mufti Siraj and the Darul Uloom Sorcerer scholars leave me no choice. You scholars cannot expect me to sit in silence whilst you violate via the use of the occult i.e. this entity, Shaitan Jinn. No Islamic scholar is doing anything about Mufti Siraj Saleh, instead all of the Darul Uloom scholars and their affiliates honour and protect him.

I said in my last writing titled, The Rose of Realisation dated 23rd December 2022. If the Deobandis don’t take heed and stand down with your Sorcerers, if you make me write one more Deobandi document, I will bulldoze and crucify you – Shaytaan is Weak For Me.

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject (Exorcism & Jinn) read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

It’s taken years of writing and complaints regarding Mufti Siraj Saleh, and the failure of the Darul Uloom scholars, to get to this point now.

I strongly advise a reader not read this unless you are familiar with my previous writings.

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Sana Khan’s Entry into Islam, and the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars Occult Control over Her, Which Made Her Submit – Unveiled – 04/03/2023

A brief explanation of what my focus is in this document, Sana Khan has stated in numerous interviews and talks, of her falling into depression, and her life falling apart, the visions of fire, and her seeing herself nightly burning in the grave. Sana Khan used to see herself burning in the grave, which she believes was nightly torment from Allah, to come back to the fold of Islam. She states she saw herself 10 nights in a row in the grave, then it stopped, following this, she went to continue with her roles in acting etc, then the grave torment started again, she states she was a broken person by then.

She states she was scared, and that she used to cry for hours and she couldn’t sleep, and in her dream she used to see herself screaming for help. This has got the clear hallmarks of the occult, and not just any occult, its Deobandi occult.

If a reader or a Darul Uloom scholar genuinely believes, or attempts to justify such torment as coming from God i.e. as a genuine calling from God, then you are sick within.

What I am witnessing from the Darul Uloom scholars in England, makes religion look like a mental sickness, like it’s a disease, like some form of a virus.

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Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad, Hamza Tzortzis & The Darul Uloom Sorcerer Networks Strategies Unveiled – 24/04/2023

1st Hamza Tzortzis Humbly Explained, 2nd Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad In-depth – Angles & Trajectory, 3rd Jinn Information & Prophecies Untangled, 4th Scholars on Show, 5th The Deobandi Trajectory & The Cult Unveiled.

Why am I writing this document and addressing Hamza Tzortzis, and why is he on my website. I have a nightmare of a horror story with the Darul Uloom Deoband Islamic scholars in England, concerning the occult abuse me and my family were subjugated to by a high ranking Darul Uloom scholar named Mufti Siraj Saleh, whom is protected by the network of Darul Uloom scholars globally.

Hamza Tzortzis recently collaborated with Dr Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera, whom is a Deobandi Sufi scholar who supports Mufti Siraj Saleh. Now this is clear cut smearing and undermining of my story, which is a deliberate political move by Hamza Tzortzis for that purpose. Hamza has a global reach and is connected with the heart of Western Islam, now for him to do that, demonstrates that he is working against me.

Now, why is he working against me, and supporting the Darul Uloom scholars when they support Mufti Siraj Saleh. My story is a nightmare, and for Hamza to collaborate with people highlighted on my website is a violation of my story i.e. a deliberate pre-planned strategic move to undermine my story.

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Unravelling The Mind of The Darul Uloom Scholar, and Understanding Why They Can Be So Evil i.e. Profoundly Immoral and Wicked – 14/07/2023

WARNING, I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed & The Big Bang 2021, The Deception of The Deobandi Underworld Shredded.

Do not read this document without understanding my circumstances relating to the Darul Uloom scholars.

I want to explain why I believe the Darul Uloom scholars are wicked internally, and how and why they can be so evil when I’ve explained about Mufti Siraj Saleh, and what he did with me and my family. Wicked and evil meaning, after my explanation of Mufti Siraj Saleh the Darul Uloom scholars continue to safeguard and honour him.

This is the last document I believe with my explanation of the Darul Uloom scholars in this manner. Other writings that will follow will be targeted towards spiritual understanding, and me explaining how the Darul Uloom scholars use the entity that I’m exposing.

I feel I have to explain deeper on how the Darul Uloom scholars use the occult i.e. the entity that I’m exposing. If I don’t explain, no one will ever know how wicked these scholars really are.

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You Are More Than What You know & You Are More Than What You Understand, Light Orbs & Miracles – 9/08/2023

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this unless you have watched my exorcism qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.

I want to explain more in-depth about the Darul Uloom scholars occult activities, and for me to explain deeper, I feel that I must explain some of my abilities in this subject to qualify myself.

The back story and the URL’s needed to understand my story with the Darul Uloom scholars, and what they are really protecting will be at the end of this document.  Topics to educate the reader on the subject of the unseen i.e. Spirits, the Jinn, Lower Astral Entities will also be provided towards the end of this document.

In this writing I am going to explain some of my spiritual abilities. I was reluctant to disclose such information because of my logical mind, meaning, my rational mind hinders me from explaining the depths of this subject.

I needed a push i.e. I needed a trigger to persuade me to explain, and a JKN Institute Mufti named Mufti Abdul Waheed provided me the trigger that I needed. At this moment I think to myself, will this information benefit people, will it help people, and will it lead them into better thinking, and will it give them hope. All the boxes have been ticked, and I’ve got the trigger, so I have no excuse, and I have to explain.

This story is going to get interesting, and it’s also going to get magical, meaning miraculous, when I get to the Light Orb explanation.

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The Demon Deobandi & The Innate Disposition i.e. The Fitrah – 15/09/2023

I am interested in the word natural disposition and innate inclination i.e. the Fitrah, because when the understanding of the innate disposition is explained by the learned, no one seems to be calculating the effects of the birth Jinn within every human being. Every Muslim believes that we have a birth Jinn which was appointed to us when we were in the womb by higher Angelic forces as part of the earth’s journey i.e. Gods plan.

I have to explain a little in the area, which will help people understand why the Darul Uloom scholars can be so wicked and evil by supporting Mufti Siraj Saleh after my explanation.

When I talk about this subject in particular, I promise I am not targeting a particular Dawah scene member or his input in this area. I believe most Dawah scene members at one time or another have talked about this subject, and I want to make it clear, that I am not talking about any specific speaker or Dawah scene member.

A Dawah scene member may presume, oh he’s talking about me etc etc, I promise you I’m not. Others that may have used the word innate disposition may feel I’m countering them, I promise you I’m not.

I am simply providing my knowledge in this area by stating, when the original learned input their knowledge in this area, they didn’t understand the effects and the impact of the birth Jinn i.e. the Lower Astral Entity within man. In my understanding and evaluation, you cannot weigh and calculate the innate disposition of man, and man’s innate drive without weighing the effects of the birth Jinn and how it impacts our own life. You cannot reach to a final conclusion as to the drive of man without weighing the innate drive and the innate disposition of the birth Jinn which lives inside us.

The birth Jinn within us is active and on the forefront every single day of our lives. The birth Jinn is part of us on this earth’s journey, and connected to us in every move we make.

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Putting The Nails In The Coffin Of Satan & Unravelling The Darul Uloom Deoband Scholar In-depth – 22/12/2023

In this document I am writing about the Darul Uloom scholar’s use of the occult, and the precision use of the entity behind it. I am going into the fine science of use concerning this entity, and the Darul Uloom scholar’s use of it. The focus of this document is chanting and rehearsing Jinn’s, the fine aspect of it. This writing is the deepest I have gone thus far, and in my opinion this is brutally deep, but I can go deeper.

I have to gradually get into this subject encase a new reader reads my writing, so please bear with me. It’s not an easy subject to explain, so I have to gradually progress into the subject.

I will go through layers and layers of this subject until I rip it to shreds, so stay with me as I go through the gears. The subject gets more interesting as I progress, and the more I progress the more interesting it will become.

The past man hid the real methods of how information was retrieved from the unseen, and instead wrote this that and the other, without explaining how the information was originally obtained. The past man must have thought, that no one would be able to see through this, and it will stay as a grey area which doesn’t need to be explained, and they thought no one would ever reach to such heights as to understand this subject.

See, all Sorcerers and those who work with this force do understand the truth, but it’s known and it’s always been understood by those who relay information from the unseen, that such people would never spill the beans i.e. they are all under oath and sworn to secrecy. So the secret was locked tight and sealed, as to the normal man ever figuring this out.

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Everything Is Spirit i.e. The Battle Of Man & The War Within Is To Do With The Unseen i.e. The False God’s & spirits – 16/02/2024

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this unless you have watched my exorcism qualification video in this subject, read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed & The Science of Jamiat Ulema Sorcery Exposed.

I am going to explain about spirit and the false Gods of this earth. Bold statement I know, it’s really very simple when you think about it. To me it’s that simple to see through its laughable. It baffles me how no mystic has ever unravelled this, and how no one else has ever figured this out before. The elite ethnic mystics, i.e. the holy men and the Sorcerers do understand all this, and its mind boggling when you think how they’ve managed to keep this all a secret since man became engaged with this negative force. (When explained it can be understood by a child)

We are in a perpetual war with spirit, and in battle with each other’s religions in the false God system, and we’ve been dumped in this large arena to be like this. We’ve been conned and robbed of life by this negative force. If you allow me to explain I can help you see through it.

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Mufti Siraj Saleh’s Spiritual Services Explained In Detail & A Brief Look At The Enemies Within ­- 13/05/2024

I advise a reader, NOT TO READ THIS DOCUMENT, unless you are familiar with my website and the content on it. Do not attempt to read this, unless you have watched my qualification video in this subject (Exorcism & Jinn) read my complaints to Mufti Siraj Saleh’s work premises, and read the document titled, Sarcoidosis The Devil Under The Microscope Exposed.

I have explained Mufti Siraj Saleh’s spiritual services and my encounter with him throughout my writings. I am going to provide a dedicated section to highlight Mufti Siraj Saleh and the Darul Uloom scholars in-house approved spiritual services.

A reader may say, how can you say the Darul Darul Uloom scholars spiritual services, and after all isn’t it a spiritual service provided by Mufti Siraj Saleh. For the readers understanding, for Mufti Siraj Saleh to have such an open practice supplying talismans within the Muslim community, and putting talismans in his customers mouths to possess them, and to be aired on Iqra TV by Imam Qasim Ahmad, and Imam Qasim Ahmad advertising Mufti Siraj Saleh’s spiritual services, this proves Mufti Siraj Saleh’s talisman distribution service is approved by the Darul Uloom scholars.

When I explain a Muslim reader may say, well this talisman occult service isn’t authentic according to Quran and Sunnah. This is in-house authentic spiritual services to the Darul Uloom scholars, but they lie in public and pretend otherwise.

What I’m going to explain now, if it wasn’t approved by the Darul Uloom scholars Mufti Siraj Saleh would be run out of Bradford England for his spiritual services, but he’s not. What I’m going to explain, if the Darul Uloom scholar’s disapproved of Mufti Siraj Saleh’s spiritual services they would confront him, and banish him from providing such a service. The Deobandi Molvis from Bradford would have run him out of Bradford if they disapproved.

Mufti Siraj Saleh has hundreds of thousands of clients throughout England, especially the Indian and Bangladeshi community. I am talking from first-hand experience because I was a client of his, and I know many others who were to. I took many members of my own family and extended family to him.