Talismans Supplied To Me Personally By Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib

Please read my complaints to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba Bradford, England, RE: Mufti Siraj Saleh via the front page menu. To understand why I accepted such products, you have to read my complaints. I am a victim of Darul Uloom Deobands occult underworld, I was lost in Mufti Siraj Saleh’s world of occult and abuse.

At the bottom of this page, there is a video showing my qualification to expose the occult underworld, to understand why I am able to do such work, you have to read my April 2018 complaint to JKN Institute & Masjid E Quba.


The two images displayed below, those who know Mufti Siraj Saleh will know where those pictures were taken. I took those images myself, need I say anymore.

I have a qualification video in the subject I talk about, which demonstrates and proves I am eligible to talk on what these scholars are really upon.

The video is titled, My Qualification to Expose The Devils of Deoband | JKN Institute | Jamiatul SA | EXORCISMS & JINN.