Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute Dream Distribution Exposed

Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute, Jamiah Khatamun Nabiyeen Bradford England, Dream Distribution.

This is circulating on WhatsApp, it landed on my phone, Mufti Saiful Islam JKN Institute, dream sharing. It appears Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada Saab circulated it.

Some parts of the text conversion relayed by Mufti Saiful Islam, to Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada is racist i.e. relating to Non-Muslims. Western English people would find this disturbing, relating to compatibility. Ofsted would find this highly disturbing i.e. a UK Madrassa owner talking as such.

You still haven’t got rid of your Golden Child, the 8 Dreamer, Mufti Siraj Saleh Sahib.

Mufti Saiful if you’re reading this, I have no personal bad feelings towards you or any other person in JKN Institute. The problem I have is with your Secret Occult Underworld, and you keeping this vulgar beast in position after what I have explained.

Below is the text received via WhatsApp, I copy and pasted as it is, I have not altered or edited any text i.e. typing errors etc.

*Shaykh Abdur Raheem Limbada*

*Dream seen about the Coronavirus*

Yesterday i went to bradford, there was a program of mufti saef ul islam sb in jamia khatimun nabiyeen. After that we were sitting and mufti saef ul islam sb narrated a dream that theres a bangladeshi brother in italy and is a righteous man he saw a dream and narrated it to a bangleshi mufti and asked about his dream and when that mufti sb narrated the dream to the audience it went viral in Bangladesh.

Bhai (brothers name who saw the dream) is his name and he lives in Italy. He saw that coronavirus came in the form of a human being. He asked who are you? He said I’m coronavirus. He aksed when did you come? He said I came on 29th october. When it spread in wuhan it was 30th or 29th october.

That brother asked why did you come?

I came because muslims in china were being oppressed. There was amongst those muslims a pious woman whose name is Ayesha, 3 chinese men were raping here simultaneously. They tied a cloth on her mouth so that she couldnt speak.

She started asking Allah swt in her heart and mind that what is happening with her?!

Why are they doing this to me? O Allah swt please help me… So that human form said Ive been sent by Allah swt and I’ve been the cause of death of those 3 chinese first. And then the 2 guards of the prison who let those men inside I’ve caused them death too.

Now what is your purpose asked the brother? The human form said I want to finish all the cruelty happening in china and then i will go to Iran and then to Italy and finish all the cruelty that is happening there against the sahaba and the Quran. And then i will go to India and finish the cruelty there.

Will this effect us muslims too asked the brother?

That human form said those brothers who walk by deen and do wudu we wont go to them coz the shine in their limbs due to wudu is visible to us.

But those who dont pray and mingle freely with non muslims we will surround them too.

This a dream. And Allah swt is showing signs in the dream because this world belongs to Allah swt and he is running it. And the prayers of the oppressed reach Allah swt.

Allah swts stick ( with which he reprimands – doesnt make noise (urdu proverb). Allah swt destroyed namrood with a mosquito.

Allah swt used snakes and bats and put this disease there. Now no matter what people say that it is manmade, there are many manmade things but the real musabbab ul asbab/cause is Allah swt. Therefore it seems like its a sort of punishment. Its pulling the economy down. Saudi Arabia has put oil prices down.

And the world is speaking out. Theres chaos. Tesco and sainsbury have all emptied. Toilet rolls and sanitizers aren’t available. Anyways. The thing that makes it feel like is it is from Allah swt is how china was putting restrictions on muslim to not pray recite quran or fast. Now they themselves are asking Muslims to show them how they make wudu and asking people to wear masks and cover up their faces.

This is Allah swt hikmah. Economic statuses are shifting. There will also be people who will try to misuse this situation and bring companies down and liquidate them. Somebody sent a video from Dubai that some hotels and shops have closed down permanently. And then a message that saudi has also closed some flights so our people might get stuck there if our flights also close down.

There are these hypes there but we also need to be vigilant at this time. There is case in bolton i heard and many other places. Its contagious and passing on from one human to another. So they say dont shake hands. So chinese are now doing foot shakes. Handshake is mustahab. Salam is sunnah. We often shake hands but we seldom say salam.

Peace be upon you and Allah and his blessings. That you’re safe, safe from every disease. And Allahs rehmah and barakah be on you.

If sombody catches the virus no problem dont shake hands instead say salam and visit them and talk to them tell them to be patient. And give them strength and dont be scared that it will get to you. Nothing comes unless Allah swt wills it for you.

There was a time when there was disease that spread in Surat, Indua and Hindus wore that mask on their faces and muslims would go about their day as normal. And when the hindu would get informed that one of their relative passed away they would say Oh give someone money and cremate their body. Their own relatives wouldn’t touch them. And for muslims our number was given so they would go and give the muslim brother his last ghusl and kafan and bury them. Maulana ajmer sb when he was alive hindu women would line outside his house to “dum” with a bottle of water. He had a noor on his face so people would come to him.

So muslims shouldnt be afraid. We believe in Allah swt. So even if this is a punishment it wouldnt have any effect on us.

And even if somebody catches it they will get reward of a martyr according to hadith. So theres virtue in everything for us therefore we shouldn’t be afraid.

This virus looks like a punishment and has changed the order of the world in minutes. May Allah swt protect us those he wishes to guide  through this may Allah swt guide them and prevent them from being cruel to muslims. In Hong Kong people asked muslims to show them how they do wudhu and in china the oppressed muslims have been allowed again to go their mosques and pray so Allah swt makes ways through his mercy amd blessings.

S Uddin – Sent from my iPhone – 12th March 2020

Mufti Saiful Islam