How to Terminate Jinn, Shaitan, Shaytaan, Lower Astral Entities (MUST WATCH)

How to terminate Jinn i.e. Lower Astral Entities, Shaitan and Demonic Entities.

The text below is from the video above, it’s more easier to read the document here. However, I would advise to watch the video from 7:50 to 11:05 to see the tutorial to make the device, on how to terminate Jinn’s, Shaitan i.e. Lower Astral Entities. Also, the video has footage of this entity under the microscope.

How to Burn Shaitan Jinn, How to Terminate JINN & DEVILS (MUST WATCH)

The video above is similar to the first video, you may find this video of interest.

I added the video below on the 20th March 2023. The video is hours of unedited footage of live capture of the entity that I’m exposing, so fast forward at your own leisure.

Via Sarcoidosis is the Entry to all Unknown Etiology / Aetiology – Tutorial @ 04:13:31 timestamp.

Most Jinn’s are microscopic in the first place, other more evolved Satanic entities that are not microscopic, can in most cases turn microscopic.

Jinn’s get hypnotised by the fire i.e. flame, they just cannot help it. Those that can avoid the fire, there are many reasons for this i.e. if a Sorcerer has given the entity an animal sacrifice, resulting in the animal’s spirit as an additional counterpart to the evil entity. Such an additional animal spirit attached to the Jinn, helps the Jinn avoid sinking i.e. drifting into the tube i.e. roll, pistol as I call them, and stops them being mesmerised by the flame.

Most ex-human Lower Astral Entities i.e. Jinn, recently departed from the human body, can avoid the flame. This method works for wild Jinn’s, raw Jinn’s from the dark. This method can terminate sinister evil spirits.

The more evolved evil entities, that are not microscopic, can also turn microscopic, they turn microscopic and drift into the flame i.e. leading them into the tube. There are also entities that cannot turn fully microscopic.

Most Jinn’s are microscopic in the first place. This entity organism, enters within the flame and drifts i.e. sinks into the tube. It’s simple science, no hocus pocus. The device i.e. pistol is made with plain paper wrapped with cotton wool, and coated with mustard oil. The mustard oil is also an attraction for this entity, it also serves as an inflammable agent, for the purpose of the flame.

When this airborne entity enters within the tube, it is now subject to physical law and bound i.e. trapped. Once this entity has absorbed fluids i.e. density, physical matter, it can no longer take flight and go airborne. This organism is microscopic, and is able to travel within the cotton fibres. This entity is colonial and naturally clusters in a group. The coloured area is the place of cluster, and the final point of exhaustion, which results in the entities being terminated.

This entity organism cannot leave the cotton wool coated in oil, this entity is not subject to high temperature. It is being blown up, due to absorbing oil and being within the burning fluid. It is being blown up, due to absorbing inflammable fluid and being within the burning oil.

This entity is responsible for Sarcoidosis, and any other autoimmune disorder that falls under unknown etiology. This entity has stages of activity within the human body. This entity gives man autoimmune disorders, tumours, and the end goal cancer, it reproduces within our own immune cells. This entity takes control and custody i.e. drive of our own immune cells. This entity is more microscopic than what the medical system is used to observing, the medical system expects things to swim i.e. movement, to be spotted and identified. This entity can read thoughts and is 10 steps ahead. It knows it’s being observed, and it will not move, it will remain idle, it’s like a chameleon, it blends into its surroundings.

WORD OF WARNING. All Sorcerers are releasing agents for this entity i.e. Satanic Entities, that’s their sole purpose, the bonus is glory for acting like a healer and wealth. Even if you believe a Sorcerer is helping you, on the other hand, he himself is also filling his customers up with this entity. This is something all Sorcerers have to do. It’s a way to honour the dark side, Satan i.e. Lucifer. You may say, I don’t believe in such entities. YOU ARE WRONG, there is a real battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil.

If a Sorcerer gives you a bundle of paper with Arabic writing on it i.e. saying, put this into a glass of water and drink it, as part of your prescribed healing by him, the writing looks orange to red in colour, this is a mixture of animal blood, this is a clear indication he has laced the paper with this entity i.e. thousands of them.

Once you have used this termination method i.e. pistol, roll. You can never go to any Sorcerer. His Satanic entities he works with will pursue you. Never accept anything to consume from a Sorcerer, if a Sorcerer gives you, so-called recited water, he has also contaminated it with 100’s of thousands of this microscopic entities. If a Sorcerer or so-called holy man, gives you a bottle of blessed oil, this again will be laced with the same microscopic entity that is responsible for giving man autoimmune disorder and cancer. Each culture of Sorcerers has developed his own methods to manipulate you, to get this entity inside your body.

Evil entities demand this from those who work on that side, that’s just the way it is. The entities around the Sorcerer will not work for him otherwise, if he doesn’t comply. By infesting man, the Sorcerer is favoured by the devils. No matter how low in ranking the Sorcerers evil entities are, they all have to submit to the race of evil entities called devils and demons, and any other more evolved evil entities.

The ex-human Jinn, is a basic low-end Jinn, but it will submit and obey the instructions of devil and demons. That’s just the way it is, don’t lose sleep trying to figure it out.

Follow this tutorial to make this device i.e. pistol. This is simple science no hocus pocus.

Rolled and ready, my situation is a mass movement of Religious Scholars attacking me, hence the extreme looking amounts of rolls.

Next, is a sample video showing entities trapped and halted to an exhaustion. Once the group leaders stop, the rest of the entities auto surround into a cluster. That’s how this entity is, hence the cluster of our own immune cells. when effected by this entity. The entities are inside our immune cells, they cluster, and our own healthy immune cells surround them as a defence strategy, hence non-caseating granuloma, typical hallmark.

The pistol i.e. roll, does not need to be RED to indicate entities within it. RED and such depth of colour means I am dealing with devils, demonic, and more higher evolved Satanic Entities. Less evolved and regular Jinn’s will not make such depth of colour when trapped. If your pistol i.e. roll makes any noise of cracking or popping, even without colour, this is an indication there are Satanic Entities present. Any sound coming from the burning pistol indicates activity.

The reason I always get SOLID REDS, it’s because I have Jamiat Ulema Islamic Deobandi Religious Scholars HUNTING me. Those who pursue me are involved with the top end of Sorcery, and the summoning of the most sinister evil entities known to man.

The reason they pursue me, is to STOP me exposing this entity and what it really is i.e. responsible for giving man autoimmune disorder and cancer. I am a problem for the dark side and those who support devils.

The smoke that comes out from THE BURNING, IS TOXIC.

I would advise to burn inside a fire place, and sit and watch the fire, you have to be around the fire for the entities around you to be in the presence of the fire.

Please read the other documents on this website, they all have interesting information for those seeking understanding in this subject. If you are a victim of occult and you are suffering within. Do not seek these people, trust me, you are better off suffering. The entities i.e. Jinn’s attached to victims, they draw and pull victims towards the Sorcerer i.e. occultist, hence victims always feel the urge to seek these people. This entities presence gives us false hopes and notions. Be aware of this pull the entities have.

Nothing man made beats the pistol roll in this video for terminating Jinn, I promise you this. Do not seek people who are known to distribute talismans, taweez, amulets, basically do not seek anyone that works with the occult i.e. the unknown.

My situation is unique, meaning I am safe, I have been on this underworld road, I understand it. I can’t say this enough, DO NOT SEEK SORCERERS, JADU GHARS, HOLY MEN, OCCULTISTS, AVOID THESE PEOPLE LIKE A PLAGUE.

Kind Regards S Uddin – YouTube video & text created August 2019

I have added some images of the roll i.e. pistol burning to give the reader some insight to what I’m talking about.

It does not need to be RED or a depth of colour to indicate this entity’s presence and activity within the roll. Any depth of colour i.e. RED or a DARK shade of colour indicates senior high ranking demonic i.e. Satanic entities, those that are more evolved.

Normal low-ranking, average entities do not turn this shade of colour, any sound or noise of popping or cracking from the burning roll indicates a clear sign of this entity’s presence, even without any colour.

No entities at the time of burning, clearly shows NO SOUND WHATSOEVER FROM THE BURNING ROLL.

(Tesco brand) large cotton wool balls used to make the roll, the large cotton balls open up to a good length.

The Sarcoidosis Exposed video shows footage of red coloured area appearing on the burning device to capture this entity. This colour indicates evolved entities, this depth of colour showing such evolution of entities indicates demonic i.e. sinister entities. In my opinion such depth of colour stems from ethnic countries. Ethnic countries are a mess, the entities occupying those lands are also sinister as such, due to generation upon generation of mystics and holy men releasing and aiding the entities in their spread and evolution.

In civilised countries i.e. the West, outside lands wouldn’t produce such depths of colour so readily as what I have displayed on this video. In my opinion ethnic countries are abundant with evolved sinister entities.

However, Sorcerers in ethnic countries do readily transport i.e. forward sinister entities to their Western colleagues to abuse man in the West, so there is a constant flow entering the civilised world.

Ethnic countries produce the most vulgar types of entities due to their open access to summon and conjure at will. However, any sign of cracking or popping on a pistol roll indicates the presence of this entity within the roll.

The reason my rolls produce such depth of colour, is because the Darul Uloom Deoband scholars are sending sinister entities in mass from India and Africa, and the data holding entities from the West. Data holding entities are ex-human Jinn’s, in most cases those are Juvenile in evolution compared to those that produce the red colour, hence such lower evolved entities would not produce a red colour, this would produce popping and cracking on termination without the dense colour.

The video below I uploaded on YouTube April 2021. I put it together for a tweet, for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.

(The place where I am living, there is no fireplace, the smoke that is discharged from the burning is highly toxic. So, I put an empty gas tank together with a pipe, and a 6-inch inline extractor fan to exit the fumes out)

Please take a look, it’s an interesting system.

Sarcoidosis – a Mystery – What really is Sarcoidosis – WATCH THIS VIDEO & FIND OUT – Check URL Below